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15 of the Prettiest Waterfalls in Mississippi

By | Last Updated: 30th May 2023

It’s pretty rare but not impossible to find a waterfall in Mississippi. They might lack a significant height, but you’ll find them quite impressive once you visit them. Though some are difficult to access, others possess a refreshing swimming hole where you can cool off in summers. As most of them flow on a creek or river, you can enjoy other water activities like canoeing, kayaking, and even fishing as a bonus.

Waterfalls in Mississippi

1. Farris Falls

Farris Falls in Mississippi

Located right off the Leaf River, this stunning little waterfall is one of the state’s best-kept secrets. To get an up-close view of it, you will have to hop on a boat from the Eastabutchi boat ramp and row about 2 miles upstream. Many also enjoy taking a dip in it in summer.

Nearest City: Eastabuchie

Hiking & Other Activities: There are trails up the cliff leading to the waterfall. However, the area might be private property. So, without acquiring permission, you will not be able to access it.

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2. Merit Falls

Merit Falls in Mississippi

Merit Falls is a pretty little waterfall within Merit Water Park, set on Rials Creek. Its peaceful setting makes it an ideal place to enjoy the soothing sound of the flowing creek. You can also splash waters in the swimming hole into which it cascades.

Nearest City: About 4.5 miles from Mendenhall

Hiking & Other Activities: It’s near the parking lot, and a short walk would lead you to it. Picnic tables are available in the vicinity.

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3. Dunn’s Falls

Dunn’s Falls in Mississippi

Dunn’s Falls is a gorgeous human-made waterfall flowing along the Chunky River. It plunges from a height of 65 feet and is used to turn a water wheel. Don’t miss going down to its base and jumping into the pool for a refreshing dip. The towering bluffs all around provide a spectacular view. You can also get an opportunity to see various wildlife species like deer, wild turkey, and squirrels in the vicinity. However, do keep in mind that the area remains closed on Monday and Tuesday, and there’s an admission fee of $3.25 per person.

Nearest City: About 5.5 miles from Enterprise

Hiking & Other Activities: Just a short hike of about 0.2 miles will bring you to the waterfall. The river offers other water activities like fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming.

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4. Tishomingo State Park Waterfalls

Tishomingo State Park Waterfalls

Tishomingo State Park, set in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northeastern Mississippi, features many small waterfalls. The fern-filled surroundings and giant rock formations enhance their beauty. You can also see seasonal wildflowers blooming on the way.

Nearest City: About 4 miles from Dennis

Hiking & Other Activities: Many trails go past or lead to a waterfall. Among these, don’t miss treading along the short and easy CCC Camp Trail that splits into two from the camp. You can continue hiking either way to treat yourself to the waterfall views.

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5. Bear Creek Falls

Bear Creek Falls in Mississippi

Bear Creek is one of the famous scenic attractions in Tishomingo State Park that features a little seasonal waterfall. You can even enjoy diving into the waters. The suspension bridge and surrounding rock outcroppings make it a sight to behold. Don’t forget to pack your meals to enjoy while sitting on one of the giant rocks by the waterfall. There’s a parking fee of $ 4 per vehicle.

Nearest City: About 4 miles from Dennis

Hiking & Other Activities: To reach the waterfalls, you will have to hike along the Bear Creek Outcropping Trail. It is a 1.8-mile loop and rated moderate on difficulty level. There are other trails here that you can explore. In addition, canoeing along Bear Creek is also a sought-after activity.

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6. Rawson Gully Falls

Rawson Gully Falls in Mississippi

Rawson Gully Falls is a lesser-known located in Lauderdale County. Fed by the Rawson Creek, it’s one of the tallest waterfalls in the state, falling from 40 feet into a pool below. Once you get here, you can plunge into the pool and enjoy a refreshing dip while admiring the surrounding diverse vegetation.

Nearest City: Meridian

Hiking & Other Activities: A short but steep walk will take you to the waterfall from the parking lot just off the road. You can enjoy picnicking, nature gazing, and birdwatching.

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7. Black Creek Canoe Falls

Black Creek Canoe Falls in Mississippi

This waterfall sits along Black Creek near Fairley Bridge Road. It is a favorite kayaking or canoeing destination for many. You’ll find a few sand bars, including one in Janice Landing and one near Fairley Bridge Road. You can take a break here to swim, fish, have your meal, or even camp for the night.

Nearest City: About 0.2 miles from Brooklyn

Hiking & Other Activities: This waterfall is accessible by Black Creek Hiking Trail. It is about 35 miles (point-to-point), rated as easy on difficulty level.

