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8 Puerto Rican Desserts that will Make You Finish Your Meals with Big Burps

By | Last Updated : 10th November 2017

The small island of Puerto Rico has been famous for its rich culture and cross cuisine that evolved through decades with many influences including European (mostly Spanish), African, and those of the indigenous Taíno people. However, the Puerto Rican desserts have become relatively more famous than the starters or the main course items. With their bizarre ingredients and subtle taste, these sweet dishes will surely make you keep your fingers licking for a little more… and a little more!

Puerto Rican Desserts

1. Limber – Iced Puerto Rican Dessert

Limber Fruity Iced Puerto Rican Dessert


What is it: Similar to the ‘Italian Ice’ dessert dish, this fruity dessert recipe was named in honor of Charles A. Lindbergh, the first pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean and first tasted the dish in Puerto Rico. This is basically a frozen fruit juice that can be made from different fruits including pineapple, raspberry, mango, etc., combined with other ingredients like honey, chocolate, coconut milk, maple, sugar, and also some assorted flavors.

What does it taste like: Tastes fantastic, especially when you just put it in your mouth and the aroma first hits. As it begins to melt with the warmth, you get the wonderful taste of limber, depending upon the combination of the fruits and the flavors used.

2. Arroz con Dulce – Traditional Puerto Rican Rice Dessert for Holidays

Arroz con Dulce Traditional Dessert for Easter Holidays


What is it: [Not to be confused with the main course fried rice dishes Arroz con Gandules (rice and pigeon peas) and Arroz con Pollo (rice and chicken), or the savory soup dish Arroz con Leche], the Arroz con Dulce is a very tasty sweet rice dessert cooked with milk and different other spices.

What does it taste like: The scented rice releases a very pleasant aroma along with the combined flavors of sweetened condensed milk, different spices, and nuts.

3. Tembleque – Puerto Rican Dessert Pudding with Coconut Milk

Easy Puerto Rican Dessert Tembleque with Coconut Milk


What is it: This is a very simple dessert with a jelly-like texture. The ingredients are few and the procedure for making too is not complicated.

What does it taste like: It is creamy and rich in taste, and is both sweet and mildly salty (for the presence of kosher salt). The dish has a typical flavor of fresh coconut milk.

4. Flan de Queso – Famous ‘Cake-Custard’ for Thanksgiving Dinner

Flan de Queso Cake & Custard Combination for Thanksgiving Dinner


What is it: This strange dessert menu is oven-baked, and is something between cheesecake and custard.

What does it taste like: The dish is not too sweet, while the aroma of cheese mixed with eggs, evaporated as well as sweetened condensed milk, and the essence of vanilla will leave you stunned.

5. Dulce de Coco – Authentic Milk and Coconut Fudge

Dulce de Coco Authentic Milk and Coconut Fudge


What is it: Simple in taste, this easy recipe will not only save your time but can also be the first step to try your hands in Puerto Rican desserts.

What does it taste like: Fudge made with crushed coconut simmered in milk, having the fantastic aromas of milk, coconut, and flavorings.

6. Budin de Pan – Typical Puerto Rican Bread Pudding

Budin Typical Bread Pudding from Puerto Rico


What is it: Cooked with lots of spices and flavorings, the base of this pudding is bread, and is easy to make.

What does it taste like: It tastes both sweet and salty and the essence of caramelized sugar along with other spices has contributed to its exquisite flavor.

7. Coquito – Popular Coconut-Eggnog Christmas Dessert Drink

Coquito Coconut Eggnog from Puerto Rico


What is it: This is typically a frothy appetizer dessert drink and suits with what you need on a winter day or just a Christmas holiday with friends.

What does it taste like: We all know what eggnog is, however, the addition of a few specific Puerto Rican spices and flavors has elevated it to a different level of taste.

8. Platanos Maduros – Easy 2-ingredient Fried Sweet Plantains

Platanos Maduros Easy 2-ingredient Fried Sweet Plantains


What is it: This is a dessert snack dish probably very new to the rest of the world with only 2 ingredients needed – vegetable oil and ripe bananas.

What does it taste like: Tastes very light with the aroma of the tender plantain pulp with a mildly hard outside.

If you are a genuine food lover, and especially have a sweet tooth, you won’t even need to find out an excuse for flying to Puerto Rico for a sweet-y, savory weekend with friends!

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