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14 Best Amusement Parks in Ohio for Having Unlimited Fun

By | Last Updated: 17th August 2020

It’s not always easy to come by opportunities of uninterrupted and quality enjoyment. So, when the time is ripe, and you can no longer take in the aridness of mundane life, make a dash to the Midwestern state of U.S, Ohio that housing a multitude of exciting amusement parks is sure to erase all traces of weariness in no time at all.

Amusement Parks in Ohio

1. Cedar Point, Sandusky

Sandusky Ohio Amusement Park Cedar Point

Cedar Point Ohio Amusement Park Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio Cedar Point

With jaw-dropping roller coasters like Top Thrill Dragster and Millenium Force, this second oldest amusement park of the world in northern Ohio, covering 365 acres, has aptly earned the tag of being “The Roller Coaster Capital of the World”. Its water parks such as Castaway Bay Indoor Water Park Resort and Soak City are equally alluring.

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2. Kings Island, Mason

Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio

Amusement Park Ohio Kings Island Kings Island Amusement Park Ohio

The incredible line up of coasters of this 364-acre amusement park can very well meet the expectations of aspirants of all ages. Gear up for the classic, The Beast and Banshee ride or The Adventure Express to cherish some irreplaceable moments or summon your courage for witnessing its unique collection of 65 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. However, if you intend to get enticed by something sinister, visit its sprawling grounds after the darkness falls, for the site is supposed to be haunted by some spirits like the “tram girl” or the “racer boy”.

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3. Coney Island, Cincinnati

Amusement Park near Cincinnati Coney Island

Amusement Park in Ohio Cincinnati Coney Island Amusement Park in Cincinnati Ohio Coney Island

Embark upon the Python roller coaster or splash in the massive Sunlite Pool of this park that established way back in 1887, claims to be the biggest one in Ohio after the abandoned Geauga Lake Park in Bainbridge Township and Aurora.

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4. Jungle Jack’s Landing, Powell near Columbus

Amusement Park in Columbus Ohio Jungle Jack’s Landing

Amusement Park Columbus Ohio Jungle Jack’s Landing Amusement Parks Columbus Ohio Jungle Jack’s Landing

If you want to get high on thrilling rides as well as please your senses by pleasant sounds of a host of animals, this safari-themed park, a part of the Columbus Zoo ought to be your ideal destination. Come fast to give your kids an ideal outing.

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5. Memphis Kiddie Park, Cleveland

Cleveland Ohio Amusement Park Memphis Kiddie Park

Amusement Park in Cleveland Ohio Memphis Kiddie Park Ohio Amusement Park Memphis Kiddie Park

Families having kids from 2 to 5 years old may find this park in Brooklyn very convenient. Built in 1952, its main attraction is a kiddie roller coaster beside others.

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6. Troy Aquatic Park, Dayton

Dayton Ohio Amusement Park Troy

Ohio Amusement Park Troy Amusement Parks Ohio Troy

To get relief from the scorching rays of the sun, head off to this modern waterpark this summer. With 2 mammoth water slides, a heated baby pool, drop slide, etc., nothing can be better than surrendering yourself to its charm even if momentarily. There are colossal grassy areas too – perfect hangout zones for sunbathers.

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7. I-X Indoor Amusement Park, Cleveland

I-X Indoor Amusement Park, Cleveland, Ohio

Indoor Amusement Parks Ohio I-X I-X Indoor Amusement Park, Ohio

Strewn with impressive rides, ingenious games, and unraveled attractions, this one is sure to turn all your dreams of an ideal trip come true. Dig into some delicious delicacies at its notable food joints.

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8. Tuscora Park, Dover

Ohio Amusement Park Tuscora

Amusement Park in Ohio Tuscora Amusement Parks in Ohio Tuscora

There are 3 pools, a year-round picnic spot, vintage amusement rides, breathtaking lush hillsides and much more in this beautiful park around Zanesville in New Philadelphia. Engage your kids in swimming or a session of miniature golf, while taking copious delights of its wonders.

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9. Castaway Bay, Sandusky

Sandusky Ohio Amusement Park Castaway Bay

Amusement Park Sandusky Ohio Castaway Bay Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio Castaway Bay

If water sports form your coveted realm, look no further than this tropical-themed indoor water park resort that is owned by Cedar Fair.  Explore its 6,000-square-foot game room, retail shops, and tempting restaurants extensively for quenching your thirst of regalement.

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10. Adventure Zone, Geneva

Amusement Park in Ohio Adventure Zone

Ohio Amusement Park Adventure Zone Amusement Parks in Ohio Adventure Zone

This not too large park promises a lot of entertainment in the form of bumper boats, go-carts, climbing walls etc. One of the most appreciable factors is its clean ambiance and friendly staff. So, go for its charms without wasting much time.

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11. Stricker’s Grove, Hamilton

Ohio Amusement Park Stricker’s Grove

Amusement Park in Ohio Stricker’s Grove Amusement Parks in Ohio Stricker’s Grove

You may rent this park near Ross if you plan to hit it with a large group, as it is owned and operated by a family. The timing is from mid-May to early October, and the number of inmates must not exceed 500. Go for rides like Kiddie Whip Cars, Boats and Rockets for relishing some unforgettable moments.

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12. Kalahari Resorts, Sandusky

Amusement Park Sandusky Ohio Kalahari Resorts

Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio Kalahari Resorts Sandusky Ohio Amusement Park Kalahari Resorts

Featuring an array of rides and slides in its Indoor and Outdoor Water Parks as well as its Outdoor Adventure Park, Kalahari Resorts is ideal for all ages, right from toddlers to the aged. Further, ladies may rejuvenate themselves in its spa and salon if they do want to inculcate a bit of freshness in their trip.

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13. Jeepers Indoor Amusement Park, Cleveland

Indoor Amusement Park Ohio Jeepers

Indoor Amusement Park in Ohio Jeepers Ohio Indoor Amusement Park Jeepers

Extending over 20,000 sq ft, this park is a one-of-a-kind destination for families. Have fun either going on its rides or playing arcade games and if you are dog tired after a hectic day, gorge some goodies at its numerous food joints.

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14. Zoombezi Bay, Powell

Amusement Parks in Ohio Zoombezi Bay

Ohio Amusement Park Zoombezi Bay Amusement Park Ohio Zoombezi Bay

This one of 22.7 acres, near Newark, was built on the site of the former, Wyandot Lake Park by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. At present, with rides like Wild Tides, Roaring Rapids, and Baboon Lagoon, it is an enormous hit, fetching nearly 400,000 visitors annually.

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Besides these, there are a sizable number of other amusement parks in Ohio like Americana Amusement Park in Middletown, Euclid Beach Park, on the shore of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Chippewa Lake Park in Medina County, Aquarium Adventure Trail in Toledo those were immensely popular in their hay days, but stands closed and abandoned now due to diverse factors.

The amusement parks in Ohio no doubt bestow a chance of revisiting childhood. However, lost in a spree of having unlimited fun, many times we tend to overlook the danger lurking inside them. In 2017, a deadly accident occurred in Ohio’s State Fair. A ride named Fire Ball at Ohio’s State Fair malfunctioned, resulting in the death of one young man. The concerned authority solemnly pledged of having inspected each and every part with sincerity, but all his assurances could hardly give back the life that had been lost. Hence, before surrendering yourself to having unbridled merriment, see to it that you are safely secured so as not to invite such tragedies again.

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