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6 of the Best Places for Camping in Maine

By | Last Updated : 20th May 2020

For camp lovers, Main offers countless campgrounds, out of which 12 are within state parks. Can rightly be called a camper’s paradise, Maine leaves the camp loving people spoilt or choices when it comes to choosing for the best place. More the options, more the confusion! However, leaving all the doubts, one thing that can be said is that to enjoy the rocky coastline, and the variable geographic splendor of the state, camping is a pleasant activity.

Camping in Maine

Camping Place in the Western Maine

1. Mount Blue State Park, Weld

Mount Blue State Park Camping in Maine

Mount Blue State Park Camp in Western Maine Mount Blue State Park Campground in Maine

Located beside the Webb lake, the largest park of the state (8000 acres) houses around 136 campgrounds. The beautiful location gives you a sneak peek at the nearby shore and ocean from your campsite, and it is a walking distance so campers can take a walk to the beach anytime. Besides, camping, you may also have a picnic with your fellow campers.

Suitable For: Tent, RV, and trailer camping.

Amenities: Hot shower, flush toilet, dump station, and drinking water, campsite table, grit, and fire ring, BBQ grills, firewood, electric hookups and so on.

Pet-friendly: Yes

Additional Activities: Biking, swimming, hiking, and Ice-skating, Mountain Biking, horseback riding, canoeing, boating, cross-country skiing, and sliding

Operational Season: Mid-May to October and some specific time in Winter

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Camping Spots in Southern Maine

1. Wolfe’s Neck Oceanfront Camping, Freeport

Wolfe’s Neck Oceanfront Camping in Maine

Wolfe’s Neck Oceanfront Camping in Southern Maine Wolfe’s Neck Oceanfront Camping Places in Maine

Utilizing the location, where there is a chance to catch a glimpse of the ocean, lush green, forests full of tall trees, the campground has multiple sites that are different from each other. While East Bay is all about camping in a lovely meadow with RVs, farm stores, and cabins for the convenience of the campers, the Middle Bay area is reserved only for tent camps with a proximity to water bodies. The West Bay is located on a vast uninterrupted ground which is ideal for families. There is one unique spot named Quiet Cove where you can spot a lot of birds as the place is just beside an estuary.

Suitable For: RV, tent, and cabins.

Amenities: Bathrooms, showers, electric hookups, and wifi connection, and rental tent and cabins, and operational farm stores.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Additional Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, and cycling; the place hosts many educational activity-driven programs, school field trips and summer camping things.

Operational Season: Throughout the season the camping site is open, but June to August is the most popular season.

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2. Sebago Lake State Park, Casco

Sebago Lake State Park Place to Camp in Maine

Sebago Lake State Park Camping in Maine Sebago Lake State Park Camping Places in Maine

The largest state park of the southern region of Maine, there are around 250 campgrounds inside the park. The 1,400 acres of the area is guarded with peaceful forest so camping inside the forest would be a quaint experience for sure. The Sebago Lake, being the second biggest lake in the state, is picturesque and it enhances the camping experience.

Suitable for: Tent camping only; group camping

Amenities: Drinking water, fire pits, picnic tables, flush toilets, and hot showers

Pet-friendly: No

Additional Activities: Hiking, Boating, finishing, canoeing, cross-country crossing, fishing, swimming, and snowshoeing

Operational Season: Throughout the year

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3. Wild Duck Adult Campground, Scarborough

Wild Duck Adult Campground in Maine

Wild Duck Adult Campground in Southern Maine Wild Duck Adult Camping Place in Maine

As the name suggests the campground, the campground is only for adults or people who are 21 years and above. Set up with the modern features, the campground is close to the ocean. Like any other sites, you will have to make reservations, mentioning the type of campsite you wish to book from their 70 sites. The entire area is close to the state’s biggest salt water marsh, Maine Audubon’s Scarborough Marsh. You can also see a wide range of wildlife, like egrets, raptors, herons, deer, otters, mink, and muskrat.

Suitable for: RV and tent

Amenities: Full hook-up sites, pull-through sites, restrooms, wifi and computer services, phones, laundry services, dump stations, firewoods, and grocery supplies.

Pet-friendly: Dogs are allowed but they must be leashed.

Additional Activities: Kayaking, and canoeing

Operational Season: March-October (it might vary)

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Camping Spots in Northern Maine

1. Allagash Gateway Campground & Cabins, Greenville

Allagash Gateway Campground & Cabins in Maine

Allagash Gateway Campground & Cabins in Northern Maine Allagash Gateway Campground & Cabins Place to Camp in Maine

Offering both modern and primitive camping experiences, this site is a perfect blend of the two worlds. The popular campground is located just beside the scenic Ripogenus Lake. The services and the availability of the sites are seasonal and time-bound, so it is better to pre-book. Apart from camping, you can spot trout, salmon, cusk, and so on.

Suitable for: RV, tent, and cabins

Amenities: Water system, electricity, and spacious parking lots for cars and boats, fire rings, and dump stations

Pet-friendly: Yes

Additional Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and boating,

Operational Season: May-November

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2. Aroostook State Park, Presque Isle

Aroostook State Park Camping Place in Maine

Aroostook State Park Camping in Maine Aroostook State Park Camping Spot in the Maine

Being the oldest one in the state, the park is good for camping with its 30 sites. You can see a lot of wild animals passing your streets, but they are not harmful. The nearby beach is also refreshing to say the least. The forest of the campsite is laden with fir, spruce, and so many tall trees. The charges for the campsites are different for residential and non-residential individuals of Maine.You can spot the trail that heads the South Peak of the Quaggy Jo Mountain.

Suitable for: RV and tents

Amenities: Kitchen shelter, shower, and picnic tables

Pet-friendly: Yes

Additional Activities: Biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, fishing, boating, snowshoeing, and cross-country ski trailing

Operational Season: Throughout the year

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A Few Names of Free Campgrounds of Maine

However, if camping is an impulsive decision and you do not have time to book the site, you can rely on the following sites as they are free but the wonder of nature is as good as possible.

  • Scoodic Beach, Sullivan
  • Peabody mountain- Bethel
  • Machais River Corridor- Machais
  • Jewett Cove- Greenville

These are popular for their free services so you may end up seeing the place crowded. In many of these places you will have to come faster to secure your camping.

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