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Top 10 Longest Tunnels in the World

By | Last Updated : 19th September 2019

The long-drawn tunnels, going over the river, or through mountains, are always a point of interest for people. This article focuses on the longest tunnels, irrespective of their location and type. These are throughout the world and covering them itself make a long drive. These tunnels are made for a great period of time, with humongous expenses and they carry the brilliance of human architecture.

Longest Tunnel in the World

1. Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland

Gotthard Base Tunnel Longest in the World

Gotthard Base Tunnel Longest in the Switzerland World Gotthard Tunnel Longest and Deepest in the World

Functional since 2006, this is the world’s deepest and longest tunnel. It is a railway tunnel consisting of two single-track tubes. As a part of Gotthard Line, this goes through the Alps, joining Erstfeld with Badio, two municipalities belonging to Uri and Ticino respectively. With an all-over length around 151.84 km, the tunnel is the longest traffic tunnel of the world as well. Intended to help with an easy and fast commute, this tunnel witnesses 130-160 trains each day.

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2. Seikan Tunnel, Japan

Seikan Tunnel Longest in the Tunnel in the World

Seikan Tunnel Longest Railway in the World Seikan Tunnel Longest Railway in the World List

Gracing the second position on the list, this railway tunnel is also the second-longest main-line railway tunnel. Since it has an undersea segment, this tunnel is the longest of that kind in the world. Connecting Honshu along with Hokkaido, the dual gauge track of the tunnel is as long as 53.85 km. It passes underneath a strait, known as Tsugaru Strait.

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3. Channel Tunnel, England-France

Channel Tunnel Longest in the World

Channel Tunnel Longest Railway in the World Channel Tunnel Third Longest Rail in the World

Being the sole fixed link between the European mainland and Great Britain, the tunnel or “Chunnel” is open to use since 1994. This is a railway tunnel with a length of 50.45 km. There are two single-track tunnels and one service tunnel. It connects Folkestone of England to Coquelles of France.

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4. Lærdal Tunnel, Norway

Lærdal Tunnel Longest in the World Norway

Lærdal Tunnel Longest in the World Lærdal Tunnel Longest Car in the World

When it comes to the on-road (automobile or automotive) tunnel of the world, the longest is the Lærdal tunnel of Norway. The length of the tunnel is 24.51 km that joins two municipalities, namely Lærdal and Aurland. It has been open since 2000, carrying European Route E16 ( two routes), this tunnel is operated by Norwegian Public Roads Administration and around 1,000 cars use it every day.

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5. San Sebastian Bicycle Tunnel, Spain

San Sebastian Tunnel Longest in the World

San Sebastian Bicycle Tunnel Longest in the World San Sebastian Biking Tunnel Longest in the World

Opened in 2009, the San Sebastian tunnel is exclusively for bicycle riders, made on the Bilbao-San Sebastian route. This is not that long compared to other enlisted ones, but definitely of an exclusive kind. The length is around 0.85 km and to make that entire project, $3.7 million was spent.

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6. Zhongnanshan Tunnel, China

Zhongnanshan Tunnel Longest in the World

Zhongnanshan Tunnel Drivable Longest in the World Zhongnanshan Tunnel Road Longest in the World

This is the third on-road tunnel of the world with a length of 18.04 km. Besides ranking for the worldwide basis, the tunnel has the record of being the longest road tunnel with two tubes in China. It carries the Xi’an-Ankang Highway and goes through the Zhongnan Mountain. The tunnel has been useful since 2007.

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7. Yamate Tunnel, Japan

Yamate Tunnel the Longest Road Tunnel in the World

Yamate Tunnel the Longest Tunnel in the World Yamate Tunnel the Longest Drivable Road Tunnel in the World

The second-longest of all the road tunnels of the world, this one is a part of Shuto Expressway of Tokyo. The length is around 18.2 km and some of the junctions that it has are Nishi-Shinjuku Junction, Ōhashi Junction, Tomigaya Exit, Nakano-Chojabashi Exit, Takamatsu Exit and so on. The entire tunnel has been open since 2015.

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8. Arlberg Road Tunnel, Austria

Arlberg Tunnel Longest in the World

Arlberg Road Tunnel Longest in the World Arlberg Road Tunnel Longest Drivable in the World

The tunnel is pretty old, as it has been there to use since 1978. The length of the road tunnel is about 13.972 km. Being the longest in the country, it used to be the longest in the world as well, but for a specific time period as many other tunnels have been manufactured and this one was demoted. It bears the Austrian Highway or the S16 Arlberg Schnellstraße. It starts form Tyrol and ends at the Vorarlberg.

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9. Fréjus Road Tunnel, France-Italy

Fréjus Road Tunnel Longest Drivable in the World

Fréjus Road Tunnel Longest in the World Fréjus Road Car Longest Tunnel in the World

Connecting two countries, the tunnel goes through and under the mountainous regions of Cottian Alps. Opened in 1980 the two parts of the two countries that are joined by this tunnel is Modane of France and Bardonecchia of Italy. Two authorities from the countries concerned supervise their parts. It holds the tenth position in terms of the longest bridge in the world.

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10. Dahuofang Water Tunnel, China

Dahuofang Tunnel China Longest in the World

Dahuofang Water Tunnel Longest in the World Dahuofang Longest Water Tunnel in the World List

The water tunnel, as the name suggests, was made for water supply in the surrounding provinces. With a length of 85.3 km, this tunnel used to be the third longest tunnel of any kind in the entire world. The source of the water is Dahuofang Reservoir and cities like Panjin, Liaoyang, Shenyang, Dalian, Yingkou, and Anshan are benefitted from it.

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The list here is an amalgamation of all kinds of longest tunnels and has not been arranged in any particular pattern. The human excellence is emphasized with engineering that our minds wonder how extensively creative these tunnels are.

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