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14 Popular Costa Rican Foods with Recipes

Costa Rican cuisine is not only nutritious but also boasts of jaw-dropping flavors and spices. The latter is due to the heavy reliance on fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Influenced by the Spanish tradition, corn, rice and beans form a staple part of the native cuisine. (more…)

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22 Traditional Honduran Foods to Relish

Honduran cuisine is a cocktail of multiple ancient cultures like Maya, Lenca, and Garifuna. Besides, African and Caribbean influences, Spanish invasion also played an important part in making the local cuisine a favorite around the world. (more…)

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14 Ecuadorian Foods to Die for

Ecuadorian cuisine is one of extravagance, primarily revolving around meat like beef, pork, cuy (guinea pig) and chicken; and staple carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, and corn. The foods differ a bit according to the altitude. Therefore, the spices used and the prevalent recipes are diverse. (more…)

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16 Traditional Salvadoran Foods

Amidst the extravagant Central American palettes, the cuisine of El Salvador is unique in the way it has accepted unmistakable influences from the Spanish and Native American cuisines as well as the domestic Lenca, Maya and Pipil traditions. Maize, corn, and flour are the main carbohydrates; while an extensive array of meat like beef, pork, […]

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12 Signature Mongolian Foods

Mongolian cuisine is much influenced by the continental climate that dominates the region, and also a bit by the Russian and Chinese cultures. Meat and dairy form the staple diet of this nomadic cuisine, with the use of vegetables being limited. The meat of horse, yak, beef, lamb and even camel is consumed as delicacies. […]

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13 Jaw-Dropping Spanish Foods

Spain has had a long history of foreign invasions and war which led to the Spanish cuisine being inflicted with numerous other cuisines. Yet, it is also a culture whose cuisine has developed around its geography and climate. Check out the list of some of the most popular Spanish foods. (more…)

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20 Exotic Bolivian Foods to Keep Your Taste Buds Busy

Bolivian cuisine, opulent with an array of scrumptious preparations, is a digression from Spanish cuisine with special influences from French, German, Arabian and Aymara traditions from time to time. Impeccable and unmatched in taste, check out a few must-try Bolivian dishes. (more…)

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20 Finger Licking Armenian Foods You Need To Experience

The Armenian cuisine is a perfect example of how history influences the culinary traditions of any land. Enriched with more than two thousand years of history, the local cuisine of Armenia deserves a special mention. Here are some authentic Armenian foods you can’t afford to miss. (more…)

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26 Traditional Venezuelan Foods that Will Make You Go SLURP!

Venezuelan cuisine is a culmination of diverse cuisines and owes its variety to a plethora of influences including West African, Native American, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Venezuelan foods, with their tingling spices, exotic flavors and sumptuous sweet meals have become favorites all around the world. (more…)

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