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12 Delicious Burmese Foods to Go Gaga Over

By | Last Updated : 26th December 2016

Burmese cuisine is an exotic blend of noodles, seafood, and rice, offering a plethora of unique dishes spiced up and enhanced by condiments and salads. Fruits, encouraged by the tropical climate, are also an important part of this cuisine. Burmese people emphasize on the cooking procedure rather than ingredients, paving a way for a variety of dishes with constant improvisation.

Pictures of Burmese Food

1 .Khauk Swè Thoke – A famous Burmese food

Images of Khauk Swè Thoke Burmese Food


What is it: A salad preparation or “A Thoke” served with lime pieces and sprinkled peanuts.

What does it taste like: Delectable and scrumptious, this rules the cuisine with prominent flavors of wheat noodles, shrimps and grated vegetables.

2. Mohinga – A traditional Myanmar food

Photos of Mohinga Burma Food


What is it: Regarded as the national dish, this rice noodle soup is a popular breakfast item. You will get a wide variation of this soup concerning the measurement of ingredients in different regions.

What does it taste like: This aromatic rice noodle preparation based on fish broth, enhanced by chickpeas, coriander, and banana trunks, is surely delicious.

3. Khao Soi – A traditional Burmese food

Picture of Khao Soi Burmese Foods


What is it: A noodle soup item with chicken broth, shallots, and bean sprouts. There are two types of khao soi which is often spelled and pronounced as “Khao Soy.” While Lao people use rice noodles, Thai people prefer using egg noodles. But, originally it is believed to be inspired by the Shan state inhabiting ethnic Shan people.

What does it taste like: This soup is flavored with chicken broth, shallots, and bean sprouts.

4. Nan Gyi Thoke – An authentic item

Image of Nan Gyi Thoke Burmese Traditional Food


What is it: This mouth-watering preparation is one of their famous rice noodle items. The term “Nan Gyi” means rice noodles and “Thoke” stands for salad. During your Burmese gateway, you must try this once.

What does it taste like: A medley of chicken curry and round rice noodles, garnished with boiled eggs, onions and chickpea flour, is so amazing that you will love this.

5. Laphet Thoke – A popular Burmese salad preparation

Image of Laphet Thoke Best Burmese Food


What is it: Pickled tea leaf salad enhanced with fried spices. This is a unique way of utilizing the edible tea leaves, besides being used for a concoction. One of the most common dishes of all, this is widely observed in local traditional ceremonies.

What does it taste like: This salad owes its flavors to lima beans, peanuts, and ginger.

6. Ohn No Khao Swè – A Burmese curry preparation

Ohn No Khao Swè  Burma Cuisine Pictures


What is it: Egg noodles accompanied by coconut cream, vermicelli, and chicken along with spices.

What does it taste like: This soup, just like any other of its kind, tastes superb while hot. Consume this with tangy lemon pieces, eggs, and fish sauces.

7. Htamin Jin – A famous rice preparation

Htamin Jin Famous Burmese Food Images


What is it: A dish where rice acts as the main ingredient and is cooked with potatoes, tamarind pulp, and shrimp paste. Originated in the hands of an ethnic group known as “Intha,” this is an appetizing food you will love.

What does it taste like: Commonly served with fried garlic, for a spicier taste, dried chilies can be incorporated.

8. Shan Tofu – A tofu variation

Shan Tofu Myanmar Food Photos


What is it: Fried cubes made of chickpea flour, turmeric, salt, and water.

What does it taste like: This is thoroughly a crunchy preparation to win your heart. You are likely to get engrossed in this gluten-free snack that is often used to make curry and salad items.

9. Atho – A spicy noodle preparation

Atho Burma Foods Picture


What is it: Cooked noodles with varieties of vegetables and spices.

What does it taste like: The flavorsome item happens to be the best way to deal with your between-the-meals hunger. Try out the prawn variation and go crazy!

10. Burmese Coconut Rice – A gluten-free Burmese food

Burmese Coconut Rice Food of Myanmar Images


What is it: Cooked rice with onions, coconut milk, sugar, and salt.

What does it taste like: One of the most wholesome dishes, locals prefer to enhance the taste by sprinkling unsweetened coconuts over it. Not at all spicy, but ruled by sweetness, this is the one you cannot afford to miss.

11. Ngapi Ye – A traditional dip

Ngapi Ye Burmese Culture Food Photo


What is it: A spicy sauce preparation containing mashed fish or ngapi, lemon juice, shrimp powder, and garlic.

What does it taste like: This perfect dip for your snacks comes with an unmatched taste! Yes, do not forget to try at local restaurants. This dip is known for enhancing the taste of fried items.

 12. Khow Suey – Another noodle dish

Khow Suey Food of Burma Image



What is it: Cooked noodles with ginger, garlic, and chili pepper.

What does it taste like: Two adjectives will suffice the beauty of this preparation, and these are, zesty and tasty. A signature dish of Burma, you can enhance its taste with sauces as per your choice.

Amidst the endless numbers of Burmese foods, here are some handpicked delicious items before you. We suggest you to try the other ones as well and get back to us with your valuable feedback.

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