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19 of the Best Alcoholic Hawaiian Drinks

By | Last Updated : 12th July 2019

Hawaii, a picturesque archipelago, renowned for its waterfalls, cliffs, beaches, tropical foliage and a host of rugged landscapes, is no way behind when it comes to serving alcoholic beverages. Vodka, rum, lemon, pineapple, and cranberry form the main components for most drinks. Let us check out the list of favorite drinks in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Drinks

1. Hawaiian Punch – A Famous Alcoholic Drink

Hawaiian Punch Drink


What is it: A refreshing cocktail, comprising of liqueurs like amaretto, vodka and Southern Comfort, alongside orange and pineapple juices as well as lime and lemon wedges. Sliced orange and cherries are used as garnish.

How is the flavor: Sweet, citrusy and certainly refreshing, all because of the ingredients that go in its making.

2. Blue Hawaii – A Popular Cocktail

Blue Hawaiian Drink


What is it: A sought-after tropical cocktail, prepared using pineapple juice, rum, Blue Curacao, vodka (occasionally) and sweet and sour mix. Harry Yee, the head bartender of Hilton Hawaiian Village, invented this drink in 1957, which should not be confused with Blue Hawaiian Cocktail that has crème coconut in place of sweet and sour. Mostly served on the rocks, the drink when mixed with ice makes for a frozen cocktail. This is, however, a seasonal drink, primarily consumed in summer. They are occasionally green in color due to the presence of pineapple juice.

How is the flavor: Refreshing, citrusy and sweet, mainly due to the addition of Blue curacao, while the sweet and sour mix adds to its lemony taste.

3. Mai Tai – Hawaiian Rum Cocktail

Hawaiian Drink Mai Tai


What is it: A rum-based cocktail made with lime juice, orgeat syrup, and Curacao liquer. Victor J. Bergeron had made claims of inventing this cocktail in 1944, in his restaurant named Trader Vic’s situated in Oakland city of California. Its name is said to be literally derived from the Tahitian word maita’I meaning “excellence” or “good”. It gained immense popularity mostly in bars and tiki-themed restaurants, even featuring in the Blue Hawaii, a film by Elvis Presley.

How is the flavor: Tart, citrusy and refreshing but not sweet. The taste of lime, as well as rum, seems to dominate, on the other hand, orgeat and orange curacao add softness.

4. Bay Breeze – Hawaiian Breeze Alcoholic Drink

Bay Breeze Hawaiian Breeze Alcoholic Drink


What is it: It is a soothing beachy cocktail prepared from juices of pineapple and cranberry alongside vodka, served with cubes of ice.

How is the flavor: A sweet drink, and the addition of vodka could make it citrusy, creamy or even malty.

5. Pog – One of the Best Hawaiian Drinks

Hawaiian Pog Drink


What is it: A tasty tropical drink, also known as Passion fruit-Orange-Guava created in the year 1971 by Mart Soon, is made from the juices of guava, passion fruit, and orange.

How is the flavor: Fruity, tart, and sweetness overloaded, all because of the fruits that go in its making.

6. Hawaiian Sunset – A Sought-After Vodka Beverage

Hawaiian Sunset Drink


What is it: A cool drink having cranberry, orange juice, and vodka as its primary ingredients and served with cubes of ice. Its dark orange color may have perhaps earned it the name sunset drink.

How is the flavor: A blend of sweet and sour because of orange and cranberry, whereas vodka gives it a subtle flavor.

7. Hawaiian Volcano – A Fascinating Cocktail

Hawaiian Volcano Drink


What is it: Vodka, gin, Grand Mariner, Southern Comfort peach liquer, and orange juice goes into the making of this cocktail.

How is the flavor: The addition of Grand Mariner makes it dense and sweet, gin makes the drink appear a little bittersweet, and the Southern Comfort liquer adds to its uniqueness.

8. Coconut Mojito – A Mint-Based Cocktail

Hawaiian Coconut Drink


What is it: A fantastic fusion drink made of mint leaves in combination with coconut rum, white rum, cream of coconut, alongside garnishes of mint leaves, lime wedges, and grated coconut.

How is the flavor: Minty, while the addition of coconut rum and white rum makes it sweet and sugary. The crème of coconut, on the other hand, makes it buttery whereas the lemon wedges give it a citrusy taste.

9. Keoke – Hawaiian Coffee Drink

Keoke Hawaiian Coffee Drink


What is it: An alcoholic coffee drink, prepared with Kahlua, crème de cacao, hot coffee, and whipped cream.

