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The 37 Best Things to Eat in Boston (and Where to Eat Them)

By | Last Updated: 13th January 2024

Boston is home to some of the best food items. Harboring a historic culture and heritage, Boston offers a range of never ending foods and cuisines for its residents and visitors. This is a part of my best food adventurers like the best food in Chicago, San Francisco and London, hope you like it guys.

1. Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

What is it? French fries, bread & butter pickles. Seafood is a cuisine that is very close to the heart of Boston. Thus, pledging to serve the best of lobster rolls is B & G Oysters. The taste on point with the ambiance on point, this place is a must to go to.

Where to eat it? 550 Tremont Street Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Website: bandgoysters.com

2. Hanger Steak

hanger steak

What is it? Lincoln’s AKA Bistro is an elegant blend – half French, half Japanese. The menu divides its time between the countries. On the French side, you’ll find boeuf en daube, which sounds much more glamorous than beef stew, but thankfully tastes just as comforting. It’s prepared with seasonal vegetables the chefs procure from area farms.

Where to eat it? 145 Lincoln Rd Lincoln, MA01773

Website: akabistrolincoln.com

3. Chili Cheese Burger

chili cheese burger

What is it? Tasty chili, cheese sauce, and scallions. Everyone is a burger lover. Boston plays host to numerous burger spots, but if you want the ultimate burger experience, our advice is to try out the best in the business: Tasty Burger!

Where to eat it? 1301 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02215, 40 JFK Street Cambridge MA, 02138, 69 L Street
South Boston, MA 02127

Website: tastyburger.com

4. Chipotle Buffalo SMOKED MONSTER WINGS


What is eat? Looking for some scrumptious chicken and beef barbecue? Not satisfied with the spice and burst of flavors elsewhere? Sweet Cheeks Q is the prime spot for a barbecue with its accurate flavors and blends of spices!

Where to eat? 1381 BOYLSTON STREET

Website: www.sweetcheeksq.com

5. Fried Oyster taco


What is it? Chared green onions, curtido, sriracha lime aioli and cucumber pickles. Yum!

Where to eat it? 412 west Broadway south Boston, MA 02127

Website: locosouthboston.com

6. Rib Melts

rib melts

What is it? If you are a meat lover, Boston caters some of the finest meat diners for your sake. The love is extraordinary. One such great place is the Brass Union, which is one fine place for your meaty appetite!

Where to eat it? 600 D Street,Boston, MA 02210617.348.9800

Website: larryjsbbqcafe.com

7. Bread Pudding


What is it? Bread pudding is tricky because it is bulky and bland. But one place is Boston surely knows how to nail this dish. Eastern Standard can safely be crowned as having the bread pudding in town. You cannot miss this one out!

Where to eat it? 528 Commonwealth avenue

Website: easternstandardboston.com

8. Mouth watering biscuits with Honey butter

honey butter

What is it? Boston’s Sweet Cheeks specializes in the traditional Southern comfort, and nothing says “home” more quickly than a bucket of biscuits. Each bucket comes with four of the tallest, fluffiest ones around, served with honey butter.

Where to eat it? 1381 BOYLSTON STREET

Website:  sweetcheeksq.com

9. Mix Berry Pie

mix berry pie

What is it? Petsi Pies is renowned for its  Pies. The limited quantity only testifies that the taste and flavor is always tamed to perfection and precision.

Where to eat it? 31 Putnam Ave Cambridge, MA02139

Website: petsipies.com

10. Clam Chowder

clam chowder

What is it? Applewood smoked bacon, Tabasco, chives. Good chowder is surprisingly hard to come by. It’s so often gloppy or bland. At the Blue Ox in Lynn, they apply fine-dining experience from the likes of Prezza.

Where to eat it? 31 Putnam Ave Cambridge, MA02139

Website: theblueoxlynn.com

11. Large Roast Beef

Large Roast beef

What is it? With russian sauce, pepperjack, lettuce, grilled onions, tomato, and spicy pickle.

Where to eat it? 1080 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA02215 Allston/Brighton

Website: roastbeast.com

12. Vermont Pork Three Ways Spice-Crusted Rib, Belly and Roast Loin

vermont pork

What is it? Roasted cauliflower, golden raisins, broccoli rabe, whole-grain mustard saucecozy.

Where to eat it? 853 Main St Cambridge, MA02139

Website : wecragieonmain.com

13. Bake Haddock

bake hoddiock

What is it? Sweet potato and green onion hash, sauteed spinach.

Where to eat it ? 3 Beacon St Somerville, MA02143

Website: trinastarlitelounge.com

14. Deviled Eggs

DEviled Eggs

What is it? Deviled eggs to start for brunch and also chicken lovers can find their guilty pleasure in Highland Kitchen. They are tender, crispy and cooked just right- all the way through!

Where to eat it? 150 Highland Ave Somerville, MA02143

Website: highlandkitchen.com          

15. Scallop


What is it? Clam strips excellent, but the scallops were divine. Want some fried seafood as well?

Where to eat it? 246 High St Ipswich, MA01938

Website: clamboxipswich.com

16. Fish and Chips

fish and chips

What is it? Crispy fried Fish and chips with veggies and yummy gravy.

Where to eat it? 110 Main St Gloucester, MA01930

Website: passportsgloucester.com

17. Tuna melt with rosemary truffle fries

tuna melt with rosemarty truffle fries

What is it? The first time i came here i had tuna and their truffle fries and they were also exquisite.

