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15 of the Best and Most Splendid Waterfalls in Texas

By | Last Updated : 6th May 2021

Waterfalls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. From the soothing sound of the waters tumbling down the mountain to the breathtaking surrounding, you can spend hours admiring its beauty. Though Texas may not be much known for its waterfalls, yet there are stunning ones here, intensifying the natural beauty of the state. While some of them are tucked away in the remote area of a state park, others remain a part of private properties. No matter where the location is, they are worth visiting.

Waterfalls in Texas

1. Hamilton Pool Waterfall

Hamilton Pool Waterfall

Hamilton Pool Waterfall is 50 feet high, plunging into a shallow pool. The river which feeds it flows over limestone cliffs before pouring into the pool. Apart from the fall, you can also enjoy the flora of the surrounding area. The Travis County Park, which it is a part of, usually remains opened from 8:30 am to 6 pm. You need to make a prior reservation, and a fee of around $11 is required to enter the park. However, this place does not allow pets.

Nearest City: About 30 miles from Austin

Hiking & Other Activities: You have to hike a steep and narrow trail of about a quarter-mile long to reach the place. Wear a pair of sturdy shoes while hiking. Swimming is a popular activity enjoyed here.

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2. Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls is a 65 feet waterfall in the Colorado Bend State Park, a perfect place for those who desire to absorb themselves in nature’s beauty. The amazing waterfall seems like a thin curtain rolling down the mossy rocks. During heavy flow, it gushes down rapidly, making for spectacular beauty. A Texas State Park pass or a fee of $6 is required to enter the park.

Nearest City: Approximately 5 miles from Bend, Texas

Hiking & Other Activities: You need to hike a 3-mile round trail to reach the Gorman Falls. Dogs on leash are also allowed to use the trail. The state park encompassing the falls provides camping facilities.

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3. Westcave Preserve Falls

Westcave Preserve Falls

A part of the Westcave Preserve, it plunges from a height of 40 feet to form a splendid pool, and a magnificent grotto or cave. Besides the pristine waters gushing down, the lush vegetation surrounding the place gives one an immense visual retreat. A guided tour from the Preserve would help you get a more vivid idea of the surrounding locales. There is an entry fee of $15 for adults and $7 for kids. An annual pass of $75 is also available. Pets are not allowed in the Preserve.

Nearest City: Almost 31 miles from Austin

Hiking & Other Activities: The hike is less than a mile round trip.

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4. Windows Trail

Windows Trail

This waterfall remains dry most time of the year, and one could get a glimpse of its beauty only after heavy rain. Located in the Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas, the Windows Trail directly leads to a huge rock canyon that traverses through Chisos Mountain. You could get a spectacular view of this gorgeous landscape from the rocky terrain. The entry fee varies as per your mode of transportation, such as $30 on an average per car.

Nearest City: 34 miles from Terlingua

Hiking & Other Activities: You need to hike for about 5 miles to reach the top of the waterfall. It is an intermediate-level trail. You can also enjoy bird watching.

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5. Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls has a long and eventful history, with the first falls washed away by a terrible flood that struck the area in the 1800s. The one that you see at present on the Wichita River is recreated. It flows in small fragments alongside a walking track and stairs from where you can easily view its grandeur. The waterfall, along with the well-maintained greenery of the place, is a sight to behold indeed. You need not have to walk too much to get here, as you can catch sight of them the moment you get down from your vehicle. Don’t worry about your car, as the area has many parking lots. It is a pet-friendly place.

Nearest City: 106 miles from Fort Worth

Hiking & Other Activities: You can easily reach the fall by hiking the Wichita River Trail from Lucy Park, located at a 5-minute distance from the falls. The trail is about a mile long.

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6. Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls

Located in the Pedernales Falls State Park, the Pedernales Falls flow down the huge chunks of limestone. These limestone rocks form shallow pools, making the surrounding area an ideal fishing spot. Under normal circumstances, the park opens daily, with a $6 entry fee needed. You could also come here for a fun-filled picnic and occupy any of the ample space to gorge on your packed food while you take pleasure in the cool water and serenity embracing the place.

Nearest City: 75 miles from San Antonio

Hiking & Other Activities: There are two trails to access the falls. You can either take the short Twin Falls Natural Trail which is about half a mile, or the 10-mile long trail, a single track to reach your destination.

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7. Capote Falls

Capote Falls

Found on private property, Capote Falls is Texas’ highest waterfalls, standing 180 ft tall. You can also take a panoramic view of the pristine waterfall and its wonderful surrounding from a helicopter. Prior permission from the landowner is needed to enter the place.

Nearest City: Approximately 39 miles from Marfa.

Hiking & Other Activities: Since the waterfall is in a private land, it does not have any hiking trail.

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8. Beef Creek Fall

Beef Creek Fall

Beef Creek Falls gets its source from the Hog Creek near Sam Rayburn Reservoir. The Temple family once owned the land where it is situated. You may require special permissions from the present owner and a professional guide to explore the place’s magnificence.

