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Costa Rica Tree House

13 Wild and Eco-friendly Tree Houses in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is ruled by rainforests, volcanoes, and coastal vibes and living closely with such natural brilliance is no less than a blessing. To optimize the opportunity of enjoying nature, there are numerous tree houses in the country, so that nature enthusiasts can take a day or two off and retire to the greenery. (more…)

World's Tallest Bridge

The 10 Tallest Bridges in the World

Passing through the sky-reaching bridges must be a thrilling experience that you cannot deny. Here are some highest bridges across the world that will give you travel goals for sure. From China to Turkey, the following bridges are listed in an order based on their heights. (more…)

Ghost Town California

22 of the Best Ghost Towns in Northern and Southern California

California, the United States’ most populous state does not just boast of a bustling lifestyle and flourishing industries but has also been home to a whole lot of ghost towns abounding the northern and southern part of the state. Most of them were gold mining sites that had a booming population at a point of […]

Waterfall Hikes Oahu

6 Mesmerizing Waterfalls Hikes in Oahu

Hiking through greenery and reaching at waterfalls, sounds like an adventurous activity. In the picturesque land of Oahu of Hawaii, there are some waterfalls that are beautiful all by themselves. But the hiking trails leading up to them are enticing enough to excite any nomads. (more…)

Beaches in Georgia, USA

7 of the Best Beaches in Georgia, USA

The state of Georgia has a very short coastline compared to most other oceanfront states in the United States. Considering this, we have enlisted a few of the most beautiful beaches in Georgia by the Atlantic Ocean to visit. (more…)

Longest Highway in the World

Top 10 Longest Highways in the World

The world has a host of magnificent highways, famed for their scenic beauties, and vast expanses they stretch through. Some of them encompass a whole lot of varied terrains like mountains, plains and forests that may be spectacular to view but dangerous to cross, while others run through hustling and bustling cities. Here we bring […]

Maine Beaches

11 Best Beaches in Maine to Invite you for a Beach Vacation

The beaches in Maine have an inviting nature that calls out for all nomads regardless of the time of the year. The geographical location has enriched the state with rocky coastlines and beautiful beaches. From state parks consisting of beaches to private beaches accessible for public, all are within the northeastern state of the United […]

Tallest Bridge in the USA

Top 10 Tallest Bridges in the USA

Besides high-rise buildings, the country has multiple bridges that are long enough to set a record of their own. The following list opens up about some of the highest bridges of the United States in their ranking order. (more…)

Longest Highways in the US

10 of the Longest Highways in the USA

America has marvelous highways, stretching from one point to another, sometimes giving you an impression of never-ending roads. All of them are well-maintained and witness a good traffic throughout the year. (more…)

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