10 of the Best Trails for Hiking in Maine, USA

Maine is one of the most beautiful places in the United States with a long coastline. However, it is also studded with sky-lining mountain ranges, forests, rivers, and so many other landforms, worth being explored. This list provides you with the information on a few of the best places to hike in Maine, along with their relevant statistics, maps, description, and so on. Check out how it helps you.

Best Trails for Hiking in Maine ME USA

1. Acadia Mountain, Hiking near Portland, Maine

Hiking in Maine Portland Acadia Mountain

Acadia Mountain Hiking near Portland Maine Maine Hiking in Acadia Mountain near Portland

You can make your way through the crowded eastern part of the Acadia National Park and head towards the Acadia Mountain, the Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail, and St. Sauveur Loop. All these mountains are inside the national park premises and will offer your eyes grand views of the only fjord on the eastern coast of the US – Somes Sound. There are also other scenic surprises for you around, including the butterfly park and the waterfalls nearby. This site is not just good for trail hikers, but also kid-friendly, especially for families with older children. It is also good for dogs (but on leash). The best days to hike here are during the fall and the summer months. The easiest gateway to the Acadia National Park is via the town of Bar Harbor.

Length: 3.9 miles

Type: Moderate to Easy

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2. Camden Hills State Park, Maine Trail Hiking by Sea Coast

Hiking in Maine Camden Hills State Park

Camden Hills State Park Maine Hiking Trail Sea Coast Trail Hiking Camden Hills State Park Maine by Sea Coast

This state park offers more than 30 hiking trails by the seacoast including the Mount Battie Trails, Bald Rock Mountain, Beech Hill Preserve, The Georges Highland Path, etc. The park gates open at 9:00 am, and closes at sunset, Sunday to Saturday. The paths inside are rocky, and the tracks will lead you through the sunny and shadowy trails up to the mountain tops, from where you can get an excellent view of the sea.

Length: 3.5 miles

Type: Moderate

How to Get Here

3. Bangor City Forest – Maine Hike for Recreational Activities

Hiking in Maine Bangor City Forest Recreational Activities

Maine Hike Bangor City Forest Hiking Bangor City Forest Maine for Recreation

Also known as the ‘Rolland F. Perry City Forest’, this site is an area in Bangor, Maine, and is meant for recreational activities, including hiking, cycling, and cross-country skiing. The vast trail system is not only maintained well throughout the year but also has a large parking and picnic area. Most of the trails are packed with gravels. There is also a one-mile boardwalk located on the East Trail, which is accessible to the disabled.

Length: 10 miles

Type: Moderate

How to Get Here

4. Mountain Division Rail Trail – An Easy Hike in Southern Maine

Hiking in Southern Maine Mountain Division Rail Trail

Maine Hiking in Mountain Division Rail Trail Mountain Division Rail Trail Easy Hike in Southern Maine

This site is family-friendly that is equally good for trailing, birding, cycling, and the best time is during the fall, when you can watch all the fall colors in the woods around. Additionally, you will get unforgettable views of the river, wildflower, and wildlife. The entire trail runs through open fields and woodlands, crossing five roads. The old railroad trestle that spans the Presumpscot River is a famous swimming site for the locals and is close to the Boothbay Harbor. The maximum elevation is a little more than 300 ft.

Length: 6 miles

Type: Moderate to Easy

How to Get Here

5. Cousins River Trail, Freeport – Hiking Near Southern Maine

Freeport Cousins River Trail Hiking Near Southern Maine

Hiking Near Southern Maine Cousins River Trail Freeport Maine Hiking Cousins River Trail Freeport Southern Maine

This is a very short trail and is extremely kid-friendly. The trail runs through hills and boardwalks and reaches the marshy bank of the Cousins River. The side trails take you to the Lambert Road as well as the Freeport Inn and Cafe. The trailhead has a kiosk and is situated on a knoll at the back left side of the Casco Bay YMCA parking area on Old South Freeport Road, which is further south of downtown. You can safely park your vehicles here.