Nearest City: 10.5 miles from Jasper

Hiking & Other Activities: No hiking trail is known, but the route to get here seems a little complicated, requiring a guide’s help. For those desiring to admire the purest form of natural beauty, no place is more apt than this one.

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9. Cattail Falls

Cattail Falls

Set on the western slope of Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park, this is one of Texas’s most difficult-to-access waterfalls. It gets its name from the cattail plants surrounding the area. The beautiful and secluded waterfall, along with the mountain and lush green backdrop, is worth seeing. The best time to visit here is after heavy rainfall. Beware of the black bears residing in these mountains.

Nearest City: About 22.5 miles from Terlingua

Hiking & Other Activities: Reaching Cattail Falls needs quite an effort. You have to hike a 3-mile round trail which is a bit tricky to find. The hiking part is also challenging as you need to ascend the mountain slope. Still, the effort to get there is worth it as you would for sure be spellbound admiring the picturesque charm of the place.

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10. Dolan Falls

Dolan Falls

Located in the Devils River State Natural Areathe Dolan Falls is the highest volume waterfall in Texas. It spans over the entire Devils River and falls from a height of 10 feet. You need permission from the Devils River Nature Preserve to visit the waterfall. Though it is in a remote location, the calm and natural beauty of the place compels visitors to overcome all obstacles and get to this place.

Nearest City: 67.5 miles from Del Rio

Hiking & Other Activities: Hiking to reach the Dolan Falls is quite arduous. You can also have fun canoeing in the Devils River nearby. Paddlers having a permit can also camp in the area.

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11. Krause Springs

Krause Springs

Krause Springs is a beautiful waterfall that is present in spring and leads to a stream. There is also a swimming hole here. It flows in a privately owned property with many natural springs and a natural pool that drains into Lake Travis. The Krause Springs is quite scenic because of the lush green forest thronged with cyprus and ferns. There is an entry fee of $8 for adults and $5 for kids

Nearest City: 30 miles from Austin

Hiking & Other Activities: To reach Krause Springs, you have to hike a 3-mile round track. Swimming and camping are other activities you can enjoy here. The RV campsites will cost you only $15.

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12. Madrid Falls

Madrid Falls

The lesser-known Madrid Falls is Texas’ second highest waterfalls. It is within the Big Bend Ranch State Park in West Texas. The breathtaking sceneries surrounding the area add to its charm.

Nearest City: 72 miles from Lajitas

Hiking & Other Activities: Reaching the Madrid Falls is quite a task. There is more than one trail to access the falls, but you need to be an expert in hiking.

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13. Mexicano Falls

Mexicano Falls

Plunging from a height of 80 feet, Mexicano Falls is the third tallest waterfall in Texas. It is also inside Big Bend Ranch State Park. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the mighty falls after heavy rain. If you want to avoid hiking, you can walk up to the base of a mountain at Ojito Adentro to get a glimpse of the fall.

Nearest City: 72 miles from Lajitas

Hiking & Other Activities: For a closer view of the waterfall, you need to hike a one-mile-long trail.

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14. McKinney Falls

McKinney Falls

McKinney Falls, in the McKinney State Park, comprises two waterfalls: the upper and lower. The upper falls feature towering cypress trees where you can relax under their shade. The lower falls are a mile away. Here you’ll find the two rivers, Williamson and Onion Creeks, combine to flow over a wide limestone bed. Though the height of the McKinney Falls is not much, you need to be careful with the gushing of the rivers. An entry fee of $6 is required to enter the park. Parking facilities are available near both the waterfalls. A pass of the Texas State Park would save you the extra bucks.

Nearest City: About10 miles from Austin

Hiking & Other Activities: You need to hike up to 700 meters to access both the waterfalls. You can take a plunge into the water in the swimming hole beneath the upper falls.

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15. Boykin Creek Waterfall

Boykin Creek Waterfall

This waterfall is a part of the Angelina National Forest, less than 4 feet in height. Despite its size, you can have a tranquil experience of the natural surroundings and, of course, of the beauty of the waterfall itself.

Nearest City: About 13 miles from Zavalla

Hiking & Other Activities: To access the place, you need to hike the Sawmill Trail. Dogs on leash are allowed here. Using this trail, you will also see the ruins of the historic Old Aldridge Sawmill. There are several campsites and picnic spots too around this area.

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Best Waterfalls for Hiking: Hamilton Pool Waterfall, Gorman Falls, Windows Trail

Best Waterfalls for Swimming: Pedernales Falls, Hamilton Pool Waterfall, Krause Springs

Best Waterfalls for Camping: McKinney Falls, Kraus Springs, Boykin Creek Waterfalls

Best Hidden Waterfalls: Cattail Falls, Madrid Falls, Dolan Falls

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