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8 of the Best Waterfalls in Michigan, USA

By | Last Updated: 13th December 2022

Michigan boasts of having almost 200 named waterfalls scattered throughout the state. They are not just beautiful, but also an escape for you from the honks and hustles of city life. If you’re looking for great sceneries devoid of crowds, here is a list of a variety of waterfalls in Michigan you may find handy.

Waterfalls in Michigan

1. Tahquamenon Falls, Paradise, Upper Peninsula‎ (Northern Michigan)

Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan Northern Michigan

Waterfalls in Michigan Tahquamenon Upper Peninsula Michigan Waterfalls Tahquamenon Paradise Upper Peninsula

The central attraction of the 50,000-acre area of Tahquamenon Falls State Park is the Tahquamenon River that includes few of the highest waterfalls of MI. The beautiful Upper Falls, which is one of the largest and most famous falls, is in the east of the Mississippi River, with more than 200 feet across, and a drop of about 50 feet. The amount of water flow from this natural water body is more than 50,000 gallons per second. The location of the park is such that, it has easy access with other important cities in Michigan including Grand Marais, Grand Rapids, Crystal Falls, Jackson, Marquette, and Petoskey.

There are two campgrounds at Tahquamenon Falls State Park, where you can efficiently plan for a family camping. You need to make a road-trip tour through the amazing north woods to reach the state park, where the waterfalls seem to sparkle around the year, from summer to spring. Visitors can walk through the greens in between the upper and lower falls, or even opt for a row boating to reach the river island to enjoy a closer look. During winter, the waterfall becomes frozen when it is even more interesting to watch the formation of ice crystals.

The state park remains open throughout the year.

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2. Ocqueoc Falls, Alpena, Lower Peninsula‎ (Southern Michigan)

Southern Michigan Waterfalls Ocqueoc Alpena Lower Peninsula‎

Ocqueoc Waterfalls in Lower Peninsula Michigan Alpena Ocqueoc Waterfalls in Michigan Alpena

This is the largest and one of the best waterfalls of the Lower Peninsula, close to the Central Michigan towns like Flint, and is also the only handicap-accessible fall in the United States. This falls boasts beautiful trails for hiking, biking, and skiing. It is around this area that the River Ocqueoc forces its way through the bedrock of limestone, where you can see salmons swimming through the underground channels during the breeding season. Just above the falls, you will also find the remains of an old mill race. There are cool swimming and cliff jumping areas to explore with your family and kids.

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3. Cascade Falls, Porcupine Mountains, Ontonagon County (Western Michigan)

Michigan Cascade Falls Porcupine Mountains

Western Michigan Cascade Falls Ontonagon County Ontonagon Cascade Waterfalls Michigan Porcupine Mountains

Among innumerable waterfalls in the Porcupine Mountains, the Cascade Falls is one of the most enigmatic ones. As the very name suggests, the Cascade Falls is made up of a number of bumpy cascades, which have been formed by the flow of the Cascade Creek down to the western branch of the River Ontonagon. This site is easily accessible via a short, well-maintained trail.

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4. Fumee Falls, Iron Mountain, Iron County, MI

Waterfalls in Michigan Fumee Mountain Iron County

Michigan Waterfalls Fumee Iron Mountain County MI Iron Mountain Fumee Waterfalls MI County

This site is in the Iron Mountain, the county seat of Dickinson County, and is one of the few waterfalls in the state that flows into Lake Michigan that forms part of the border between Michigan and Wisconsin. This one is however quite small, but interestingly, it falls along the roadside, and hence, is quite easy to visit. The falls has three drops, with the main one being around 10 feet in height. There, you will also find a small wayside with a water pump and a few restrooms. Like other small waterfalls, the flow of the Fumee gets thin by the end of the summer.

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5. Scott Falls, Alger County, Michigan

Alger County Scott Waterfalls in Michigan

Michigan Scott Waterfalls Alger County Michigan Scott Waterfalls Alger County in MI

The Scott Falls is located in the Alger County and is along highway M-28, near to Munising and Au Train. It jumps down into a small pool from a height of about 10 feet (3 meters) from a beautiful sandstone cliff. There cave behind the waterfall, where you can easily enter, is the main attraction of this place. The view of the fall from this cave is even more amazing.

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6. Tannery Falls (Rudy Olson Memorial Falls), Munising

Michigan Waterfalls in Olson Memorial Munising

Munising Tannery Waterfalls in Michigan Michigan Tannery Rudy Olson Memorial Falls Munising

The 40-feet high Tannery Falls is one of the less-maintained and less-advertised falls of the state, but it’s quite worth visiting. Located on the Tannery Creek with a cave behind the drop, this hidden falls is sometimes called the ‘Rudy M. Olson Memorial Falls’. It drops into a beautiful sandstone canyon where the rock is all cut out by the water flow over millennia. The water level greatly varies depending upon the rains and snow melt. The surrounding silent greenery, along with the continuous murmuring sound of water, is sure to keep you mesmerized for hours.

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7. Canyon Falls, L’Anse, Baraga County

Canyon Waterfalls Michigan LAnse Baraga County

Michigan in Canyon Falls LAnse Baraga County Baraga County Waterfalls in Michigan Canyon LAnse

The famous Canyon Falls in L’Anse is an enchanting scene with the waterfall having several levels of falling. Considered the Grand Canyon of Michigan, this water body is about 8 miles south side of US-41 at the roadside park. There is also a wonderful trailhead that starts from the parking lot and takes around 10 minutes to walk for having the first view the falls. So you can just begin to walk the trail and witness the scenic beauty all along its riverside.

There are several arrangements made for visitors, including restrooms, and picnic tables.

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8. Rainbow Falls, Ironwood, Gogebic County

Rainbow Waterfalls in Michigan Ironwood Gogebic County

Michigan Rainbow Falls Ironwood Gogebic County Ironwood Rainbow Waterfalls Michigan Gogebic County

The Rainbow Falls is located in Ironwood in the Gogebic County. Along with other four falls, this falls is on the Black River that empties itself into Lake Superior. The area is under the Black River Scenic Recreation Area that has beautified the entire area for site seeing, hiking, and picking agate and rock on the long beach of Lake Superior.

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The incredibly varied terrains, along with the abundant rivers and streams in the state have created the perfect conditions for the creation of some of the most impressive natural waterfalls in the United States. So, rush out with your camera and some cool buddies, and become famous sharing the amazing photos of these waterfalls over your social networks!

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