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13 Popular British Foods You Can Never Afford to Miss

By | Last Updated: 15th December 2022

British cuisine is all about variety, versatility and diversity, and the list of dishes they have to offer bears testimony to this fact. Be it for weddings, Christmas parties, luncheons or dinner, Britain indeed presents a unique platter for every occasion. Let us read on to take a look at some of the finger-licking dishes of Great Britain.

British Food

1. Fish and Chips – A Traditional British Food

Fish and Chips Traditional British Food


What is it: One of the most staple foods of Britain, it originated as early as the 19th century. By the middle of the 20th century, more than 35,000 outlets evolved in the country. Deep-fried battered fish (mostly plaice, cod, or haddock), served along with crispy potato chips, is all that this platter is about. This lip-smacking savory has become a significant takeaway snack not only in Britain but also in New Zealand and Australia.

What does it taste like: Light, crispy and fluffy, every bite of it would melt in your mouth. Accompaniments like pickled cucumber or egg, or even a curry sauce would intensify its taste.

2. Bubble and Squeak – Popular British Breakfast Food

Bubble and Squeak Popular British Breakfast Food


What is it: It earns its name because of the squeaking and bubbling sound made by the cabbage (its primary ingredient) when cooked. Potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and peas are also a part of this dish, mostly prepared from leftover veggies of a previous day’s meal. It is served with cold meat or eaten as a side dish in an English breakfast platter.

What does it taste like:  Cabbage could give it a sweet taste, while peas and Brussels sprouts add to its soft, crunchy flavor. The addition of brown sauce or pickles enhances its tanginess.

3. Bangers and Mash – A Traditional English Sausage Dish for Lunch

Banger and Mash Traditional English Food


What is it: Sausage made from lamb, beef, or pork, combined with mashed potatoes, makes this delicious dish of bangers and mash. The term banger is said to date back to the time of the First World War when sausages needed so much water that they would pop when cooked at an increased temperature.

What does it taste like:  The juicy sausage and crispy potatoes coupled with the sweet, tangy onion sauce would compel you to ask for more.

4. Roast – Britain’s Typical Sunday Food

Sunday Roast Typical Britain Food


What is it: This dish is alternately called Sunday roast, Sunday joint lunch or Sunday dinner since most people eat it on a Sunday after a church service. This platter comprises roasted meat (lamb, pork, chicken, or beef) and potato. The leftovers from this Sunday roast serve as a prime ingredient for preparing other dishes during the week.

What does it taste like: The array of vegetables and meat put into this dish gives it a unique flavor of its own.

5. Yorkshire Pudding – Britain’s National Dish

Yorkshire Pudding National English Food


What is it: Yorkshire pudding derives its name from its place of origination, also regarded as England’s national dish for a long time. Its preparation comprises of a batter of flour and eggs alongside milk or water. It can be eaten as a side dish or served in the main course with beef and other delicacies. The pudding can be eaten without any fillings or stuffed with bangers and mash, jam, or spring onions. It was initially called dripping pudding because of its cooking process as the batter contained in a large pan where the fats and juices of the roasted meat had dripped.

What does it taste like:  Greasy in texture and a little less sweet, it would be a perfect choice if you are on a diet.

6. Pork Pies – A Classic British Food in Buffets

Pork Pie Classic British Food


What is it: A lip-smacking cold meat pie made from pork and its jelly. This dish also has carrots, celery, peppercorn, onion, and even the pig’s trotter as its main ingredients.  Though mostly eaten cold, some parts of Britain serve it warm along with peas and mint dip.

What does it taste like: Soft and salty, with the varied contents in the jelly creating fusion in your mouth. A spicy sauce would intensify the flavor even more.

