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Weekend Getaways in California

6 Weekend Getaways in California that Won’t Make You Broke

The state of California consists of beaches, hills, and boulevards, perfect for a romantic escape as well as for an adventurous expedition. From expensive hotels and reasonable motels, the state has various accommodation solutions for people. All you need to do is to make a quick tour in any of the places for a weekend […]

Crystal Beach Best in Texas

5 of the Best Beaches in Texas

Texas is bestowed with a variety of beaches for family, solo or romantic gateways. The sandy surface and blue waves are perfect for refreshing your body and soul. From celebrated beach parks to little-known beaches, all conform to the fact that, Texas is an ideal place to spend your summer. (more…)

Louisiana Beaches

8 of the Best Louisiana Public Beaches

Located next to the ocean, there are many good beaches in the US state of Louisiana, out of which, we have chosen some of the best to let you know about the beaches you may visit in and around Louisiana. (more…)

Phoenix Hiking Trails

10 of the Best Hiking Trails in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States of America and is the most populous among the state capitals of the country. The flora and fauna of the country are varied, mostly influenced by the Sonoran Desert. So, to keep yourself fresh throughout the year, you might need an airy escapade […]

Haunted Place in Florida

35 Haunted Places in Florida to Give You Nightmares

The scary stories of ghosts and paranormal activities have been running all over Florida, making the city a hotspot for ghost loving tourists. The chilling details of ruins, old mansions, and various residential units evoke fear and sorrow at the same time. True or not, that is up for debate, but there is no smoke […]

KC Free Things to do in Kansas City Sunday Saturday Night

7 of the Best Free Things to do in Kansas City, MO

With more than 481 thousand inhabitants, Kansas City is the largest in the state of Missouri, and one of the most populated in the USA. Needless to say how diverse a culture it has, with so many places for fun and free things to do around. This list of a few of the best places […]

Most Haunted Places in Kentucky

12 of the Most Haunted Places in Kentucky, USA

The old state of Kentucky is studded with a number of mysterious places, including haunted houses, hospitals, historic buildings, caves, and cemeteries. Here is a compact list of haunted places providing you with a few of the scariest places for you to visit, along with their location-maps and pictures. (more…)

Free Things to do in Denver

9 of the Best Free Things to do in Denver

Denver, the capital of Colorado constitutes an attractive option for a budget conscious tourist – there are plenty of free things that he may gladly do and loads of exciting places he may explore without spending a dime. So, grab a weekend and embark upon a fun trip to the Mile High City to give […]

Alabama Hiking Trails

10 of the Best Hiking Trails in Alabama

Alabama is known for its splendid beauty and amazing natural sites, studded with woods and the greens of the longleaf pines, a large number of indigenous animal species, and a little bit of sea beach. If you enjoy spending time in the lap of Mother Nature, then this list is for you – a descriptive […]

Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

10 of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Recalling the stock saying, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, imagine a beach with stretches of golden sands slowly meeting crystal blue waters or how about a silvery one bordered by dense foliage? You need to just surrender yourself to the unmatched beauty of the place to cast away all your worries. So, […]

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