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15 Pretty Waterfalls in Wyoming

By | Last Updated: 30th May 2022

Wyoming is blessed with natural beauty, ranging from mountain peaks to lush valleys. It’s also an excellent place to see numerous waterfalls with so many national parks dotting the state. While most of them are situated on the roadside, a few of them like Mystic Falls and Hidden Falls require a hike through the picturesque areas to access them. The Lower Falls and Upper Falls of the Yellowstone National Forest are some of the well-visited waterfalls of the state. However, you will also find some secluded ones like Duck Creek Falls and Iris Falls which are well-worth a visit.

waterfalls in wyoming

1. Lower Falls

Lower Falls in wyoming

Counted as one of North America’s most popular waterfalls, Lower Falls cascades gloriously in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. With a mighty height of 308 feet, it stands out from most of the waterfalls in the national park. You can admire it from several viewing platforms, including Artist Point and Lookout Point, or hike a challenging steep path on Uncle’s Tom Trail to view it. The Brink of the Lower Falls Trail leads you to a viewpoint that allows you to see the gushing cascade. The best months to visit this waterfall is April to October.

Nearest City: About 2.5 miles from Canyon Village

Hiking & Other Activities: Though you can drive to the vantage points, many hikers enjoy treading along the moderately challenging 3.8-mile out-and-back trail to see the Lower Falls. As a bonus, the path also allows witnessing two more waterfalls, The Upper Falls and Crystal Falls. It will take not more than 2 hours to complete the entire hike. Don’t miss exploring the nearby Canyon Village area for more scenic views if you have sufficient time left.

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2. Kepler Cascades

Kepler Cascades in wyoming

Kepler Cascades is a roadside attraction that draws visitors with its easy accessibility and splendid three-tiered drops. Located on the southwestern side of Yellowstone National Park, the waterfall gushes down from 150 feet in a scenic setting that you can view from the nearby viewing platform.

Nearest City: About 93.5 miles from Jackson

Hiking & Other Activities: The viewpoint is right next to the parking lot, requiring no hike to access it. While you’re here, you can’t miss visiting the nearby Old Faithful, a famous cone geyser in Yellowstone. Other nearby attractions include Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park.

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3. Upper Falls

Upper Falls in wyoming

The Upper Falls may be smaller than the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon. But, it appears no less impressive when it plunges from a height of 109 feet on the Yellowstone River. You’ll find several viewpoints providing stunning views, the best among which is Uncle Tom’s Point and Artist’s Point. You can enjoy the waterfall flowing in front of you from these viewing platforms, and if lucky, you might even spot a rainbow formed by its mists right across it.

Nearest City: About 92 miles from Cody

Hiking & Other Activities: Accessing Artist’s Point or Uncle Tom’s Point requires a short hike from the parking lot. Remember to go early to witness the waterfalls at Grand Canyon, particularly if you wish to photograph them to get the best clicks.

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4. Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls in Wyoming

Hidden Falls is easy to access and a well-visited waterfall in Grand Teton National Park. Though the crowd can be disappointing, the waterfall’s beauty is worth the visit. It plummets on Cascade Creek near Jenny Lake from a 100-foot height. Keep your eyes peeled for bears or moose that wander in the vicinity.

Nearest City: About 12 miles from Moose

Hiking & Other Activities: The 5-mile loop trail is pretty easy to access for hikers of all skill levels. It takes you along the southern shoreline of Jenny Lake and boasts spectacular scenery all along the way. However, if you don’t feel like hiking the trail or are short of time, you can take a ferry ride to reach it. After having a fill at the waterfall, you can tread half a mile further to Inspiration Point and be rewarded with the stunning views of the lake and Jackson Hole valley.

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5. Terraced Falls

Terraced Falls in Wyoming

Formed by Cascade Creek, Terraced Falls sits on an off-beaten path at the southwestern point of Yellowstone National Park. It dramatically plunges 130 feet in a staircase-like formation into the Fall River. The rock canyon into which it makes its way is pretty impressive. Make sure to carry a bear spray as it’s not uncommon to spot a bear in the surrounding.