Where to eat it? 991 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA02138 Central Square

Website: gardenatthecellar.com

18. Fried Green Tomato Pamesan

fried green tomato pamesan

What is it? Surryano ham, chanterelles, spinach, tomato jam, hot peppers.

Where to eat it? 233 Cardinal Medeiros Ave Cambridge, MA02141 (Reported Closed)


19. Slice & Bake Sundae

slice and bake sundae

What is it? Cabot’s has been open in Newtonville since 1969, and stepping inside feels like a trip back in time. Although it serves diner classics and breakfast all day, the thing to get is an ice cream sundae, dripping over the edge of a silver dish. Choose from more than 40 flavors and 35 toppings, or go for favorites such as the banana split or good old hot fudge.

Where to eat it? 743 Washington St Newton, MA02460

Website: cabots.com

20. Steak Tips

steak tips

What is it? Long island marinade, served w/mashed potato and greens. I tried the steak tips and they were really juicy.  Cool ambiance  as well.

Where to eat it? 69 Bromfield St Boston, MA02108b/t Wesleyan Pl & Tremont St Downtown

Website: silvertonedowntown.com

21. Crispy Shrimp

crispy shrimp

What is it? Italian slaw and cherry pepper aioli. Shrimp is fresh perfect with a creamy sauce.

Where to ea it?  24 Fleet St Boston, MA02113 b/t Garden Ct St & Moon St North End

Website: prezza.com

22. Steak Frites

steak frites

What is it? Feta, mint. port, roquefort butter. Sauce was pretty amazing. Great for date night and also one of my favorite places in Boston.

Where to eat it? 278 Shawmut Ave Boston, MA02118 b/t Hanson St & Waltham St South End

Website: franklincafe.com

23. Onion Rings

onion rings

What is it? Crispy fried bermuda onion sliced thin, tossed in sea salt & parsley. They serve hot and tasty, try to eat it with a burger.

Where to eat it?  19 Shipyard Dr Hingham, MA 02043

Website: wahlburgers.com

24. Bison Bolognese

bison bolognese

What is it? It’s not a classic Bolognese, but more of a meat sauce tossed with fresh linguine and Romano cheese. The ground bison is hearty and spicy, and the sauce has a sweetness from red peppers and parsnips, along with tomato paste, carrots, and onions.

Where to eat it?  1755 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02140 Porter Square

Website: abbeycambridge.com

25. Manzo Marinato

manzo marinato

What is it? Sliced steak tips american cheese, lettuce, tomato’s, pickles, olive oil, and jalapenos.

Where to eat it?  115 Water St Boston, MA 02109 b/t Batterymarch St & Broad St Financial District

Website: casarazdora

26. Colcannon


What is it? Juicy Barbecue with cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Where to eat it?  1375 Washington St West Newton, MA 02465

Website: blueribbonbbq.com

27. Patatas Bravas

patatas bravas

What is it? Deep -fried Potatoes with Piquant Tomato Sauce & Alioli. Cryspy and had tasty gravy on it.

Where to eat it?  415 Washington St Somerville, MA 02143

Website: dalirestaurant.com

28. Fancy


What is it? Two fried egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, red onion and house-mayo on toasted lggy’s multigrain bread. This is the finest sandwiches in town.

Where to eat it? 12 Church St Boston, MA 02116 b/t Tremont St & Fayette St

Website: mikeandpattys.com

29. Wings

chicken wings

What is it? Buff’s Pub in Newton is the undisputed master of wings.

Where to eat it?  317 Washington St Newton, MA 02458

Website: buffspub.com

30. Tater Tot Poutine

Tater Tot Poutine

What is it? Fresh and home made tots and its gravy has a unique taste.

where to eat it? 131 State St Boston, MA 02109 b/t Broad St & Chatham Row Financial District 

Website: bostonpublichouse

31. Egg in a Jar

egg in a jar

What is it? The spectacular presentation and taste will woo you away and keep your breakfast options covered.

Where to eat it? 500 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States

Website: areafour.com

32. Prune Stuffed Gnocchi

Prune Stuffed Gnocchi

What is it? If you want something Italiano style, don’t worry Boston has that for you as well! At No. 9 Park, you will be served the prune stuff gnocchi.

Where to eat it? 9 Park St Boston, MA 02108 Downtown

Website: no9park.com

33. Bone Marrow Pizza

bone marrow pizza

34. Alsatian Pizza

alsatiian pizza

What is it? Frances tarte flambe sauteed onions, shallots, garlic, creme fraiche, bacon & gruyere.

Where to eat it? 513 Tremont St Boston, MA 02116 b/t Dwight St & Berkeley St South End

Website: piccorestaurant.com

35. Farmer


What is it? Candied walnuts, strawberries, honeycomb, pea shoots, selection of artisanal cheeses

Where to eat it? 1395 Washington St Boston, MA 02118 b/t Union Park St & Pelham St South End

Website: thegallowsboston.com

36. Fried Pickles

fried pickles

What is it? Zesty dill house pickles, creole mayo.

Where to eat it? 21 Temple Pl Boston, MA 02111 b/t Tremont St & Winter Pl Downtown

Website: jmcurleyboston.com

37. Hot Dogs

sulivan hotdogs

What is it? Hot dogs are something that is easy and conveniently found everywhere in Boston.

Where to eat it? Located on Castle Island, next to Fort Independence, Pleasure Bay, 2080 Day Boulevard, South Boston, Massachusetts.

Website: sullivanscastleisland.com

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