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7 Moroccan Foods That Will Tickle Your Taste Buds

By | Last Updated : 27th June 2018

Moroccan food boasts of major influences from several other cuisines of the world, including Arabic, Andalusian, Mediterranean, and Berber. While speaking about Moroccan cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is the seven spice blend of Morocco, which includes turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, and ginger. The ingredients of this interesting combination are a direct evidence of this influence.

Here is a list of a few of the best Moroccan foods that we would suggest you to try at least once in your lifetime.

Foods from the Moroccan Cuisine

1. Kalia – Preserved Meat Dish from Traditional Moroccan Cuisine

Kalia – Preserved Meat in Traditional Style


What is it: Also called ‘Khlea’ or ‘Khlii’, this famous dish is basically preserved meat, usually lamb, mutton or beef. This is also a common menu often served to the crowds gathered for annual meals like in Passover, Ramadan, or even at wedding parties.

What does it taste like: The marinated meat cooked in assorted Moroccan spices has a rich and unique taste.

2. Morrocan Tagine – A Staple Stew Cooked in Earthenware

Morrocan Tagine – Staple Stew Cooked in Earthenware


What is it: The Moroccan Tajine is a savory stew that is typically gluten-free and can be either vegan or non-veg. The dishes are cooked by the simmer boil process, typically in earthen pots made for the purpose.

What does it taste like: The long, slow cooking process releases the aroma of all the combined ingredients – sliced meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or fruits, along with various spices.

3. Pastilla – The Popular Meat Pie Fast Food with a Crust

Pastilla – Meat Pie Fast Food with a Crust


What is it: This finger food is a kind of meat pie that typically has a filling of spicy pigeon meat. Pastillas are often consumed as a starter and are also popular as street food.

What does it taste like: When you take a bite of the spiced meat and apricots, along with the sugared crust, you will perceive how a meat snack can taste so exquisitely unique.

4. Moroccan Couscous – The Typical 7-Vegetable Dish

Moroccan Couscous – The Typical 7-Vegetable Dish


What is it: Interestingly, this dish is traditionally cooked with seven vegetables and many other spices and condiments. It can be both vegetarian and non-veg.

What does it taste like: The taste depends on whether you have opted for the vegetarian or the non-vegetarian version. Either way, the mixed flavors of all the vegetables are bound to give you the classic experience of Moroccan cuisine.

5. Kaab el Ghzal – The Famous Horn-shaped Dessert

Kaab el Ghzal – Famous Horn-shaped Dessert


What is it: Basically a fried or baked dessert, this dish is stuffed with almond paste and other spices and is molded into a crescent shape. Kaab el Ghzal literally translates to ‘gazelle horns’.

What does it taste like: The wrap is somewhat crispy and goes well with the almond filling. The sweetness comes from both honey and sugar.

6. Baghrir – Authentic Honeycomb Pancakes for Breakfast

Baghrir – Breakfast Honeycomb Pancakes


What is it: Also called ‘beghrir’, this is a small pancake with a spongy texture, and is made with flour or semolina. It gets its characteristic look, having tiny holes all over when cooked following the correct procedure, temperature, and timing.

What does it taste like: Usually served with hot syrup, this healthy pan-fried cake tastes best when served immediately after frying.

7. Moroccan Yogurt Sauce – A Spicy Dip for Fries & Snacks

Moroccan Yogurt Sauce – A Traditional Dip for Fries & Snacks


What is it: This dip is a common accompaniment for fries, kebobs, barbeques, and many other snacks.

What does it taste like: The tastes of yogurt, cucumber, lemon, and spices make it the perfect accompaniment for different main course items.

Moroccan food is neither too spicy nor too light. This is probably the primary reason for the immense popularity of these dishes all over the world, like in the United Kingdom, where the cuisine has made its place in their top-10 favorites.

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