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8 of the Best Louisiana Public Beaches

By | Last Updated: 17th August 2020

Located next to the ocean, there are many good beaches in the US state of Louisiana, out of which, we have chosen some of the best to let you know about the beaches you may visit in and around Louisiana.

Louisiana Beaches

1. Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera), Cameron, South Louisiana

Holly Beach Best Public Louisiana Beaches

Best Holly Beach Louisiana Beaches Louisiana Beach Holly Beaches

The entire coastline of Holly Beach is filled with marshes and rivers where you can spend your vacation with your dear ones, or just alone, hiring a hotel, cottage or a beach resort. The place is also ideal for camping to relax in the sunny beach, or simply swimming, fishing around in the Gulf, and strolling around the beach for shelling (for which the place famous).

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2. Grand Isle Louisiana Beach, Grand Isle, LA

Grand Isle Louisiana Beaches

Louisiana Beaches Grand Isle Grand Isle Beach Louisiana

About two hours south to New Orleans, you can drive through the marshes to this beach on Grand Isle, a small town by the side of the ocean and the barrier island overlooking the Caminada Bay. As you reach, it won’t take long for you to realize as to why it is said to be the most famous beach in Louisiana. You can enjoy the ten-mile-long coastline, find out ideal fishing spots, and watch out for migratory birds that are often guests at the island, spending time basking in the sand.

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3. North Beach (I-10 Beach) – an Urban White Sand Beach

North Beach Louisiana Beaches

Beach North Louisiana Beaches Louisiana Beach North Beaches

The well-known North Beach is located in Lake Charles, the de facto capital towards the southwest. This is an ideal place for those fond of urban beaches and is the only inland white sand beach between the Florida and Texas border. It is also connected to three of the most popular parks in the area – the Veteran’s Memorial Park, the Millennium Park, and the September 11th Memorial. You might also want to attend one of the many festivals of Lake Charles.

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4. Rutherford Beach, Cameron Parish, Highway #82

Louisiana Beaches Rutherford Beach

Rutherford Beach in Louisiana Beaches Best Louisiana Beaches Rutherford Beach

Rutherford Beach is known for its amazing rustic ambiance and the beautiful view of the sea, as the giant waves roar in relentlessly and crash along the shoreline, filling the entire area with a soothing sound. It is located in Cameron Parish, off Highway #82. This long beach is also known for shell collecting, and if you wish, you might also opt for camping right on the beach, as the tranquillity of this place is bound to mesmerize your heart as long as you will be there.

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5. Biloxi Beach, Closest from New Orleans, Louisiana

Biloxi Louisiana Beach Closest from New Orleans

Biloxi Beach Closest from New Orleans Louisiana Biloxi Closest from New Orleans Louisiana Beach

Closest from New Orleans, everyone living in Louisiana has probably visited this excellent beach at some point in time. Other than this great beach, the place is also known for casinos and golfing. You can spend some spare time strolling around the area with your family and loved ones, or even your pet dog, giving your luck a try with the evening casino games.

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6. Grayton Beach, a part of the Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach Louisiana Beaches

Louisiana Beaches in Grayton Beach Beach Grayton Louisiana Beaches

This one is also quite close to New Orleans and is one of the most blissfully pretty beaches in the state of Louisiana. You are sure to love this one since it is too gorgeous for the eyes, with avenues filled with magnolias and the long beach stretching far for you to sit and relax. The place has been further beautified by the Grayton Beach State Park, which stretches right down to the sea beach.

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7. Little Florida Beach, Cameron Parish, LA

Louisiana Little Florida Beaches

Little Florida Beach Louisiana Beaches Louisiana Beaches Little Florida Beach

This little-known beach of the state is sure to steal your heart, especially if it is the spring break. The sandy beach is in the immediate south of the Gulf Beach Highway in Cameron Parish. Like other Cameron Parish beaches, this one is really good for swimming, fishing, birding, and shelling. Moreover, it is one of the cleanest beaches since this place is not known to many, and you can comfortably relax here, enjoying the serene quietude far from the madding crowd!

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8. Cypremort Point Beach, inside the Cypremort Point State Park

Cypremort Point Louisiana Beaches

Cypremort Point Beach Louisiana Beaches Cypremort Point Beaches Louisiana

Cypremort Point Beach is a part of the Cypremort Point State Park that overlooks the enigmatic Vermilion Bay. This picturesque beach is quite popular for fishing and windsurfing. The state park has a wonderful fishing dock where you would sit all day baiting fish, even if you are a novice. Also, there are six cabins on site, one of which you can check out if you want to stay at the beach overnight.

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Go through the maps, and visit these beaches, one by one, if you are a sea lover, and we are sure, you won’t regret. The names of a few beaches have been omitted in this list for public reasons. For instance, beaches like Constance, Martin, and Lake Charles South are contaminated by bacteria and are closed to the public, as also some lost beaches like the 1960s nostalgic Thunderbird Beach (or the Baton Rouge’s French Riviera).

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