9 of the Best Waterfalls in Tennessee

Housing innumerable waterfalls with its east, west, north, and southern sides, the state of Tennessee is a hotspot for nature lovers. These waterfalls are laden with hiking trails where enthusiastic people come for a different experience.

Waterfalls in Tennessee

1. Fall Creek Falls, Near Spencer

Fall Creek Largest Waterfalls in Tennessee

Best Fall Creek Waterfalls in Tennessee Fall Creek Waterfalls in Tennessee

The 78 meters long waterfall is the largest one of Tennessee, located in the Fall Creek Falls State Park ( which also happens to be the largest state park of Tennessee). This free-fall waterfall has a nice surrounding graced by a planned Fall Creek Falls Lake, and six other waterfalls like Cane Creek Falls, Piney Creek Falls, Lost Creek Falls, e.t.c. There is a trail that starts from the parking point on the plateau and ends near the gorge which can be used as the spot to jump off to the pool of the waterfalls.

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2. Rainbow Falls, Gatlinburg

Rainbow Falls Best Waterfalls in Tennessee Rainbow Falls Waterfalls in Tennessee Gatlinburg

Situated in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this waterfall is 24 meters long. The mist of the water produces a rainbow near the fall, earning its name. Like other waterfalls of Tennessee, this one also has hiking trails known as Rainbow Falls Trail and it has a moderate difficulty level. During winter, the fall gets frozen and offers a nice visual as well.

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3. Ruby Falls, Near Chattanooga

Ruby Waterfalls near Chattanooga Tennessee

Ruby Waterfalls in Tennessee Ruby Waterfalls Underground Tennessee

This 44 meters long waterfall is unique as it is in the underground of the Lookout Mountain Cave. Both the cave complex and the waterfall are now listed as National Historic Landmarks and have found several references in songs and literature. Started welcoming visitors since 1930, the waterfall is still an attraction.

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4. Ramsey Cascades, Gatlinburg

Ramsey Cascades Waterfalls in Tennessee

Ramsey Cascades Waterfalls in East Tennessee Ramsey Cascades Best East Tennessee Waterfalls

The waterfall of east Tennesse with a height of nearly 30 meters claims to be the tallest one in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The alluring beauty of the fall is complemented by the scenic beauty of the surrounding. The hiking trail leading up to the fall is rocky and goes through a dense forest full of tulip trees and yellow birches. In the pool of the waterfall, there are some salamanders while in the forest black bears are common. There have been several accidents as people often try to climb the top of the waterfalls.

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5. Middle Creek Falls, Chattanooga

Best Middle Creek Waterfalls in Tennessee

Middle Creek Best Waterfalls in Tennessee Middle Creek Waterfalls in Tennessee

The picturesque waterfall mesmerizes every people with its wide and elaborate features. At the base of Signal Mountain, the waterfall doesn’t have official hiking trails, but people love to explore the place anyway. It is due to the beauty of the crystal clear water that it has carved a niche in the list, despite being not too long.

6. Cummins Falls, Cookeville

Cummins Falls Largest Waterfall in Tennessee

Cummins Waterfall in Tennessee Best Cummins Waterfall in Tennessee

The 8th largest waterfall of the state, located near Nashville, with a height of 23 meters has an overall two drops, one is a plunge drop while the other one is a cascade drop. The river falls on the Blackburn Fork River. The pool of the waterfall was once crowned as the tenth swimming hole of the county. People often go there for picnicking and relaxing.

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7. Buckeye Falls, Painter Spring

Buckeye Largest Waterfall in Tennessee

Best Buckeye Waterfalls Tennessee Buckeye Waterfalls in Tennessee

In the northwestern side of Tennessee, this is a lesser known waterfall. The road is quite challenging so only experienced and expert hikers mostly undertake the journey. Although its length is debatable, but that is only regarding the exact numbers, as it is the highest one in the east of the Mississippi.

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8. Marguerite Falls, Greeneville

Best Marguerite Waterfalls in Tennessee

Marguerite Waterfalls in Tennessee with Hiking Trails Marguerite Waterfalls in Tennessee

The 18 meters long waterfall is enriched by a mountain knows as Margaret Doak. The place in Greene County which was once used as the largest logging operation of the county. Initially, the road is very easy to walk on, but it gets difficult towards the waterfall.

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9. Virgin Falls, Sparta

Virgin Tennessee in Waterfall

Virgin Tennessee Waterfall Best Virgin Tennessee in Waterfall

Mostly known for its hiking trail, this waterfall is a pristine one. While some find the hiking easy, some face a challenging time. Few individuals go to the top of the waterfall and they can picnic at the mouth of the cave. This is comparatively a cooler place. You will also enjoy walking in the woods along the way.

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As there is no shortage of waterfalls, you can never get bored. Hiking beyond the waterfall might not be your interest, but the sound of the water along with the view of the waterfalls are worth your attention.

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