7. Chicken Tikka Masala – A Famous British Indian Cuisine

Chicken Tikka Masala Best British Dish


What is it: A spicy, baked dish prepared from chunks of chicken marinated with an array of spices, yogurt, and tomato or coriander sauce. Though this dish is known to have its roots in the Indian state, Punjab, there are claims of its origination to be in Scotland’s Glasgow, at a restaurant managed by Indians. Robin Cook, a member of the parliament, termed it as Britain’s national dish in 2001, with a 2012 survey, ranking it as the second most famous foreign dish served in Britain.

What does it taste like: Sweet, sour, and tangy, all because of the addition of tomato, yogurt, coriander, and several sauces.

8. Full English Breakfast – A Famous and Typical British Platter

Full English Breakfast Famous British Food


What is it: The full English breakfast attained popularity in Ireland and Britain since the Victorian period. It comprises not just a particular food but a complete platter of bacon, eggs, sausage, mushroom, baked beans, tomatoes, and bread alongside tea and coffee.

What does it taste like: With so many edibles on your plate, the taste would be sweet, salty, and sour…. a combination of everything.

9. Toad in the Hole – Britain’s Staple Dinner Food

Toad in the Hole English Staple Food


What is it: Sausages, made in a batter of the Yorkshire pudding, served with vegetables and gravy. The story behind this unusual name remains ambiguous; it might be called so because of its presentation, which seems as if the sausages are making their way through the gaps present in the batter.

What does it taste like: Subtle to eat, the flavor varies with the veggies and gravy that complements the dish.

10. Parmo – A Traditional English Starter Dish

Parmo Traditional English Starter Food


What is it: A popular dish, often served as starters, parmo is a breaded cutlet comprising of pork dipped in a batter of breadcrumbs, seasoned with parmesan sauce and cheese. Parmo has several variants depending on the toppings and preparation processes. Some of them include parmo hotshot (pepperoni, cheese, pepper), and parmo Zeno (cheese and onion). A favorite takeaway food too, it often comes in a big pizza box owing to its large size, with chips, and a creamy sauce as its accompaniments.

What does it taste like: Every bite of it would transcend you to a different world altogether, with the taste varying according to its toppings. The addition of parmesan could give it a fruity, nutty flavor, while pepperoni could add spice to it.

11. Princess of Wales Chicken – Popular English Food for Royal Wedding

Princess of Wales Chicken English Food for Royal Wedding


What is it: A dish of chicken breast with a lamb mousse filling. Garnishes like asparagus, and Madeira sauce go in its making, It derives its name since it was a part of the royal wedding of Princes Charles and Lady Diana in 1981. It was made keeping in mind the princesses’ love for poultry and also named in her honor.

What does it taste like:  Grand, and royal with the several accompaniments giving it a distinct flavor.

12.Cauliflower Cheese – A Traditional Vegetarian Cuisine of Britain

Cauliflower Cheese Vegetarian British Cuisine


What is it: A traditional lunch or dinner cuisine of the Brits, comprising of boiled cauliflower topped with cheese sauce, flavored with nutmeg or mustard, and finally baked. During the 19th and 20th century it was a typical Sunday lunch recipe in most households, teamed with potatoes and roasted meat, particularly in the colder months.

What does it taste like: Soft, juicy, nutty, and smooth, with every bite giving you a heavenly feel. Because of its high nutritional value, it has gained popularity as baby food in the United Kingdom.

13.Battenberg Cake – A Famous English Dessert

Batternberg Cake Famous English Dessert


What is it: A sponge cake with pink and yellow checks, held together by an apricot jam, coated with marzipan (honey/sugar and almond meal). It derives its name from Germany’s Battenberg town, where Princess Victoria was married off. When cut into slices, the patterns of pink and yellow appear alternately. The emergency vehicles in the United Kingdom are officially called Battenberg markings because of their resemblance to the cake’s design.

What does it taste like: Smooth and sweet to eat, while its bright color combination is a treat to the eyes too.

The names mentioned above complete only a small portion of the famous English food as Britain has a lot more to offer. Some of them are black peas, black pudding (a dish made of pork and beef), cobbler ( a baked dish of fruits or savories), faggots, suet pudding, apple pie, and the list never ends.

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