How is the flavor: Strong, sweet, and coffee flavored, with the whipped cream giving it a light and creamy texture.

10. Iced Tea Cocktail with Pineapple – A Soothing Hawaiian Beverage

Hawaiian Iced Tea Drink


What is it: Vodka, light rum, gin, tequila, sour mix, and pineapple juice is involved in its preparation.

How is the flavor: A lightly flavored fruity drink, while the addition of alcoholic beverages gives it a subtle and distinct taste. The presence of tequila makes it smooth, gin gives it a refreshing, bittersweet flavor, and light rum enhances its sweetness.

11. Hunch Punch – Hawaiian Punch Vodka Drink

Hawaiian Punch Vodka Drink


What is it: The main ingredient of this drink is the Hawaiian Punch, while the other components include vodka (or even tequila or rum), orange and pineapple juice, lemon-lime soda as well as orange or lemon wheels as a garnish.

How is the flavor: Smooth and fruit, making it immensely delectable.

12. The Leg Spreader – A Mixed Alcoholic Drink

Hawaiian Leg Spreader Drink


What is it: A fruity delight prepared with spiced and coconut rum, peach schnapps, and pineapple juice, whereas strawberry slices are used as garnishes.  

How is the flavor: It has the fruity and caramel-like taste of spiced rum,  sweet flavor of coconut rum, the freshness of peach schnapps and tartness of pineapple juice, making it all the more cool and refreshing.

13. Hawaiian Sex on the Beach

Hawaiian Sex on the Beach Drink


What is it: Unique in its name, this drink would bring in the absolute flavor of the beaches. Rum, coconut rum, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, coconut, and coconut water, teamed with cherry and orange slices goes into its preparation.

How is the flavor: Sweet and fresh, a perfect drink to relish in the summers as you get swayed away by the beauty of the Hawaiian beaches.

14. Pineapple Blue Hawaiian – A Pineapple-Coconut Fusion

Hawaiian Pineapple Blue


What is it: A fusion of pineapple rum, pineapple, blue curacao, and crème of coconut (that distinguishes it from Blue Hawaii).

How is the flavor: The blue curacao makes it citrusy, the pineapple rum gives it a sweet, tarty taste, and the crème of coconut makes it thick and sweet.

15. Green Hawaiian Cocktail – A Cool Beverage

Green Hawaiian Drink


What is it: It is mostly similar to the Blue Hawaiian the only difference being the addition of lemon-lime soda and vodka apart from all the ingredients mentioned above.

How is the flavor: The taste is as refreshing as the Blue Hawaiian though less sweet.

16. Hawaiian Honey Bee – A Delicious Honey Drink

Honey Bee Hawaiian Honey Drink


What is it: A tropical mixed drink made by combining light and overproof rum, lemon juice, pineapple pieces as well as honey syrup while mint sprig and sugar rim serve as garnishes.

How is the flavor: This would be an immensely sweet drink, absolutely living up to its name, while the sprigs give it a minty flavor.

17. Hawaiian Mimosa – A Rum-Champagne Fruity Drink

Hawaiian Mimosa Drink


What is it: Another famous cocktail made of coconut rum, pineapple juice, and champagne, while pineapple slices or cherries can be used as garnishes.

How is the flavor: Every sip would bring in a tinge of sweetness, transcending you to a different level altogether.

18. Blue Hawaiian- A Tasty Shot Drink

Hawaiian Shot Drink


What is it: Served in shot glasses, its prime components include white rum, pineapple juice, blue curacao, crème of coconut, splashes of blue curacao syrup and even coconut flakes as a garnish.

How is the flavor: Citrusy, as well as sweet and nutty (because of the creme of coconut). Blue curacao syrup gives it an orange flavor.

19. Chi Chi Cocktail Drink – A Pineapple-Vodka Drink

Chi Chi Hawaiian Drink


What is it: This drink is made with vodka, pineapple juice, coconut cream and cubes of ice, while pineapple slice goes into garnishing of this beverage.

How is the flavor: Sweet and creamy, giving a refreshing feeling.

Besides the ones mentioned above, other refreshing alcoholic drinks like mele kalikimaka mai tai, Royale Hawaiian cooler, and Hawaiian Margarita frozen tequila. So on your next visit to Hawaii do not miss out on these interesting beverages that would take your breath away.

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