Nearest City: About 68.5 miles from Jackson

Hiking & Other Activities: The 3.7-mile out-and-back Cascade Creek Trail leads you to the Terrace Falls. It’s rated moderately challenging due to the steep ascents. All along the way, you will witness several cascades and lush scenery.

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6. Undine Falls

Undine Falls in Wyoming

Undine Falls is an awe-inspiring three-tiered waterfall in the Yellowstone National Park. The Lava Creek flows down 60 feet in multiple steps before it plunges into the pool below. To see it, you will easily find an overlook just east of Mammoth Junction and off Grand Loop Road.

Nearest City:  About 4.2 miles from Mammoth

Hiking & Other Activities: The observation area is near the parking area, making it ideal for a quick stop as you explore other parts of the national park. You can also hike the short and easy 1.8-mile out and back trail that gives beautiful views of the upper and lower Undine Falls.

If wishing to see other nearby attractions after visiting the waterfall, you can check out the nearby Mammoth Springs and Boiling River, a splendid hydrothermal feature. You’ll find many campsites for an overnight stay in and around the premises. 

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7. Firehole Falls

Firehole Falls in Wyoming

Firehole Falls might not have an impressive height, but this does not cease the waterfall from attracting visitors. Though it’s near the roadside, you will have to get out of your car to view it. Tucked in the rocky walls of Firewall Canyon, the 40-foot waterfall flows down in an attractive scenic setting.

After spending some time here, don’t miss heading to the designated swimming area on the Firewall River. It’s just a mile upstream from the waterfall, and you’ll find some changing spots where you can change into your swimsuits and enjoy cooling off in the cool water.

Nearest City: About 26.5 miles from Canyon Village

Hiking & Other Activities: The parking lot is near the waterfall, and accessing the waterfall requires a short walk.

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8. Tower Fall

Tower Fall in Wyoming

Within the northeastern part of Yellowstone National Park sits the 132-foot Tower Fall on Tower Creek. It gets its name from the beautiful rock pinnacles towering on the waterfall and the surrounding areas. Though the land erosion has led to the closure of the viewpoint at its base, you can still get stunning views from the nearby Tower Fall overlook.

Nearest City: About 111 miles from Cody

Hiking & Other Activities: The waterfall is just 100 yards from the parking lot. After viewing the waterfall from the lookout point, you can walk for less than a mile to enjoy the scenic vistas of the creek that meanders through the area to meet the Yellowstone River.

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9. Shell Falls

Shell Falls in Wyoming

If visiting Bighorn National Forest, you’ll definitely want to make a stop at Shell Falls. Named for the shell fossils that dot the surrounding canyon walls, the waterfall plunges 120 feet on Shell Creek and can be viewed from the adjacent overlook. It’s spectacular to see it in its powerful form during the rainy season when it gushes down about 3,600 gallons of water every second.

Nearest City: About 46 miles from Dayton

Hiking & Other Activities: It’s a short walk from the parking lot. Be sure to head to the nearby Visitor Center sitting along the Bighorn Scenic Byway to know more about the waterfall and the area’s geology.

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10. Gibbon Falls

Gibbon Falls in Wyoming

Gibbon Falls is an 84-foot waterfall that sits along the Grand Loop Road in the northwestern part of Yellow National Park. From the lookout point, you can see the caldera filled with lava flows over which the mesmerizing waterfall flows down to meet the Gibbon River. As it is a roadside waterfall, do expect to find a crowd at the viewpoint.

Nearest City: About 113 miles from Cody

Hiking & Other Activities: The waterfall can be viewed from the parking lot. However, don’t miss walking along the adjoining short paved path for the best views.

