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12 of the Best Albanian Foods that Would Leave You in Awe

By | Last Updated: 15th December 2022

Albanian cuisine bears a testimony to the hospitality of the inhabitants, who are renowned for their love they bestow upon guests by treating them to a sumptuous platter. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Albanians have always made a constant effort of blending nutrition with taste. Theirs is a perfect example of a wholesome Mediterranean diet since fruits and veggies hold great prominence in their platter. Read on to know the varieties of finger-licking foods Albania has to offer.

Albanian Food

1. Qofte – A Typical Albanian Food

Qofte Popular Albanian Food


What is it:One of Albania’s favorite dishes, prepared by making a dough of minced meat and several vegetables, further seasoning it with an array of spices and aromatic herbs. You can have it with salads, yogurt, or bread for lunch or dinner. Some shops in Albania known as Qofteri specialize in selling qofta as well as beer.

What does it taste like: Soft enough to melt in your mouth, with the addition of herbs making it aromatic. If you have it with a dip of yogurt, then it would be a perfect blend of salty and sour.

2. Tave Kosi – Albania’s National Dish

Tave Kosi Albania National Food


What is it: A unique dish prepared by baking lamb and rice, seasoned in a sauce made by whisking yogurt and eggs, with salads served as sides, giving it the appearance of a quiche. With the casserole technique used in cooking this platter, it is a typical dish of the Albanian city of Elbasan, served hot or even cold.

What does it taste like: Fluffy on top and soft within. The presence of yogurt would also give this mouthwatering dish a creamy texture.

3. Pita or Byrek- A Famous Savory Pie of Albania

Byrek or Pita Famous Albanian Foods


What is it: A salty, triangular-shaped pie, made from phyllo (thin, flaky, dough), and filled with a whole lot of ingredients, of which spinach is the most popular. Other stuffings include cheese, cabbage, tomato, onions, milk, and ground meat. In some places, byrek or borek is the same as pita. In contrast, some countries consider only those with meat stuffings as byrek and everything else as pita).

How does it taste like: Crispy and flaky at the exterior, soft and creamy within.

4. Kabuni – Albania’s Traditional dessert

Kabuni or Pite Albanian Dessert


What is it: A traditional sweet dish prepared by frying rice in butter, caramelized sugar, and mutton broth. Ground cloves, sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and almond serve as seasonings. The end product is a baked rice pudding, mostly served cold.

What does it taste like: Grainy and crispy, while the addition of garnishes intensifies its sweet taste.

5. Tarator – A Tasty Soup

Tarator Albanian Soup Appetizer


What is it: A cold soup, popularly eaten during summer, tarator has yogurt, cucumber, parsley, garlic, and olive oil as its main ingredients. Side dishes like squids and grilled veggies go well with this platter.

What does it taste like: The addition of cucumber, and several herbs, give the soup a cooling effect.

6. Fergese – Traditional Vegetarian Dish

Traditional Vegetarian Food of Albania


What is it: Also called Fërgese Tiranë, it has ingredients like green and red bell pepper, skinned tomato, cottage cheese, and onions. Though the traditional version is purely vegetarian, lamb or beef goes in the making of the non-veg variation.

What does it taste like: Eaten with bread or as a side dish, it is indeed a smooth, cheesy, and creamy fusion.

7. Qifqi – Popular Albanian Finger Foods

Qifqi Albanian Finger Food


What is it: A savory snack, considered to be Gjirokaster’s (Albanian town) national dish, prepared by kneading a mixture of rice, eggs, mint powder, black pepper, and salt, shaping them into small balls and frying in a special pan having a hollow at the bottom.

What does it taste like: The rice and eggs give it a chewy and smooth taste, while the mint powder leaves a soothing aftertaste. Teaming it with a spicy dip or even a  beverage would give you utter delight.

8. Qebapa – A Popular Albanian Sausage Dish

Qebapa Popular Albanian Food


What is it: A skinless sausage, made by grilling mincemeat. Qebapa is often served in pieces (5 or 10 per plate) along with cream, onions, and cheese or even on a flatbread as a stuffing.

What does it taste like: Rich and delicious with every bite of it compelling you to crave for more.

9. Baklava – A Famous Christmas Dessert of Albania

Baklava Christmas Sweet of Albania


What is it: A sweet pastry, made by arranging layers of phyllo dough separated from each other with butter, held together by a sugary syrup or honey and filled with pistachios, hazelnut, and walnut.

What does it taste like: Sugary and crispy along with a nutty and creamy taste. It is mostly eaten on Christmas and New Year as well as during religious festivals of other communities too.

10. Flia – A Traditional Wedding Food of Albania

Flija Traditional Wedding Food of Albania


What is it: Also called flija, it is a layered pancake having flour, butter, water, yogurt, and oil as its main ingredients. People eat Flia with honey and yogurt or even pickled vegetables, jam, and cheese. The specialty of this dish lies in the method of its preparation since it is made using a sac (spherical metal lid). This dish is eaten to celebrate births, weddings, or other auspicious ceremonies, Flia day falls on the 18th of March. On this occasion, the nearest kith and kin are called upon to prepare and eat Flia together.

What does it taste like: It has a rich taste, which could be extremely sweet or moderately salty, depending upon the accompaniments.

11. Dhalle – A Healthy Drink of Albania

Dhalle Albania Drink


What is it: A healthy drink, made by mixing yogurt with milk or water alongside other spices, mostly had in summer. Besides drinking it just like that, you can team it with a spicy fry or snack.

What does it taste like: Sour, salty, and spicy, a refreshing beverage indeed to beat the heat.

12. Gjelle – Non-Veg Albanian Cuisine for Lunch

Gjelle Albanian Cuisine


What is it: A nutritious food mostly eaten for lunch is a dish of slowly cooked meat along with a variety of vegetables. Salad made from tomato, green pepper, cucumber, onion, and olives or even a platter of fried potatoes come as a side dish.

What does it taste like: Assortment of meat and a whole lot of veggies would indeed make it utterly delicious.

Inspired by foods of Greek, Turkey, and other neighboring countries, the dishes found here are a clear reflection of the rich taste of the inhabitants. Apart from the list of just a few of the foods mentioned above, the country has a lot more to offer like gullash (meat stew), harapash (cornmeal and lamb dish), japrak (stuffed vegetable dish) and the list continue.

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