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8. Clark Creek Falls

Clark Creek Falls in Mississippi

You can find many waterfalls amidst the hardwood and pine forests of Clark Creek Natural Area. They mainly range from 10 feet to 30 feet in height. In addition, you can also feast your eyes with beautiful wildflowers and spot several species of birds. There’s an entrance fee of $2 per person here.

Nearest City: About 14.5 miles from Woodville

Hiking & Other Activities: Within the natural area, various trails will bring you to different waterfalls. You can start hiking for about one mile (out and back) from the parking lot to see Clark Creek Falls.

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9. Brushy Creek Waterfall

Brushy Creek Waterfall in Mississippi

This waterfall is on the Brushy Creek in Homochitto National Forest. The best time to visit it is April and September. Moreover, the canyon and surrounding scenic views are pretty appealing.

Nearest City: About 7 miles from Crosby

Hiking & Other Activities: Hiking along the 11-mile Brushy Creek Waterfall Trail to witness the waterfall. It is moderate and requires creek-crossing and treading along some steep sections. There are several rental cabins and camping options available at the nearby Brushy Creek Ranch.

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10. Union Falls

Union Falls in Mississippi

Union Falls is a secluded waterfall flowing on Tallahala Creek in Jones County. The swimming hole formed below is perfect for a refreshing dip in summer. Its remote location will let you have an excellent private time to enjoy the cold waters and scenery.

Nearest City: About 16.5 miles from Hattiesburg

Hiking & Other Activities: It’s easily accessible from the parking lot via a short hike.

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11. Owens Creek Falls

Owens Creek Falls in Mississippi

Owens Creek Falls is a seasonal waterfall flowing in Natchez Trace Parkway in Hermanville. It is only visible after heavy rainfall when it pours over a stone ledge into a shallow pool below. Don’t forget to bring your picnic baskets to enjoy excellent family time here.

Nearest City: About 13.5 miles from Hermanville

Hiking & Other Activities: There’s one waterfall just off the roadside. You can hike the trail across it to find another one.

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12. Cooper Falls

Cooper Falls in Mississippi

Located north of J.P. Coleman State Park, Cooper Falls dramatically cascades from 50 feet into Pickwick Lake. You can take a boat ride from the state park to get a closer view of it. Remember to pack your swimming suits to enjoy plunging into the waters.

Nearest City: About 34 miles from Luka                                                                                                         

Hiking & Other Activities: ou can hike along the shoreline of Pickwick Lake to get views of the waterfall. If you wish to indulge in other fun activities, you can head to the nearby J.P Coleman State Park.

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13. Mint Spring Falls

Mint Spring Falls in Mississippi

Nestled within the Vicksburg National Military Park, Mint Springs Falls is one of Mississippi’s tallest waterfalls. It drops into Mint Springs Bayou from about 30 feet in height. Though an impressive natural wonder, it is currently not accessible by the public since the path leading to it is pretty steep and unstable.

Nearest City: About 2 miles from Vicksburg

Hiking & Other Activities: The steep and unstable trail reaching the waterfall is unsafe and, hence, closed to the public.

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14. Seminary Falls

Seminary Falls in Mississippi

Also known as Falls on Okatoma, Seminary Falls are an ideal holiday destination. More than a typical waterfall, it is an overfall flowing over the rocks into the Okatoma River. Though small in size, they provide an array of water sports, including swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. You can even choose to rent a kayak from the nearby boat rental services like Seminary Canoe and ride along the Okatoma Creek to see the waterfall up-close.

Nearest City: About 30 miles from Laurel

Hiking & Other Activities: No trails lead to the waterfall as it is accessible only by boat. You can enjoy camping in the area as primitive campsites overlook the waterfall. 

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15. Scutchalo Falls

Scutchalo Falls in Mississippi

Scutchalo Falls sits on a tributary of Scuthalo Creek in Copiah County. It is a hidden little gem flowing over a ledge and boasting incredible scenic beauty. However, it’s not possible to access it as some roads here are private, and trespassing is not allowed.

Nearest City: About 5 miles from Carpenter

Hiking & Other Activities: As the roads leading to it is on private property, you will not be able to access the waterfall without acquiring permission.

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Best Waterfalls for Hiking: Clark Creek Falls, Tishomingo State Park, Owens Creek Waterfall

Best Waterfalls for Swimming: Union Falls, Seminary Falls, Merit Falls

Best Waterfalls for Camping: Tishomingo State Park, Black Creek Canoe Falls, Brushy Creek Falls

Best Hidden Waterfalls: Dunn’s Falls, Cooper Falls, Scutchalo Falls

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