Top 7 Popular Austrian Foods To Win Your Heart

The cuisine of Austria has many influences, especially from the entire Central Europe. There are various authentic flavors from the nation as well, and now presently, the cuisine of the country stands as a perfect amalgamation all other influences and inspirations as well as own culinary expertise.

Austrian Food

1. Topfenstrudel – The National Dish

Topfenstrudel Austrian Food


What is it: A layered pastry popularly known as strudel accompanied with vanilla custard. This is mainly based on cheese.

What does it taste like: Essentially sweet with an unforgettable taste of cheese and vanilla in excess. Sometimes the item is served with raspberries that enhance the entire taste.

2. Wiener Schnitzel – Another Delicacy

Wiener Schnitzel Austrian Food


What is it: Alternatively spelled as wiener schnitzel, the literal meaning being Viennese cutlet, this is a veal cutlet. At some places, the main ingredient i.e veal is replaced with pork, but the authentic dish only calls for veal inclusion.

What does it taste like: The crunchy item is served with a lettuce-based item, parsley potatoes, and cucumber salads. The typical accompaniment includes lemon and parsley.

3. Kaiserschmarren – The Traditional Item

Kaiserschmarren Famous Food


What is it: Shredded pancakes also known as emperors’ mess, because it was one of the favorite dishes of the Austrian king or Kaiser, Franz Joseph I. It is considered both as a meal and dessert. Kaiser means emperor while schmarren means a scrambled dish.

What does it taste like: The caramelized pancake is light and sweet due to the sugar used for sprinkling and served with strawberries, lingonberries and plum sauce or apple. The hot preparation is made with eggs, flour, butter, and milk.

4. Austrian Goulash – The Famous Food

Austrian Goulash Austrian Food


What is it: A gravy based food with tender beef as the main attraction.

What does it taste like: The gravy or the sauce is thick, having been made from onion, dried marjoram, tomato paste. Locals consume the wholesome preparation with Salzburger nockerl, or spätzle pasta or crunchy kaiser rolls.

5. Erdäpfelsalat – The Appetizer

Erdäpfelsalat Austrian Food


What is it: Potato salad used as a side dish. Boil potatoes are used and many countries like Germany, the United States, and the Czech Republic have this item in their cuisine.

What does it taste like: It is served cold and the taste of the salad depends on the ingredients like pepper, vinegar, and sometimes beef and mayonnaise.

6. Tafelspitz – Typical Austrian Delicacy

Tafelspitz Popular Austrian Food


What is it: Beef immersed in broth or gravy. A personal favorite of the emperor Franz Joseph I, the dish contains fruits like apple.

What does it taste like: The taste of the beef is well complemented by the addition of horseradish and apple.

7. Wiener Melange – Their Favorite Hot Drink

Wiener Melange Famous Austrian Food


What is it: This is a beverage preparation that is served hot.

What does it taste like: The coffee taste is beyond words, especially for coffee lovers. Since it’s a beverage, it can be consumed at any time. The foamed milk on the top of the cup seals the deal.

Besides these items, there are more common dishes like esterhazy torte, dobostorte, Einspänner (all desserts) as well as juicy stew like saftgulasch, and strudels like apfelstrudel, and dumplings like marillenknödel.

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