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11 Free Things to do in Miami

By | Last Updated: 17th August 2020

Miami in Florida offers an array of activities such as free concerts, viewings at art galleries, engaging festivals and much more. So, if you are on a tight budget and puzzled about how to have a gala time, take a look at this list of free stuff to do in Miami and dive headlong for having a blast this weekend.

Free Things to do in Miami

1. Explore South Beach

Things to do in Miami for Free South Beach

Miami South Beach Free Things to do Free Fun Things to do in Miami South Beach

Extending from South Pointe Park to Collins Park on 21st and 22nd Streets, this beach offers a host of alluring festivals and events such as volleyball tournaments as well as music and art shows. The ideal time to take in both the warmth of the sea and nature seems to be January and if you yearn to pep up your celebrations of the upcoming year, ring in during New Year’s Eve to feast your eyes on an amazing show of fireworks.

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2. Spice up Your Nights with Live Jazz at MOCA

Free Things to do Miami Museum of Contemporary Art

Things to do in Miami at Night for Free Museum of Contemporary Art Things to do for Free in Miami Museum of Contemporary Art

Rush to the plaza outside the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami to take delight in the free concerts held on the last Friday of every month. The shows start near about 8 p.m, so grab a quick meal and breeze into the grounds to secure a convenient spot.

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3. Take Toddlers and Kids to Miami Children’s Museum

Free Things to do with Kids in Miami Children’s Museum

Free Things to do in Miami with Toddlers Children’s Museum Free Things in Miami Children’s Museum

How about little-people-sized replicas of a busy grocery store or a bank where the entry is chiefly meant for kids? Be sure, your little one would surely go bonkers pretending to be a big daddy or mummy. And, that’s what this museum aims to provide. For listening to carols, painting snowflakes or having a chat with dear Santa, turn up during Christmas celebrations in December.

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4. Marvel the Art Works of Coral Gables Gallery

Free Things in Miami Coral Gables Gallery

Miami Free Things to do Coral Gables Gallery Free Things Miami Coral Gables Gallery

On the first Friday of every month, the Coral Gables Gallery along Ponce de Leon Boulevard allows visitors free viewing from 7 to 10 pm. You may also enhance your art knowledge by availing the free advice offered.

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5. Enjoy Serenity at Bayside Marketplace

Romantic Things to do in Miami for Free Bayside Marketplace

Free Things Miami Bayside Marketplace Free Fun Things to do in Miami Bayside Marketplace

This open-air mall is an ideal place for couples for it does not get much crowded even after being a well-known tourist spot. Spend a lazy morning marveling the picturesque views of the South Beach, and in the evening, gear up for a free live music session on the marina stage. Thereafter, you may go for a stroll along Bayfront Park for more views.

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6. Relish Goodies at Redland Market Village

Free Things Miami Redland Market Village

Free Things in Miami Redland Market Village Miami Free Things to do Redland Market Village

Featuring 27-acres of fresh fruit, vegetable spices, and honey from local farms, this village market opts to be great hangout place. Get here on a Sunday to feast your eyes on the array of goodies, chiefly, the fish zone, where you would get freshly caught local shrimps, crabs and lobsters.

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7. Get Involved in Kitetober Kite Festival at Haulover Park

Free Things Miami Kitetober Kite Festival

Miami Free Things to do Kitetober Kite Festival Fun Things to do in Miami for Free Kitetober Festival

The Miami-Dade Parks and Skyward Kites host a free kite flying festival during the spring months of February every year. Be there to share the madness of watching a 30 foot flying Nemo fish or a 100-foot squid. And, if you cherish flying kites, there’s the competition for adults waiting for you.

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8. Celebrate Halloween at Cocowalk

Free Things Miami Halloween at Cocowalk

Miami Free Things to do Halloween at Cocowalk Free Things in Miami Halloween at Cocowalk

At this shopping center, a plethora of events such as a face painting, costume contests etc. are held on Halloween day and there’s no admission charge levied. Breeze in with your little one and be sure he’s going to love every single moment.

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9. Revel in a Free Kayak Tour at Biscayne National Park

Free Things in Miami Biscayne National Park

Miami Free Things Biscayne National Park Miami Free Things to do Biscayne National Park

Make time to pop up at this largest marine park in the U.S and do not miss availing the free guided kayak and canoe tour, offered at Convoy Point from April to November. However, you need to make a reservation at least 7 days before venturing.

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10. Check out the Murals of Wynwood on Bike

Free Things Miami Wynwood Murals

Miami Free Things to do Wynwood Murals Free Things in Miami Wynwood Murals

Embark on a bike tour to see Wynwood’s murals and graffiti art and engage a guide if possible to know a bit about what is being conveyed by each work. Besides, a host of free events like jazz sessions, art classes etc. are also held on Wednesdays and Tuesdays. You just need to be aware of what’s on.

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11. Have Fun at Greynolds Park

Miami Free Things Greynolds Park

Free Things in Miami Greynolds Park Things to do in Miami Free Greynolds Park

Admission to this historical park near North Miami Beach is free from Monday to Friday. So, take your family and explore its many wonders such as a lake with trails, a 46-foot high observation mound, a nine-hole golf course, a playground, restrooms, and picnic shelters.

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When there are no such worries about admission charges, you naturally become more relaxed and can freak out with pleasure.  After all, in today’s world, free things are not that abundant. So, seek these out while visiting Miami and make the most of your trip such that whenever you remember them, you are filled with glee.

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