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11. Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls in Wyoming

Another beautiful addition to the list of waterfalls in Yellowstone is the 70-foot-tall Mystic Falls. The beautiful forested setting attracts hikers to visit the waterfall site. However, as it is located in a secluded part of the national park, you will surely be delighted not to find much crowd.

Nearest City: About 38.5 miles from Lake Village

Hiking & Other Activities: You’ll find the trailhead at the far side of the Biscuit Basin boardwalk. It is a 2.4-mile out and back trail, which is relatively easy to hike. As this trail meanders through the forest, you can enjoy the sights of blooming wildflowers and hydrothermal vents.

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12. Iris Falls

Iris Falls in Wyoming

Sitting on the Bechler River in Yellowstone National Park, Iris Falls is surrounded by pristine wilderness that offers visitors a backcountry experience. Its secluded location is ideal for those who wish to spend time away from the crowd in the national park. Dedicated to the goddess of the rainbow, Iris, the 45-foot waterfall was named by the members of the 1885 Arthur Hague Geological Survey. Oftentimes, you can see a rainbow forming across the cascading waterfall depending upon the sun’s angle.

Nearest City: About 45.5 miles from Teton Village

Hiking & Other Activities: The waterfall is off the beaten track, which requires you to plan a multi-day backcountry trip. You will have to hike along the 24-mile point to point Bechler River Trail to access it. The other attractions like Colonnade Falls, Bechler Falls, and Treasure Island within the Bechler River Canyon are also worth visiting. Do remember that staying at the campsite requires an overnight permit.

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13. Moose Falls

Moose Falls in Wyoming

Moose Falls is just five minutes’ drive from Yellowstone National Park’s southern entrance. It is an awe-inspiring waterfall characterized by geothermal features plunging about 30 feet on Crawfish Creek. As this particular section of the national park has numerous moose, the waterfall was given the name by members of the Arnold Hague Geologic Survey in 1885.

Nearest City: About 74 miles from Dubois

Hiking & Other Activities: A short and effortless walk from the parking area will lead you to Moose Falls. You will find a bridge just upstream of the waterfall from where you can enjoy the scenic views of Crawfish Creek and the lush surrounding.

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14. Duck Creek Falls

Duck Creek Falls in Wyoming

A hidden gem in southeast Wyoming, Duck Creek Falls is a stunning cascade tucked deep in the Laramie Peak Wildlife Habitat Management Area. The waterfall drops approximately 60 feet over the granite cliffs into a pristine pool below. You can also access the top of the waterfall to enjoy picturesque views from a different angle.

Keep in mind to plan and come prepared as the waterfall site does not have any restroom or drinking water facility. Also, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife species like bighorn sheep, elk, deer, and antelope in the vicinity.

Nearest City: About 40 miles from Wheatland

Hiking & Other Activities: As the area is protected for wildlife species, you will not find any designated trail leading to the waterfall. However, you can begin your hike from Hay Canyon and follow the creek. It will take about 2 hours to reach the waterfall.

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15. The Wilderness Falls and Columbine Falls

Wilderness Falls and Columbine Falls in Wyoming

Just across Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park, you can spot a set of two waterfalls tumbling down the Waterfalls Canyon. Fed by snowmelt and glacial streams, the Wilderness Falls is about 250 miles tall, and just a little distance downstream flows the Columbine Cascade. Make sure to visit these stunning natural wonders in spring or fall to see them in full flow.

Nearest City: About 36 miles from Jackson

Hiking & Other Activities: There is no known trail to the waterfall. You can, however, get descent views from Jackson Lake Lodge or the Colter Bay Village area. Many nearby attractions like Jackson Lake, Chapel of the Sacred Heart, and various adjoining trails are worth exploring.

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Best Waterfalls for Hiking: Mystic Falls, Hidden Falls, Terraced Falls

Best Waterfalls for Camping: Iris Falls, Undine Falls

Best Hidden Waterfalls: Iris Falls, Duck Creek Falls, Mystic Falls

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