Polish Desserts

12 Devilishly Good Polish Desserts for Your Appetite

Polish desserts include cakes and cookies to a great extent. Like any typical cuisine, polish culinary art showcases some influences from other countries, like Slovakia and Czech Lands. Apart from everyday consumption, some of these desserts have a festive flavor as they are widely prepared for Lent, Christmas, and Easter. (more…)

Brazilian Desserts

17 Scintillating Brazilian Desserts That You Would Dare Not Miss

Brazilian desserts are famed for their versatility drawing influences from European, Amerindian and African cuisines. One of the highlights of the sweet dishes of Brazil lies in the whole range of fruits which go in its preparation like papaya, acai, guava, strawberries, and passion fruits. Let us check out the list of lip-smacking desserts that […]

Costa Rica Tree House

13 Wild and Eco-friendly Tree Houses in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is ruled by rainforests, volcanoes, and coastal vibes and living closely with such natural brilliance is no less than a blessing. To optimize the opportunity of enjoying nature, there are numerous tree houses in the country, so that nature enthusiasts can take a day or two off and retire to the greenery. (more…)

Kazakhstan Food

10 Lip-smacking Kazakhstan Foods to Cheer You Up

Kazakhstan has been able to hold up its culture through its cookery. The tradition of Kazakh food has partly come from the Turkic (an ethnic group) influence. The local delicacies are based on horse meat and mutton, and as the natives were mainly nomads, they have reflected that in their ways of eating too. They […]

Hawaiian Drinks

19 of the Best Alcoholic Hawaiian Drinks

Hawaii, a picturesque archipelago, renowned for its waterfalls, cliffs, beaches, tropical foliage and a host of rugged landscapes, is no way behind when it comes to serving alcoholic beverages. Vodka, rum, lemon, pineapple, and cranberry form the main components for most drinks. Let us check out the list of favorite drinks in Hawaii. (more…)

Bhutan Food

13 Delectable Foods from Bhutan for a Tasty Encounter

Bhutan, a landlocked country uses its natural resources for enhancing the gastronomy. The happiest country of the world is sure to be content with its amazing foods. With an abundant usage of chilies, beef, and vegetables, the excellent cuisine is not known to many people. (more…)

Colombia Drinks

8 Colombian Drinks for All Drink Lovers Around the World

The South American country has a plethora of drink items, offering unique flavors. From alcoholic to non-alcoholic, all kinds of drinks have a certain niche for people of the region. ┬áHere are a few drinks that are either regular or special, exclusively cherished during festivities. (more…)

World's Tallest Bridge

The 10 Tallest Bridges in the World

Passing through the sky-reaching bridges must be a thrilling experience that you cannot deny. Here are some highest bridges across the world that will give you travel goals for sure. From China to Turkey, the following bridges are listed in an order based on their heights. (more…)

Austrian Food

Top 7 Popular Austrian Foods To Win Your Heart

The cuisine of Austria has many influences, especially from the entire Central Europe. There are various authentic flavors from the nation as well, and now presently, the cuisine of the country stands as a perfect amalgamation all other influences and inspirations as well as own culinary expertise. (more…)

Macedonian Food

11 Macedonian Foods to Remind You About Balkan Flavors

Macedonian foods are a product of the province of North Macedonia. The region has multiple dishes that speaks volume. The Mediterranean influence on the cuisine is quite prominent that you can realize every time you have any Macedonian food. (more…)

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