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11 Popular and Delectable Desserts of Argentina

By | Last Updated: 16th December 2022

Desserts are an essential part of Argentine cuisine and the variation of desserts is directly inspired by Mediterranean culinary arts. From caramelized crunchy dishes to cookie biscuits, argentine desserts cover all possible textures and tastes.

Argentina Dessert

1. Dulce de Leche – The Nation’s Favorite Dessert

Dulce de Leche Argentina Dessert


What is it: A brown mixture of sugar and milk that is known as manjar de leche in Chile, and doce de leite in Portugal. The preparation is made by constantly stirring and then used for flavoring, either candies or cookies.

What does it taste like: Made from sweetened milk, the taste is sugary, and hence, this is a common choice as a spread daily.

2. Chocotorta – Traditional Sweet Delight All the Way

Chocotorta Argentina Dessert


What is it: Denoting chocolate cake, this also includes dulce de leche, chocolate cookies, and cream cheese together. This is mostly considered as a birthday cake as almost all birthday parties add this item without a doubt, so in that sense, it is a customary dessert.

What does it taste like: Sweetness coupled with a chocolaty flavor tastes as pleasant as possible. The texture is soft, so consuming this with cold drinks or beverages is a practical solution to enjoy the cake fully.

3. Alfajores – Small Package of Happiness

Alfajores Argentina Dessert


What is it: Small round or cylinder-shaped confection that is common in every shop and household. It resembles cookies or biscuits when it comes to appearance. In other countries, there are variations regarding its ingredients, and that is one of the reasons. Some of them look brown, and the rest of them look white.

What does it taste like: Filled with dulce le leche, the crunchy biscuits are rolled on shredded coconut. So the sweet taste is inevitable, but the hardiness depends on its temperature, as it can be refrigerated for as long as 2 months straight and then being served after thawing for about an hour.

4. Churro – A Deadly Combination of Finger Food and Sweetness

Churro Argentina Dessert


What is it: Fried pastries in a long cylindrical shape that is basically a snack item. The texture is somewhat ridged because of the making procedures. They look golden brown due to the deep-frying process churros go through. Countries like Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and many others also make the preparation, but in their version, the shape of churros might defer.

What does it taste like: It is a breakfast choice with dulce le leche as the dip. The crunchy pastry is usually a hot preparation. It could be arch-shaped, straight, or even round.

5. Don Pedro – The South American Delight

Don Pedro Argentina Dessert


What is it: An ice cream type dessert tucked into a glass. This is a combination of vanilla and alcohol. Garnishing depends on individual preferences.

What does it taste like: The bitter taste of alcohol, it could be whiskey or anything else, go surprisingly well with the ice cream. Cherry could be on the top of the shredded chocolates.

6. Medialunas – The Street Food Facturas of Argentina

Medialunas Argentina Dessert


What is it: The traditional pastry or facturas made of honey, eggs, and milk is a typical dessert for any party. It is the croissant of Argentina.

What does it taste like: The primary taste is sweet, and the pastry is exceptionally soft. It is usually served warm.

7. Torta Mil Hojas – The Argentine Mille-feuille

Torta Mil Hojas Argentina Dessert


What is it: Pastry with many layers or sheets made of puff pastry, cream, and powdered sugar. Although it is similar to mille-feuille, the Argentine variation is slightly different than the French one in terms of its presentation.

There is another dessert known as Rogel, and that is also similar to this puff pastry. Its ingredients contain meringue in addition to puff pastry and dulce de leche.

What does it taste like: The lightweight crunchy cake has a strong sweet taste. With your every bite, your taste buds will welcome a mixed flavor of brandy and condescend milk. Sprinkled walnuts also cover the outer part of the cake, so that would be the first thing to crumble on.

8. Budín de Pan – The Heart-winning Famous Dessert

Budín de Pan Argentina Dessert


What is it: A bread pudding preparation with a round shape. The color is usually brown or chocolate on the outside, but inside it has a cream color. The word budin could be a derivation from the word pudding.

What does it taste like: Sweet and spicy with a moist texture. Cinnamon, mace, and nutmeg balance the sugary side contributed by honey and syrup.

9. Pionono – Sweetness at its Best


What is it: Long roll cake that is served in pieces. The filling could be a sour cream or something sweet. In this case, it is filled with the favorite spread of the country dulce de leche. Interestingly the name of the cake has come from the nickname of the pope Pius IX, who was known as Pio Nono. The origin of the preparation goes back to Spain and not in Argentina, still today, people in Argentina love to make it and consume it with gusto.

What does it taste like: The spongy cake has sweetness imbibe in it, due to the filling. The caramelized icing on it makes it even sweeter.

10. Pastelitos Criollos – When Crispiness Meets Happiness


What is it: Stuffed pastries with an amazing star shape. The filling depends on the region and the choice of people. This is a traditional dessert, unmistakably consumed on May Day, 25th May.

What does it taste like: The deep-fried pastry immersed in sugar syrup is luxuriously rich in saccharine, but since it can be served hot, the sweetness excess might seem balanced to some extent.

11. Argentina Tiramishu – The Popular Dessert of the Country



What is it: A cake with vanilla biscuits, coffee, rum, cheese, and eggs. It has a brown appearance, due to cocoa powder. Though not originated in Argentina, still, the country has embraced the dish with its new twists.

What does it taste like: Sweet and chocolaty, both flavors are entangled in the cake. The soft consistency of the cake makes it easy to consume.

These are some of the best desserts that Argentine people love to have throughout the year. It could be either for festivities like Christmas or any other national celebration day or just private party like wedding and homecoming parties.

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