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8 Colombian Drinks for All Drink Lovers Around the World

By | Last Updated: 30th May 2023

The South American country has a plethora of drink items, offering unique flavors. From alcoholic to non-alcoholic, all kinds of drinks have a certain niche for people of the region.  Here are a few drinks that are either regular or special, exclusively cherished during festivities.

Colombia Drinks

1. Champus – The Colombian Drink

Champus Colombian Drinks


What is it: A fruit and corn drink, made of lulo or naranjilla, along with other ingredients is one of the most popular lulo drinks that locals prefer. For a family get-together or during lunch, this drink is a common one locals bank on. Sometimes the drink is served in Christmas as well.

How is the Flavor: The corn taste is finely accompanied with cinnamon, orange tree leaves and sweetened with panela or sugar canes.

2. Aguardiente – The Traditional Drink

Aguardiente Columbian Drinks


What is it: The national drink of the country, the name literally denotes ‘burning water’. This is an alcoholic drink available in various options in almost all restaurants and alcohol selling shops.

How is the Flavor: In cold regions, people drink it hot, sometimes with lime and cinnamon, otherwise it can be consumed while it is lukewarm.

3. Aguapanela – A Famous Drink

Aguapanela Traditional Columbian Drinks


What is it: Also known as Panela water, the juice is the most common one to come across in the country. In Colombia, this infusion is used as a replacement of coffee, like Peru and Ecuador.

How is the Flavor: It is made of panela, that is a result of sugar cane, so, the taste is sweet for sure with lemon flavors. The alcoholic version of this drink is known as Canelazo.

4. Viche – A Popular Choice

Viche Colombian Drinks

What is it: Also known as “Vicheras”, this is a recreational drink item, meaning, people leisurely enjoy this. Earlier, it was used to heal stomach pains, snake bites and thought to be as an aphrodisiac.

How is the Flavor: It has a rum-like taste.

5. Sabajón Colombiano – The Christmas Drink

Sabajón Colombiano Christmas Drink


What is it: The favorite festive drink of the land is eggnog, meaning a mixed alcoholic drink. The infusion often includes Aguardiente but can be made with rum instead.

How is the Flavor: The creamy texture is due to milk and egg yolks. The taste is further enhanced with cinnamon sprinkled on the top.

6. Chocolate Santafereño – A Savory Delight

Chocolate Santafereño Colombian Drinks


What is it: A hot chocolate that is widely popular as a breakfast item.

How is the Flavor: Its essentially chocolaty but the combined taste of milk, cinnamon, and sugar makes the hot chocolate have a slight sweetness.

7. Masato – The Breakfast Drink

Masato Colombian Drinks

What is it: A rice drink preparation commonly having corn, rice, and pineapple, although except for rice, nothing is essential.

How is the Flavor: The chilled or cold rice drink is enhanced when served with cinnamon.

8. Chicha – The Common Drink

Chicha Colombian Drinks


What is it: Corn drink with an obvious influence of panela or sweetening agent. In the streets, vendors sell the drink, since it is so popular and favored by people.

How is the Flavor: Corn and pineapple together make the taste of the drink delicious. The cinnamon sticks always add to the flavor.

The list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks ends here, with an open opportunity to be expanded in the future. Keep on reading and start experiencing.

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