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7 of the Best Caves in Maryland for an Exciting Adventure

By | Last Updated: 30th May 2023

Caves in Maryland may lack the splendor compared to those in Kentucky or Virginia. However, they are rich in history, with some dating back to the Ice Age era. There are about 53 caves, most of which you will find in the western part of the state. If you are in the vicinity, make sure you explore them to get a glimpse of the past.

Caves in Maryland

Most Popular Caves in Maryland

1. Crystal Grottoes Caverns

Crystal Grottoes Caverns in Maryland

Crystal Grottoes Caverns, located at the base of South Mountain Range in Boonsboro, is one of the well-known tourist attractions of the state. A 35-minute tour will lead you through its interior, that has seven separate chambers. They are well lit and naturally adorned with spectacular formations, including stalagmites, stalactites, flowstones, and columns. Do bring a light jacket as it remains cool throughout the year with a constant temperature of 54°F. The guided tours would cost around $20 per adult and $10 per child.

Things to do around here: After exploring the cave and knowing about its fascinating history and geology, you can visit some nearby points of interest, like the historic Antietam National Battlefield and Burnside’s Bridge.

Opening hours: 10 am to 4 pm

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2. Cumberland Bone Cave

Cumberland Bone Cave in Maryland

If you’re near Cumberland, this cave is ideal for a quick visit. It sits along the western slopes of Wills Mountain, just northwest of the city. The nearest parking area is available at Helmstetter’s Curve, from where you will have to hike down the railroad trail to reach the cave. Though it is closed to the public, you can glance at its opening and the informative sign here. The cave system is about a hundred feet below the earth’s surface and used for geological and paleontological research. Several fossils and bones have been found dating back to the ice age era.

Things to do around here: You can visit the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad and enjoy a ride on a train for an unforgettable experience.  

Opening hours: 24 hours

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3. Killiansburg Cave

Killiansburg Cave in Maryland

You will find this cave along the C & O Canal towpath on the Maryland border, just near the mile-marker 75.7. You can head upstream from Ferry Hill Visitor Center to reach it. If you’re a history buff, this place is undoubtedly for you. Many locals from the adjacent town of Sharpsburg took refuge in the cave during the Battle of Antietam in 1862.

Things to do around here: There are numerous other smaller caves called Snyder’s Landing Caves in the vicinity that you can explore. A primitive campground is also attached to Killiansburg Cave for an overnight stay.

Opening hours: Not recorded

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Less Popular Caves in Maryland

1. Devil’s Hole Cave

Devil’s Hole Cave in Maryland

Devil’s Hole Cave is one of the longest cave systems in Alleghany County. If you’re an experienced spelunker with vertical climbing skills, you could consider exploring it. A narrow shaft from the entrance of about 12 feet leads you down to the floor. You would find many tight passages through which you will have to crawl or squeeze to make your way inside. Though rare, speleothems like flowstones, stalactites, and draperies cling to the cave ceiling and walls.

Things to do around here: To enjoy the rest of the day, you could head to the nearby Rocky Gap State Park and admire the rugged mountains or indulge in hiking, swimming, fishing, or boating.

Opening hours: Not recorded


2. Camel Den’s Cave

Camel Den’s Cave in Maryland

You could visit Camel Den’s Cave in Patapsco Valley State Park within Ellicott City for a fun family outing. You’ll have to tread about ten minutes from the parking lot on Daniels Road and cross a bridge over a little creek to reach it. Early settlers and hunters once used the little cave as an overnight shelter as they passed by Patapsco River valley. You can also witness a narrow fracture at its back jutting out to the hilltop. It was used as a natural chimney to let the smoke from the fires pass out into the open. Presently, it is a lesser-known attraction. However, kids visiting it usually enjoy playing around its entrance and climbing its walls.

Things to do around here: You could explore the surroundings to know more about the area’s history. Many ruins here are evidence of the Native Americans frequenting the site in the past.

Opening hours: 9 am to Sunset

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3. Two Locks Cave

Two Locks Cave in Maryland

While walking or biking along the towpath of C & O Canal, you’ll come across Two Locks Cave. It comprises several small caves with hole-like openings in the cliffs. While some fissures lead to a very short distance with nothing much to see, others take you into a deeper interior through crawlways and narrow passages. It’s an ideal stop to explore as you take a quick break from your hiking or biking activity. The stunning boxwork patterns on the cave walls are another attractive feature.

Things to do around here: While you are in C&O Canal National Historical Park, you can enjoy picnicking, kayaking, or canoeing.

Opening hours: Sunrise to Sunset

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4. Round Top Summit Cave

Round Top Summit Cave in Maryland

Located in Washington County, Round Top Summit Cave has about 600 feet of the passageway. However, the cave is only for experienced spelunkers as one would have to pass through several narrow and jagged squeezes and also descend vertical drops. While proceeding inside, you can treat your eyes with the cave coral and some flowstone on the walls and ceiling.

Things to do around here: You can even explore the Keefer Rd. Cave and Two Locks Cave, also located in Washington County.

Opening hours: Not recorded


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