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10 of the Tallest Roller Coasters in US

By | Last Updated: 17th August 2020

Imagine hurling down along rickety metal rails to enter deep into meandering tunnels at a mind-boggling speed and from vertigo-inducing heights. Sounds scary? Well, it ought to make even the lion-hearted ones let out guttural screams. The assembly of tallest roller coaster rides in the US promise even more than this. So, for luxuriating a spell of a maddening adrenaline rush, skim through this list of the 10 highest roller coasters that are surely going to transcend you to another world, up, up and away!

Tallest Roller Coasters in US

1. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey

Tallest Roller Coaster in the US Kingda Ka

Tallest Roller Coaster in US Kingda Ka Tallest Roller Coaster in the United States Kingda Ka

A top hat tower of 456 ft looms up menacingly as you board its trains, on the dual loading platform. And the first impulse experienced, being locked inside a loaded train, is undoubtedly one of anxious anticipation. Be on your guard, for the train takes off every few minutes as it plunges 418 ft to form a 270-degree spiral while going down a U-shaped track. If your adventurous heart craves for more, go for the 12 other coasters housed inside the park and finally to let off some steam, unwind at the wildlife park, “Safari Off Road Adventure”.

Height: 456 ft

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2. Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

Tallest Roller Coaster at Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster

Cedar Point Tallest Roller Coaster Top Thrill Dragster Tallest Vertical Drop Roller Coaster Top Thrill Dragster

Within just 3.8 seconds, this roller coaster, having steel accelerators reaches a speed of 120 mph before going up an unnerving 90-degree vertical slope. Soon, it would leave you gasping for air for dashing downward in a 270-degree twist. However, despite triumphing as the second loftiest roller coaster in the US, it is not counted among the best by reviewers. The other attractions of the park include 72 more rides with 16 roller coasters.

Height: 420 ft

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3. Superman: Escape from Krypton, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California

Six Flags Tallest Roller Coaster Superman Escape from Krypton

Tallest Roller Coaster in the US Six Flags Escape from Krypton Tallest Roller Coaster in US Six Flags Escape from Krypton

Clinging to seats facing backward, you are going to soar up in this coaster vertically at 90 degrees and then dive into a misty underground tunnel at a speed of 77 mph. Be prepared next for going round-and-round through a double helix, a second dive into a tube, and many other breathtaking elements. Moreover, there are 19 different roller coasters, games, as well as 100 more rides.

Height: 415 ft

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4. Fury 325, Carowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina and Fort Mill, South Carolina

US Tallest Roller Coaster Fury 325

Tallest Roller Coaster US Fury 325 Tallest Roller Coasters in the US Fury 325

Also called “Oscars of Roller Coasters” Fury 325, claims to be the longest one in America, going for more than 1.25 miles at a top speed of 95 mph. Climbing up a traditional lift hill, this steel roller coaster receives special recognition for crossing the state lines of both North and South Carolina as well as the communities of Fort Mill and Charlotte. The 398-acre Carowinds Park that houses it also features 64 rides with 12 other magnificent roller coasters.

Height: 325 ft

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5. Millennium Force, Cedar Points, Sandusky, Ohio

Tallest Roller Coaster US Millennium Force

US Tallest Roller Coaster Millennium Force Tallest US Roller Coaster Millennium Force

The alluring fascinations of this Giga coaster are many: it offers a thrilling ride, lasts for about 2 minutes and attains a speed of 93mph while going through a host of unnerving drops. Naturally, after its first unveiling in 2000, it has achieved either the 1st or 2nd rank at the Golden Ticket Awards. Another plus point is that it endows a ravishing view of Lake Erie.

Height: 310 ft

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6. Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion, Doswell, Virginia

Tallest Roller Coaster in US Intimidator 305

Tallest US Roller Coaster Intimidator 305 Tallest Roller Coaster in the US Intimidator 305

From its highest point at 305 ft, this roller coaster takes its first drop of 300 ft at an angle of 85 degrees. No doubt, riders rave about its exhilarating charm. Claiming to be the fastest roller coaster on the East Coast, it also bestows you ample opportunities for taking pictures atop the Eiffel Tower.

Height: 305 ft

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7. Titan Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, Texas

Tallest US Roller Coaster Titan Six Flags Over Texas

Tallest Roller Coasters in the US Titan Six Flags Over Texas Tallest Roller Coaster in US Six Flags Over Texas

Along with a stunning 255 ft drop, this hyper coaster subjects you to 2 incredible 540 degrees spirals and that too back to back at a speed of 85 miles per hour. Then, there’s a camel hump that may lift out straight out of the saddle.

Height: 245 ft

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8. Goliath, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California

Tallest Roller Coaster at Six Flags Goliath

Tallest US Roller Coaster Six Flags Tallest Roller Coaster in the US Six Flags

Driving headlong to a striking 255 ft drop at a fantastic pace of 85 mph crowns it as having the world’s fastest drop. However, it’s not all. There’s another quick descent, boasting to be of 185 ft. Freak out on moments of pure weightlessness as you surrender yourself to these drops and rises that are out there to test your sense of gravity.

Height: 235 ft

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9. Intimidator, Carowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina and Fort Mill, South Carolina

Tallest Steel Roller Coaster Intimidator

Tallest Roller Coasters in the US Intimidator Tallest Roller Coaster in US Intimidator

This hyper steel coaster takes you on a whirlwind ride of 7 extreme drops at a top speed of 75 mph. Lasting for over 3 minutes, it’s entirely mind-blowing and is cherished by thrill seekers everywhere. The entrance of the Intimidator showcases a wall of fame, dedicated to the man behind its inspiration, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt.

Height: 232 ft

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10. Diamondback, Kings Island, Mason, Ohio

Tallest US Roller Coaster Diamondback

Tallest Roller Coaster in US Diamondback Tallest Roller Coaster in the US Diamondback

Its terrain of 10 acres involves innumerable twists and turns, through 5,282 steep drops at a speed of 80mph. At the closure, there’s a cool splashdown or a spraying of water as the coaster proceeds through a lagoon.

Height: 230 ft

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Riding a roller coaster no doubt offers a one of a kind experience – there’s the thrill of soaring as well as plunging, the zeal of confronting your fears and ultimately overcoming them with gusto. Nonetheless, remember that dear life is too precious. So, get high, but remain cautious of your safety. Secure yourself well to your seats and never be absent-minded. After all, the ride would last only for a couple of minutes, but an unpleasant effect may last a lifetime.

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