Length: 0.6 mile

Type: Easy

How to Get Here

6. Hunt Trail – Famous Hiking Site in Central Maine

Hiking in Maine Famous Hunt Trail

Maine Hiking in Hunt Trail Famous Hiking Site Central Maine Hunt Trail Famous Hiking Site

This trail is undoubtedly one of the most popular, located at the summit of Mount Katahdin, at the end of the Appalachian Trail (AT) that extends to the Springer Mountain in Georgia. The trail is the center of attraction to almost all trail lovers since it has some conspicuously amazing features like the spectacular Katahdin Stream Falls, the huge boulders and rocks throughout the Hunt Spur, the picturesque table rock that renders an extensive view in all directions. This is possible especially as about 2.4 miles of the trail is situated above the tree line. The site also has a geographical advantage because of its central location and is not far from populated places in Maine like Ogunquit, Auburn, York, and Kittery.

Length: 4.9 miles

Type: Difficult

How to Get Here

7. Barren Mountain on the Appalachian Trail, Greenville, ME

Hiking in Maine Barren Mountain on the Appalachian Trail

Trail Hiking in Maine Barren Mountain Appalachian Greenville Barren Mountain on the Appalachian Trail ME

One can easily visit the Barren Mountain in the central region of Maine, which is located in the heart of the very long woods and greeneries of the Appalachian Trail. You must remember that the trail is quite steep and remote. However, the entire trail gives an incredible view overlooking Lake Onawa. To leave the site, one needs to continue hiking towards the North direction, and finally coming out on the Katahdin Iron Works Road. Interestingly, this trail is located close to important Maine towns like Georgia, Lewiston, Belfast, and Augusta. The best time for hiking here is summer and fall.

Length: 8 miles

Type: Difficult

How to Get Here

8. Mount Will Hiking Trail, Bethel Area in Maine

Hiking in Maine Mount Will Hiking Trail Bethel Area

Maine Hiking in Mount Will Hiking Trail Bethel Mount Will Hiking in Maine Trail Bethel Area

The trails in Mt. Will are well marked and are great for general hiking, as well as snowshoeing in the winter months. Since it is no too long, even your pet dog can use it comfortably. The path leading to the mountaintop is moderate to easy, having some steeper sections. However, climbing up is worth it, since the higher you reach, the better the views of the entire area. As you reach the peak, you would be spellbound by the mesmerizing views overlooking the village of Bethel along with the Androscoggin Valley, wherein the river Androscoggin winds its way through the deep vale.

Length: 2.9 miles

Type: Moderate to Easy

How to Get Here

9. Saddleback Mountain Hiking Trail, Western Part of Maine

Hiking in Maine Saddleback Mountain Hiking Trail Western

Western Maine Hiking in Saddleback Mountain Trail Saddleback Mountain in Maine Hiking Trail Western Part

You need to be physically fit and mentally strong to take this trail. The Saddleback Mountain actually consists of two peaks (hence the name) – the very high Santiago Peak and the relatively lower Modjeska Peak. The former is the highest point in the Orange County, as also the Santa Ana Mountains, with a height of 5,689 feet. You need to follow the Holy Jim Trail to reach the tip (which is also the shortest route). However, you can also choose to climb up to the summit of the Modjeska, wherefrom, the view is no less beautiful.

Length: 15.6 miles

Type: Very Difficult

How to Get Here

10. Ocean Trail, Bar Harbor Coast, Mount Desert Island, ME

Mount Desert Island ME Ocean Trail Hiking Maine

Hiking in Maine Ocean Trail Bar Harbor Coast Ocean Trail Hiking in Maine Bar Harbor Coast ME

This easy trailing site is equally friendly for all – adults, kids and pets. The entire path is almost level and is easy to walk even for aged people. However, if you would change your mind while walking, and feel a little adventurous, you might want to follow one of the numerous side paths that are a little bit bumpy and take you to the rocks’ edge. Either way, you will end up being bewitched with the enigmatic views of the waves and the rocky shore. The trail is not too long, and if someone in your group gets tired, you can quickly get a free shuttle. There are different exit and entry points. But if you can reach the end of the trail, you would get the grand overview of the area, as well as the beautiful park.

Length: 2 miles

Type: Very Easy

How to Get Here

So, now that you have this list in hand, pack up your bags and move out with your gang to explore the best trails in Maine, one by one, and you will surely understand why we chose these trails exclusively for you to make your way through!

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