7 Traditional Japanese Desserts That Will Tickle Your Sweet Tooth

Though Japan occupies a very tiny place on the world map, we all know, how big its tradition and culture is! Not just that, Japanese technology is probably the most famous applied science in the world. So this is a very diverse country in the small span of the little island, and it is not merely famous for its dolls and dresses, but also for its flora, fauna, and food!

To speak of Japanese food, the Dezāto (デザート — the Japanese word for dessert) dishes alone are enough to steal your soul. We wanted to introduce you to a few of the best dessert dishes from Japan’s cuisine, in case you give a thought for making plans to fly to this beautiful island country for a treat to your eyes and taste buds!

Traditional Japanese Desserts

1. Mochi – Bread Base for Japanese Desserts

Mochi – Bread Base for Japanese Desserts and Sweets


What is it: In Japanese desserts, mochi is one of the most basic ingredients. However, if eaten with toppings like kinako (a sugar substitute) or ice cream, it can also be served as a dessert by itself.

What does it taste like: Basically a rice cake served both hot and cold, the taste of mochi can vary, depending upon the toppings that are used.

2. Matcha Ice Cream – Green Tea Frozen Summer Dessert

Matcha Ice Cream – Common Green Tea Frozen Dessert


What is it: Matcha is gourmet green tea powder with the taste of tea that is a common flavor for Japanese ice creams. However, because matcha tea is quite expensive, cheaper green tea powders are also used.

What does it taste like: The original flavor of matcha renders a refined and unique flavor to this tasty dessert dish.

3. Daifuku – Stuffed Sweet Desserts

Daifuku – Traditional Stuffed Sweet Potato Desserts


What is it: This is a very old Japanese confection stuffed with some sweet filling. However, the filling is usually Anko (sweet red bean paste prepared from azuki beans), but can also be sweet-tasting fruits and veggies like strawberries, bananas, sweet potato (sweet yum), etc.

What does it taste like: The flavor of Anko gelatin/jelly stuffing renders a particular flavor to Daifuku. Sometimes, the addition of chocolate, cocoa powder or confectioner’s sugar as a covering/coat enhances its taste.

4. Dango – Popular Sweet Rice Dumpling Dessert

Dango – Japanese Sweet Rice Dumpling Dessert


What is it: Dumplings made of rice often (but not always) served on a skewer stick. However, it is also sometimes toasted over an open fire.

What does it taste like: This dessert tastes best when it is grilled along with a sweet topping.

5. Dorayaki – Baked Pancake Sandwich with Red Bean

Dorayaki – Baked Sandwich with Red Bean Paste


What is it: Castella pancake sandwiches stuffed with Anko (stuffing made of sweet red bean paste). However, whipped cream, ice cream, chestnuts, etc. are also added.

What does it taste like: The sweet taste added with the unique flavor of red beans has made this sandwich dish a favorite to the Japanese people.

6. Taiyaki – Common Japanese Fish-shaped Cake

Taiyaki – Traditional Japanese Fish-shaped Cakes


What is it: This fish-shaped cake from Japan is mostly made with a filling, and interestingly, this filling too is usually a red bean paste (since this is an essential and indispensable ingredient in Japanese desserts. However, there can well be other fillings including chocolate, pudding, custard, cheese, tofu, sweet potato, or even sausage.

What does it taste like: The taste widely varies, depending upon the type of filling the ‘fish stomach’ is stuffed with.

7. Kurisumasu Keiki – The Cute Christmas Cake Dessert from Japan

Kurisumasu Keiki – The Christmas Cake Dessert from Japan


What is it: This dish needs no introduction since the very name is self-explanatory. This cute Xmas cake is a traditional food that is a very old dessert dish from the Japanese cuisine. Strawberry plays an integral part in the process of its decoration.

What does it taste like: The cake is thickly coated with double cream, with the subtle essence of vanilla, and garnished with a lot of strawberries. This simple yet traditional combination is sure to pervade your taste buds.

Japan’s desserts hold a very special place in the hearts of the food lovers from around the world, especially those who have a big sweet tooth. They are famous not just for their taste, but also by their looks; and once, you take a look at them, trust us, you might want to keep away your concern for high calories and gluten-free diets for a while! For that, you have to try these exotic dishes at least once in your lifetime!

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