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10 Italian Drinks and Cocktails that will Blow Your Mind

By | Last Updated: 30th May 2023

Italy has a reputation regarding the wine, but when it comes to cocktails the country shows what is versatility. From vodka to whiskey, incorporating fruits to soda, all are found in the cuisine of the country.

Italian Drinks

1. Italian Greyhound Cocktails – A Winter Drink

Italian Greyhound Cocktails


What is it: It is a gin cocktail with a rose pink shade. The citrus based cocktail is an essential drink to consume during winter months.

What does it taste like: The taste of capmari, rosemary, and vodka will create a mixed taste that you will love for sure.

2. Americano – A Classic Italian Cocktail

Americano Classic Italian Cocktail


What is it: An infusion of club soda, sweet vermouth and capmari. The popular drink has been mentioned in the James Bond story ‘From a View to a Kill’. Due to its red color, the drink is often known as red martini. Locals typically have the drink before the dinner.

What does it taste like: Consumption is usually common with slices of oranges and ice cubes.

3. Bellini – Italian Brunch Cocktail

Bellini Italian Mix Drinks


What is it: White peach puree and sparkling wine go by the name of Prosecco, together make the drink. To make it pink, originally the drink used to have cherry or raspberry juice. The name was given by a restaurant owner Giuseppe Cipriani, who mentioned that the pink shade reminded him of a saint’s toga he had seen in the painting of the artist Giovanni Bellini.

What does it taste like: It has a fruity essence that is also very light. Usually, this is served without ice.

4. Italian Sunset – A Drink with Amaretto

Italian Sunset Cocktails with Amaretto


What is it: Amaretto, club soda, grenadine, and orange juice are amalgamated to create the drink. The yellow and red coloration makes it similar to the sunset sky and hence the name.

What does it taste like: With a few slices of orange and some cherries the drink becomes irresistible.

5. Aperol Spritz – A Mix Drink

Aperol Spritz Brunch Cocktail


What is it: Aperol, soda water, and white wine create this drink that is an aperitif cocktail.

What does it taste like: The red drink is served with orange slice and ice.

6. Italian Stallion – The After Dinner Drink

Italian Stallion Drink


What is it: Cucumber, gazzosa, gin, lemon, and ginger are what the drink is made of. This is a refreshing drink that is mostly suitable for the summer months, although consumption happens throughout the year.

What does it taste like: The aromatic essence of the drink makes it a beautiful one. The mix-up smell of lemon and ginger is awesome.

7. Italian Surfer – A popular Drink

Italian Surfer Drink


What is it: This consists of pineapple and cranberry juice, amaretto and coconut rum. It takes a good shaking of the ingredients to create this perfectly proportionate drink. It is orange in shade and white on the top.

What does it taste like: The serving is usually with maraschino cherries to enhance the taste.

8. Limoncello Drink – A Christmas Drink

Limoncello Drink Orange


What is it: It is a liquor item that is prepared from lemon. Southern Italy is the place where this is majorly produced. The shad of the liquid is lemon yellow.

What does it taste like: It could be a digestive drink or a post-dinner cocktail as this is fresh and sweet with a strong lemon flavor.

9. Italian Martini – The Traditional Item

Italian Martini Traditional Drink


What is it: Lemon, honey, basil, and vodka mixture makes the semi transparent martini. From family get together to other celebrations this drink is a must.

What does it taste like: While the honey ensures sweetness, the lemon gives a tangy flavor.

10. Negroni – The Signature Drink

Negroni Classic Italian Drink


What is it: A classic infusion of capmari, gin, and vermouth rosso producing a red color, hence like Americano, it is also known as the red martini.

What does it taste like: The flavor of the ingredients clearly gives you an idea about the test of the cocktail that is widely famous in the country.

The colorful list of the drinks might stimulate the urge to try them and all you have to do is to know about them beforehand. The culture of the local people is also reflected through their inclusion of the drinks in their cuisine.

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