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Top 12 Hawaiian Desserts for Your Sweet Tooth

By | Last Updated : 26th November 2019

Hawaiian desserts are characterized by a copious usage of fruits, especially coconut, in different ways. Some of these preparations originated in the hands of native Hawaiian people, while others are a culmination of the cuisines of the Philippines, Japan, and Portugal.

Hawaiian Dessert

1. Kulolo – A traditional Hawaiian dessert

Kulolo Traditional Hawaiian Dessert


What is it: Square-shaped solid pudding with an abundance of coconut.

What does it taste like: The taro roots and coconut create a sweet taste akin to caramel, luring you with pleasure!

2. Halo-Halo – A famous no-bake fruit dessert

Halo-Halo Hawaiian Dessert


What is it: A fusion of shaved ice-cream, fruits, and milk served either in a bowl or glass. Originally a Filipino item, this visually attractive dessert is also known as “Haluhalo”.

What does it taste like: Perfect to satisfy your craving for sweetness, you can adjust the taste using your favorite fruits.

3. Guri Guri – A traditional dessert

Guri Guri Hawaiian Style Dessert


What is it: A colorful combination of ice-cream and fruit juice.

What does it taste like: The frozen item instantly cools you off with its icy content, leaving you spellbound with distinct flavors of milk, guava, and strawberry juice.

4. Haupia Cake – A Hawaiian Luau dessert

Haupia Cake Hawaiian Luau dessert


What is it: A traditional pudding cake made of haupia filling, especially noticed at traditional feasts or “Luau”. Sometimes, haupia is used as a topping for wedding and birthday cakes as well.

What does it taste like: Rich flavors of coconut, eggs, gelatin, and milk result in a soft and smooth cake. Don’t miss it!

5. Malasada – A Hawaiian party dessert

Malasada Hawaiian Party Dessert


What is it: Yeast-fermented doughnuts further fried and served with sprinkled sugar.

What does it taste like: Eggs, milk, flour, and butter do not only make these doughnuts tasty but fulfilling as well.

6. Chantilly Cake – A dessert delight

Chantilly Cake Hawaiian Delight Dessert


What is it: A chocolate cake with Chantilly frosting or whipped cream.

What does it taste like: Irresistibly soft with a chocolaty flavor, offering a combined taste of macadamia nuts, eggs, and milk. You will be running out of words to describe the heavenly taste of this cake.

7. Chichi Dango – A popular preparation

Chichi Dango Traditional Hawaiian Dessert


What is it: A rice flour dango or Japanese dumpling prepared with coconut milk, vanilla, and food colors.

What does it taste like: This is chewy, the mochiko and baking powder works as binding agents, keeping the dessert soft and sweet.

8. Ambrosia – A fruit mix

Ambrosia Hawaiian Delight Dessert Marshmallows


What is it: Assorted fruits marinated and topped with whipped cream and garnished with cherries. Originating in the last leg of the 19th century, this is a common salad preparation.

What does it taste like: Fruit lovers will simply drool over this item as it comes with everything they can think of, including pineapple, coconut flakes, bananas, mangoes, enhanced with marshmallows and pecan pieces.

9. Butter Mochi – Hawaiian coconut dessert

Butter Mochi Hawaiian Coconut Dessert


What is it: A golden brown rice cake made of mochiko or rice flour, coconut milk, eggs, and baking powder, served in small pieces.

What does it taste like: ‘Sugary’ would be the word to describe it right. The sweetmeat is a perfect item to finish off your meal.

10. Pineapple Upside-down Cake – A tart-sweet Hawaiian dessert

Upside-Down Cake Cake with Pineapple


What is it: An upside-down cake served with a garnishing of caramelized pineapple slices and cherries.

What does it taste like: Just have a single bite, and you will relish the softness of this cake accompanied with a fresh taste of pineapple. To enjoy it fully, consume while warm.

11. Hawaiian Layered Jello– An authentic dessert

Jello Salad Hawaii Dessert


What is it: Commonly prepared in households, this preparation offers layers of flavored gelatin desserts.

What does it taste like: The colorful item steals your heart right from your first bite. Sugary yet tart, this one is simply delicious.

12. Poi – A popular preparation

Poi Popular Hawaii Dessert


What is it: Mashed taro softened with water.

What does it taste like: The raw taste of taro is sweet and sumptuous, especially when fresh. Another local variation is fermenting it for a few days.

Hawaiian desserts all come with an eccentric flavor that further freshens you along with the sun and sea breeze. So, without wasting any more time, start adding these names to your “Must Eat” list and start exploring.

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