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9 Delicious Swedish Food That You Would Be Bound to Taste

By | Last Updated: 30th May 2023

Swedish cuisine is famed for its variety and versatility with the northern and southern parts differing from one another regarding their food habits. North Sweden traditionally thrived on meat dishes while the southern part included a lot of vegetables to their platter. Bread, berries, meat, potatoes, and jams (particularly raspberry) are some of the primary ingredients dominating in most of their dishes, giving them a special flavor and aroma.

Swedish Food

1. Raggmunk– A Popular Swedish Food

Raggmunk Popular Swedish Food


What is it: A delicious potato pancake, prepared from grated or ground potato, alongside flour, applesauce, or eggs. Primarily fried in butter, seasonings of spices or herbs, onion, or garlic serve as flavorings. The toppings used for this dish might either be sweet like sugar or apple sauce or savories such as cottage c cheese or sour cream.  Sides like lingonberries jam and fried pork go with this dish.

What does it taste like: Smooth, crispy, and buttery, altering according to the dips and sides teamed along with it.

2. Jansson’s Temptation – A Traditional Swedish Christmas Table Food

Jannson’s Temptation Swedish Christmas Food


What is it: A Swedish casserole having potatoes, pickled sprats, onions, cream, and bread crumbs as its primary ingredients. Prominently seen as a part of the Christmas platter, this dish is also served on other special occasions like Easter. There have been specific claims regarding the origination of its name. According to some, it attained its name after famous opera singer Per Adolf Janzon, who was famed as a gourmand. Gunnar Stigmark, on the other hand, mentions that his mother had given the dish its name on deriving inspiration from the famous film Janssons frestelse.

What does it taste like : A smooth, creamy, savory delight, melting in your mouth the moment you have it.

3. Smörgåstårta – An Authentic Swedish Dish

Smörgåstårta Authentic Swedish Food


What is it: A layered sandwich cake made from white or rye bread, with fillings of mayonnaise and cream. One can add stuff like ham, olive, shrimp, cucumber, tomato, lemon slices, and grapes. It is mostly served cold, similar to a dessert cake, with the types ranging from fish, meat, vegan, or even a combination of meat and cheese, or veggies, and cheese.

What does it taste like: Creamy, and cheesy, with the flavor varying in accordance to the fillings and toppings used in its preparation.

4. Filmjölk – A Healthy Breakfast Food of Sweden

Filmjolk Swedish Breakfast Food


What is it: A traditional dairy product of Sweden mostly made by fermenting cow’s milk, primarily served for breakfast with muesli and cereal. Ginger, cinnamon, fruits, berries, jam, apple sauce, and sugar often serve as additional flavoring.

What does it taste like: Mild, and a little acidic, the taste would improve upon the addition of suitable flavorings.

5. Kottbullar – Typical Meatball Dish of Sweden

Kottbullar Typical Swedish Food


What is it: A tasty meatball platter having meat and herbs as its primary ingredients, with pickles as well as mashed potatoes often serving as sides.

What does it taste like: Crispy on the outer side and soft inside, with the herbs enhancing its aroma to the fullest.

6. Artsoppa – A Nutritious Vegan Dish of Sweden

Artsoppa Vegan Swedish Food

The spruceeats.com

What is it: A nutritious soup prepared from dried peas, popular worldwide. In Sweden and Finland, toppings of mustard and aromatic herbs go along with this soup. In both the countries, it is traditionally served on Thursdays and this norm is followed even at present ion most homes as well as restaurants, military messes, and schools. Punsch, a traditional liqueur, and crispy bread are mostly served as accompaniments. You can add pork to the broth if not making it as a vegan platter.

What does it taste like: Thick and grainy, this flavorful soup seems to be immensely filling.

7. Pyttipanna – A Tasty Swedish Comfort Food

Pyttipanna Swedish Comfort Food


What is it: A mouthwatering dish comprising of chopped meat, fried onions,  eggs, veggies, and potatoes. Pyttipanna in Swedish translates to small pieces in a pan, perhaps because of its process of preparation. Pickled beetroot slices capers, as well as brown sauce, is mostly served along with this dish. Previously Pyttipanna was prepared using leftover meals though the trend has changed in the present times. One can also make a vegan and vegetarian version of the dish.

What does it taste like: A whole lot of ingredients that go in its making gives it a rich, elegant taste.

8. Polsa – One of the Popular Foods in Sweden

Polsa Popular Food in Sweden


What is it: A northern Swedish cuisine similar to hash (chopped meat, potato, and fried onion dish). The main ingredients include pork or ground beef, combined with heart and liver, as well as chopped onions, beef stock, white pepper, black pepper, barley grains, and marjoram.

What does it taste like: Rich, delicious and spicy, one could team the dish with pickled beetroot, fried egg, or potato curry to get the feel of a wholesome meal.

9. Falukorv – A Tasty Swedish Cuisine

Falukorv Swedish Cuisine


What is it: A sausage platter, prepared by grating beef and smoked pork together, alongside potato starch flour, mild spices, onion, and salt. Though one can eat it without any sides, to enjoy a full course meal, you can team it with mashed potato, fried eggs, and brown beans.

What does it taste like: Smoky and salty, with every transcending you to a different level altogether.

On your next trip to Sweden, do make it a mandate to gorge on a few of the above-mentioned cuisines and even a much more than the list you find here. Kaldolmar (cabbage roll), platter (pancake), raggmunk (potato pancakes), and kalops (meat stew) are some other options at your disposal.

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