7 Brazilian Foods To Leave A Tasty Trail On Your Tongue

The cuisine of a famous destination like Brasilia needs no further introduction. In fact, the history of Brazilian food is already famous around the world. These Latino dishes from the country are sure to mesmerize you, especially if you are one genuine foodie – here is a snapshot of what not to miss.

Brazilian Foods

1. Feijoada – The National Dish of Brazil

Feijoada – The National Dish of Brazil


What is it: Practically a stew of both pork and beef, with another typical ingredient being black beans. Needless to mention that, this dish is one of the most common foods from Brasilia, and being a part of the cuisine’s tradition, such soup dishes are a favorite choice in many holidays and gatherings like Christmas.

What does it taste like: With assorted spices, meats, and beans, the dish gets a unique flavor. You can try it both as a starter, as also, with the main courses.

2. Farofa – Popular Brazilian Culture Food

Farofa – Popular Brazilian Culture Food


What is it: This comfort food dish is a mixture of toasted cassava flour and can be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Farofa is often sold commercially in packages, however, it is also cooked in family kitchens, depending upon the recipes of each family. Since this food can be prepared very fast, it is also known to be a popular street food.

What does it taste like: The flour has its own aroma, and then the taste varies depending upon whether it has been cooked with meat or in a veggie style.

3. Coxinha – Famous Street Food

Coxinha – Famous Street Food


What is it: A popular street food from Brazil, coxinha is also cooked at home, and is made of shredded or chopped chicken (raw, stirred or bbq), and then deep fried after being molded into a teardrop shape, and coated with dough.

What does it taste like: The texture is crispy and the Mexican spices go well with the shredded chicken meat.

4. Kibbeh – Meat Dish for Home & Parties

Kibbeh – Meat Dish for Home & Parties


What is it: This is primarily influenced by mid-Eastern cuisine, consisting of bulgur, minced onions, and ground lean lamb, goat, camel or beef, and spices from the Mideast. Kibbehs can be of various types and shapes and can be prepared by different means like baking, cooking in a broth, or even served raw.

What does it taste like: The exotic aroma of spices from the Mideast adds that special flavor to the dish. Also, the taste varies with which meat has been used, or what procedure is followed to get it done.

5. Pão de Queijo – Common Bread Dish for Everyone

Pão de Queijo – Common Bread Dish for Everyone


What is it: Pão de Queijo is nothing but a popular cheese bread from the country. The small round bread, with a stuffing of baked cheese roll, is a common everyday snack, and is often consumed as breakfast, but also tastes good with the other dishes in any meal. The traditional recipe originated in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

What does it taste like: The freshly-baked aroma of cheese mixed with the outer crust leaves a special trail on your taste buds, adding an extra taste to your side dishes.

6. Cuscuz Branco – Savory Christmas Dessert Dish

Cuscuz Branco – Savory Christmas Dessert Dish


What is it: Another traditional food that originated in the Northeastern parts of Brazil. This is actually a white pudding dessert prepared from coconut and tapioca. It is often prepared during Brazilian holiday get-togethers, especially during winter holidays like Christmas or New Year.

What does it taste like: The right amount of sweetness and the perfect texture is the secret to this dish’s taste. However, the typical taste of tapioca mixed with the creamy flavors of coconut does the rest of the job.

7. Brigadeiro – Chocolate Fudge Balls from Modern Cuisine

Brigadeiro – Chocolate Fudge Balls from Modern Cuisine


What is it: Though this is a relatively new sweet dish, it has been highly popular everywhere in the country since the 1940s. However, the exact time and place of its invention are not yet known. The sweet primarily consists of cocoa powder, butter and condensed milk.

What does it taste like: The simple combination of milk cream, cocoa, and butter has done perfect justice to this dish. The sprinkled extra chocolates will make you say yum, for sure!

Though most countries and almost all cities of the world have their own local Brazilian restaurants, the fact remains that you won’t really get the authentic taste of the best and real flavors from Brazil, the amazing aromas of their spices, and the procedures they follow to make these exquisite dishes unless you actually visit the country.

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