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Top 8 Must-Try Australian Foods

By | Last Updated: 15th January 2024

Australian cuisine offers a diverse range of foods, differing each other in form and culinary methods. From indigenous bush foods using kangaroo, snakes, and witchetty grub to inculcating global influences from countries like Britain, this cuisine is an exquisite culmination of some best recipes.

Australian Food

1. Spicy Hasselback Potatoes – A Traditional Australian food

Spicy Hasselback Potatoes Typical Australian Food


What is it: Baked potato slices served with bread.

What does it taste like: The brown slices are crispy enough to dominate your heart in just a minute. You will realize the subtleness of spices like paprika and cayenne pepper while biting the pieces.

2. Australian Meat Pie – An iconic food

Aussie Meat Pie Popular Australian Food


What is it: A traditional meat pie found in the lunch and dinner platter along with salad and snacks. Locals have loved this item so much that there has been a meat pie contest since 1990 in Australia.

What does it taste like: This fulfilling treat for your taste buds offers flavors of meat, oregano, onions, and sauces in the best way possible.

3. Anzac Biscuit – A Popular Australian food

Anzac Biscuit Authentic Australian Food


What is it: Biscuits prepared from oats, coconut, syrup, and soda. During the World War I, wives of the soldiers of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) used to send these biscuits to them. The ingredients used for such cookies are hard to spoil, making them ideal for snacks.

What does it taste like: Crusty, crunchy with an underlying taste of dried coconut makes it a delicious experience for you each time you crumble away the biscuits.

4. Prawn Cocktail – A famous Australian food

Prawn Cocktail Typical Australian Food


What is it: A seafood preparation made with prawns and served in glasses.

What does it taste like: The spicy sauces are used mainly as the dip for the cooked prawns, and the distinct flavors of mayonnaise and lemon juice perfectly enhance the dish up to your liking. Enjoy the dish with brown bread.

5. Lemon & Herb Barbecued Chicken – An authentic chicken preparation

Barbecued Chicken Aussie Food


What is it: Chicken barbecue with oregano and baby rocket leaves along with parsley, lemon juice, and white wine.

What does it taste like: Flavorsome and fully appetizing, you will be speechless to describe the taste of the baked capsicum, soft and zesty barbecue chicken, and of course the tomato garlic bread you will have this preparation with.

6.  The Great Australian Pikelets – Their signature pancake

Australian Pikelets Typical Australian Food


What is it: Fluffy golden pancakes sweetened with honey or maple syrup when served.

What does it taste like: The crispy pancake owes its taste to the balanced amalgamation of flour, sugar, and egg.

7. Vegemite – A spread

Vegemite Authentic Australian Food


What is it: A food spread that is prepared with vegetables and yeast extract.

What does it taste like: Feel the spicy, salty, and pungent taste at once while having this vegemite on bread.

8. Australian Bacon and Egg Pie – Another pie variation

Bacon and Egg Pie Food in Australia


What is it: A pie with egg and bacon as main ingredients, used mainly for breakfast. Locals consume this both in hot and cold form with tomato sauce.

What does it taste like: The first thing you will realize is the taste of sesame seeds, and then you will go into the core part which is full of smoked bacon, cheese, and tomatoes.

While enjoying the beaches and famous destinations like Sidney Opera House, Blue Mountains National Park and all, tasting and relishing the local cuisine is a must. Go into the various regions and experience the delicacies enriched with foreign influences.

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