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8 Fun Things to do in Marco Island, Florida

By | Last Updated: 24th August 2018

Marco Island is situated in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida. This beautiful island is known for its exotic views of nature, sky, and sea, and is connected to the mainland through bridges to the southern part of the city of Naples, FL. Since decades now, the island is the home to high-end shopping, resorts and hotels, white sand sea beaches, marinas, kayaking & paddleboarding, and numerous golf courses. So, if you are planning for a good holiday spot, we advise you to make it to Marco Island this time, and see as to why we say that! Check out what all fun things you can do to make your Marco Island trip worth remembering.

Things to do in Marco Island

1. Collect Seashells by the Beach during a RainBest Things to do in Marco Island when it Rains

Seashells Things to do in Marco Island when it Rains FL Things to do in Marco Island City Florida Seashelling

The island takes a mesmerizing look especially in the rainy season, and the most rainfall is seen between May and October. The soft white sand of the Marco Island seashore is bound to magnetize you, especially, when you take a glance of the amazingly colorful and bizarre-shaped seashells spread across the shore. So move out with your friends, or the kids of your family on a sunny winter morning and arrange for a challenger contest of collecting shells, or stroll around on the beach with your partner on a rainy day, or in a romantic weekend afternoon!

2. Riding a Bicycle Around the Island to Find Out the Best Things to See

Best Things to See Marco Island Florida

Cheap Things to do in Marco Island Florida Bicycle Around Marco Island Best Things to See

Hire a bicycle along with your friends, and take a long tour of the entire island, find out the places to see around Marco, give yourselves some tasty treats, take some rest by the seaside, and make the entire day yours! You can, however, also consider a guided bike tour. There are services available on the island, like the ‘Naples Bicycle Tours’, that will provide you with the same.

3. Watch a Movie at the Marco Island Mall

Marco Island Florida Watch a Movie at Night

Watch a Movie at Night Marco Island Florida Best Things to do in Marco Island Florida

Apart from the many good resorts and hotels in the island (including the 4-star JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort), there are also wonderful theatre halls, like the Marco Movies, inside the island’s downtown area of Marco Walk Plaza. Here you get to see many of the latest releases, while also enjoying the food and the stores inside the mall. This indeed is one of the best things you can do to relax on a holiday, and at the same time, stay out even after sundown.

4. Plan a Vacation Week from Christmas to New Year at a Hotel

Marco Island Florida Christmas to New Year Eve in the Hotels

Marco Island Things to do Vacation Week Christmas Christmas to New Year Eve in the Hotels in Marco Island

Chalk out a plan for a surprise visit to the Marco Island in advance for the coming Christmas and New Year seasons with your spouse or special someone. However, the entire months of winter (winter remains here in November, December, January, February, and a couple of weeks in March (until spring). Spend an entire winter week in a luxurious ambiance, move out every evening to dine in a castaway setting and treat your sweetheart to a romantic meal, head to a classic brewery, or just watch the game at a sports bar.

5. Book a Couples’ Massage on a Summer Day with Your Partner

Couples’ Massage Things to do in Marco Island

Things to do in Marco Island Couples’ Massage Marco Island Couples’ Massage Things to do

Summer lasts here from April through October. Lying by the seashore in a summer morning under an umbrella with a drink, getting an amazing herbal massage is, indeed, a tantalizing way to relax. Find out a top salon of your choice and book a couple’s massage by the sea beach (or even by the hotel poolside). If you are a romantic person, you might want to treat your partner with such a sensational gift package.

6. Hire a Charter and Move Out for Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Best Things to do in Marco Island Charter for Fishing

Charter for Fishing Gulf of Mexico Things to do in Marco Island Things to do in Marco Island Wild Charter for Fishing

Among the land and water sports available on the island, backcountry fishing is one of the most popular. In fact, many fishing lovers visit the island just for game fishing, especially for fishes like tarpon, pompano, snook, trout, redfish, and so on. For beginners, you can as well hire a guide from any of the fishing charters (like Wild Thing Charters) to have a new experience. Deep-sea charters can even take you to the Gulf of Mexico to watch bottlenose dolphins bouncing through the waves.

7. Hang Out with Your Kids at the Free Historical Marco Island Museum

Free Things to do in Marco Island Museum

Things to do in Marco Island with Toddlers Marco Island Museum Things to do with Kids

The Marco Island Historical Museum, located on Heathwood Drive, offers every answer to your curiosity about the long history of the island. Inside, you will find spectacular displays, recreated village scenes from the past, the whereabouts of the Calusa Indian tribe from Southwest Florida, religious artifacts and figures, the rapid growth of the Marco Island in the 1960s, and so on. Moreover, the entry to the museum is absolutely free.

8. Pay a Visit to an Arts Center with your Family for Free

Free Things to do in Marco Island Arts Center with Family

Things to do in Marco Island with Family Members for Free Family Members for Free Things to do in Marco Island

You would get to see and attend music events, crafts fairs, art exhibitions, and workshops regularly at The Marco Island Center for the Arts. The museum remains open for all every day, except for Saturdays and Sundays. You would also find gift shops on the premises from where you can buy wonderful souvenirs and local artworks.

So, how awesome is that? The island is a tourist hotspot, receiving thousands of visitors every year, and this list guides you to get the best out of your vacation.

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