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14 of the Best Waterfalls in Alabama to Unleash the Wanderlust in You

By | Last Updated: 17th August 2020

Alabama is aptly named “land of a thousand waterfalls” ‑  in its wilderness, as well as its state parks, you would be greeted with baffling underground behemoths, or have your tangled senses numbed by the spectacular scenic beauty of waterfalls falling hundreds of feet. So, if your heart yearns to lose itself amidst the thunderous choir of these natural delights, skim through this article to be best aquatinted with them.

Waterfalls in Alabama

1. DeSoto Falls, DeKalb County

Alabama Waterfalls DeSoto Falls

Waterfall in Alabama DeSoto Falls Alabama Waterfall DeSoto Falls

One of the highest falls in Alabama, DeSoto Falls is a hundred foot spout that lies within DeSoto State Park in the town of Mentone. The attractions provided are numerous – you may meander along its 25 miles of hiking trails, relax in any of its varying campsites or relish views of the other falls like Lodge Falls and Lost Falls.

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2. Noccalula Falls, Etowah County

Waterfalls in North Alabama Noccalula Falls

Waterfalls Alabama Noccalula Falls Waterfall Alabama Noccalula Falla

This 90-foot waterfall is the chief attraction of Noccalula Falls Park, located near Gadsden in North Alabama. A bronze statue of a young Cherokee woman, found at the park’s entrance, is in the dedication of a Native American maiden, who, resenting her father’s wishes to marry a man of his choice, plunged into the falls and died.

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3. Thompson Falls, Marshall County

Alabama Waterfalls Thompson Falls

Waterfall Alabama Thompson Falls Waterfalls in Alabama Thompson Falls

These, on Mink Creek in Arab, comprise of three separate waterfalls that crash into a profound gorge. You need to be physically active to cherish memorable views of all three for the trip involves rocky terrains.

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4. Chewacla Falls, Lee County

Waterfall in Alabama Chewacla Falls

Waterfalls Alabama Chewacla Falls Alabama Waterfalls Chewacla Falls

Formed from the Chewacla Dam, this one, situated at Chewada State Park, in Auburn in Eastern Alabama, goes up to a height of 30 ft. Avail any of the eight trails for hiking or biking or engage in recreations like swimming, boating, fishing in the 26-Acre Lake, also bearing the name, Chewacla.

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5. Cheaha Falls, Northern Clay, and Southwestern Cleburne Counties

Waterfall Alabama Cheaha Falls

Alabama Waterfalls Cheaha Falls Waterfalls Alabama Cheaha Falls

If you drive for 1 hour, 20 minutes from Birmingham, you will reach the highest mountain in Alabama, Mt. Cheaha, where the breathtaking Cheaha Falls is located. Possessing a height of 30 feet, it can be accessed by hiking along Chinnabee Silent Trail. If time permits, make the most of your sojourn by visiting the Devil’s Den and High Falls.

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6. Welti Falls, Cullman County

Waterfalls in Alabama Welti Falls

Waterfall in Alabama Welti falls Alabama Waterfalls Welti Falls

This one in Central Alabama, surrounded by wondrous foliage and pleasant landscape, hails as the most sought after place of Cullman. Only, look out for the waste deposits that might make your trip unavoidably unpleasant.

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7. High Falls, Geneva County

Waterfall Alabama High Falls

Waterfall in Alabama High Falls Waterfalls Alabama High Falls

If you nourish a strong desire of jumping over high cliffs or swimming in crystal clear water, head to North Eastern Alabama, where this fall is situated near Guntersville.

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8. Yellow Creek Falls, Cherokee County

Waterfall Alabama Yellow Creek Falls

Waterfall in Alabama Yellow Creek Falls Waterfalls in Alabama Yellow Creek Falls

For a luxuriating boating experience, visit this picturesque falls in Leesburg that flow over natural rocks into the Weiss Lake. You may also opt for kayaking if you have an adventurous spirit.

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9. Kinlock Falls, Lawrence County

Alabama Waterfalls Kinlock Falls

Waterfalls in Alabama Kinlock Falls Waterfall in Alabama Kinlock Falls

Getting to this fall at the west side of Sipsey Wilderness would require you to take a small road trip, but the exhilarating experience of dipping your feet into the pool at the base would undoubtedly make you forget all troubles undertaken. Plan an early trip to this falls, situated at the south of Moulton.

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10. Falling Rock Falls, Shelby County

Waterfall Alabama Falling Rock Falls

Waterfalls Alabama Falling Rock Falls Waterfall in Alabama Falling Rock Falls

One interesting feature of this falls near Montevallo that can make your trip akin to an adventure is the presence of a secluded cavern behind it. Explore it and soak in the beauty of falling water, but be careful of slippery rocks.

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11. Martha’s Falls, Cherokee County

Alabama Waterfalls Martha’s Falls

Waterfall in Alabama Martha’s Falls Waterfall Alabama Martha’s Falls

At Little River Canyon National Preserve, is a beautiful swimming area formed by the cascading water of Martha’s Falls. Also known as Little Falls, this one in Fort Payne, is a great place to spend an entire day.

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12. Kings Shower Waterfall, Jackson County

Waterfall in Alabama Kings Shower

Waterfall Alabama Kings Shower Waterfalls Alabama Kings Shower

To behold this beautiful behemoth falls near Troy, you need to have adequate caving skills for it is located deep within Tumbling Rock Cave. Stretching for 396 ft, it flows best post torrential rains.

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13. Wilson Dam Waterfall, Colbert County

Waterfalls in Alabama Wilson Dam Waterfall

Waterfall in Alabama Wilson Dam Waterfall Alabama Waterfall Wilson Dam Waterfall

On the Tennessee River, connecting Muscle Shoals and Florence in Alabama, is Wilson Dam and on a high rock adjacent to it, is this year-round waterfall. Visit fast to create some unforgettable moments.

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14. Mardis Mill Falls, Blount County

Waterfalls Alabama Mardis Mill Falls

Waterfall Alabama Mardis Mill Falls Waterfalls in Alabama Mardis Mill Falls

Bearing a width of 35 feet and dropping 16 feet, these falls, also called Grave’s Creek Falls near Oneonta, are perfect for an ideal all day trip, far from the maddening crowd. Pack a sumptuous lunch and get set go!

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Besides these there are other waterfalls too in Alabama that you may like to visit, like the Salt Creek Falls in Oxford, Catoma Creek Falls at the west of Montgomery, Wetumpka Falls in Elmore County, Seven Falls in Morgan County and Caney Creek Falls in Winston County.

Natural beauty is something we invariably crave for. But a survival crammed between narrow brick walls hardly allows for such luxury. Hence, the sole alternative left is to head to such enchanting locales as the ones mentioned above, to get in tune with pristine nature amidst exclusive serenity.

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  1. Steve Butler says:

    picture of kinlock falls is actually caney creek falls, not kinlock. map is correct for kinlock. it is easy accessed. caney is about a mile hike in.

  2. holoh says:

    Kings Shower is definitely not near Troy, AL. It’s in NorthEast Alabama, near Guntersville. Troy is in Southern Alabama.

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