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14 Nicaraguan Foods That Will Make You Crazy!

By | Last Updated: 2nd January 2023

The Nicaraguan cuisine is a unique blend of the native Miskito culture with Spanish and Creole cuisine. On the Pacific and Carribean coast, the cuisine differs a little. Corn has been the staple food for centuries in Nicaraguan culture, along with different types of meat like beef, pork, chicken or seafood.


1. Quesillo – A typical Nicaraguan food

Nicaraguan Foods Pictures


What is it: Thick corn tortilla is filled with quesillo cheese and pickled onions. It is served with a tangy sour sauce.

What does it taste like: The delicate cheese melts in your mouth which is complemented by its equally powerful sour taste. A delightful snack!

2. Macua – The national drink

Images of The National Drink of Nicaragua


What is it: A lavish beverage made with rum, guava juice, lemon juice and sugar.

What does it taste like: The acidity of rum hits you first, followed by the quintessential aroma of guava and zest of lemon juice. Superb!

3. Nactamal – A popular breakfast

Traditional Nicaraguan Foods Photos


What is it: Corn and butter dough is stuffed with meat (pork, chicken or beef), potatoes, onions and rice. It is then packed in plantain leaves and boiled for a long time.

What does it taste like: Widely available as a street food in Nicaragua, this savory dish gets a thumbs-up on the healthy side! If that makes you wonder about it’s taste, take a bite as the aroma of butter and corn along with the flavorful spices mesmerizes you!

4. Gallo Pinto – The national dish

Photo of The Nicaraguan National Dish


What is it: White rice and beans cooked together with onions and cilantro. It is served with tortillas and eggs.

What does it taste like: The staple lunch or dinner in Nicaragua and undoubtedly so! Full of nutrients and it tastes so good that you won’t believe that there are just beans within.

5. Indio Viejo – A special stew

A Nicaraguan Special Images


What is it: A thick meat broth, usually prepared with chicken, pork or beef; cooked with corn flour, tomatoes, onions, garlic, sweet peppers and sour orange marinade.

What does it taste like: A staple meal, this dish is both fulfilling and flavourful. It is a burst of different flavors like the tang of tomatoes and the orange marinade and the spicy texture of pepper.

6. Sopa de Mondongo – A tripe soup

Photos of The Nicaraguan Tripe Soup


What is it: Hugely popular in the Masaya region of the country, this soup has cow tripe as the main ingredient. It is cooked with onions, achiote, sour oranges, ayote, garlic, and yucca.

What does it taste like: You either like mondongo (cow tripe) or you hate it. But, it is said to have healing powers, so try once!

7. Vigoron – A favorite finger food

A Nicaraguan Finger Food Images


What is it: This is as good as it looks! On a plantain leaf, chicharron, yucca, and a tomato-cabbage salad are placed.

What does it taste like: Every layer has a different taste, from the salad on top to the chicharron, with the fresh smell of plantain leaf acting as an appetizer.

8. Sopa Boraccha – A Christmas pick

Images of Nicaraguas Christmas Pick


What is it: A spongy cake made with cinnamon, sugar, water and liquor and topped with powdered coffee.

What does it taste like: Imagine a porous cake that has the sweetness of honey, the aroma of cinnamon and the light flavor of alcohol. Now you will come home for Christmas!

9. Pinolillo – A common beverage

A Common Nicaraguan Beverage Pictures


What is it: This traditional drink, which is usually served in gourd shells, contains cornmeal and cocoa mixed with milk and there’s also a hint of cinnamon.

What does it taste like: The ultimate evolution of chocolate shake! It can be made as a thick liquid or a light drink, but one sip of it and you’re flying in heaven!

10. Chicha de Maiz – A fermented beverage

A Traditional Nicaraguan Beverage Pictures


What is it: A red-colored drink, made with ground corn, sugar cane juice, water and vanilla. It is prepared over two to three days which allows ample time for fermentation.

What does it taste like: If you are a lover of fine, delicate beverages, this is for you! The husks of corn are removed which ensures a smooth texture, added to this is its penchant sweetness!

11. Arroz-con-Pina – A bizarre drink

Pictures of An Authentic Nicaraguan Drink


What is it: Milk, rice, pineapple, and sugar are boiled and then blended to get a creamy, grainy beverage.

What does it taste like: This is just awesome because pineapple and rice form an unforgettable combination. Alcohol can be added if it suits the mood!

12. Tres Leches – The popular dessert

Picture of The Popular Nicaraguan Dessert


What is it: Cake made with three kinds of milk- condensed milk, evaporated milk and normal milk. This delight is then topped with cream or meringue and fruits.

What does it taste like: Nicaraguan cream is a little sour than what you generally get, so this one’s different! The layers of the cake will let you know how the three types of milk tag each other to take you to heaven!

13. Rosquillas – An authentic Nicaraguan cookie

An Authentic Nicaraguan Cookie Photo


What is it: Crusty cookies made with cheese, butter, lard from pork and beef, and masa flour.

What does it taste like: The masa flour is the Hispanic trick behind its amazing crunchy texture. The cheese melts in your mouth, while butter teases your taste buds. Slurp!

14. Gaubul – A typical drink

A Typical Nicaraguan Drink Images


What is it: Cooked plantains are mashed and added to a mixture of coconut water and milk. These are all blended with a bit of sugar!

What does it taste like: A walk on the beach is incomplete without this cooling drink. Not only is it refreshing, but it’s useful in keeping one’s body temperature down in a tropical climate!

Nicaraguan cuisine is exquisite and varied, much like its terrain. In this list, we have picked what we loved but yours can be a bit different. In any case, continue exploring these vibrant dishes.

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