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11 Best Beaches in Maine to Invite you for a Beach Vacation

By | Last Updated: 19th August 2020

The beaches in Maine have an inviting nature that calls out for all nomads regardless of the time of the year. The geographical location has enriched the state with rocky coastlines and beautiful beaches. From state parks consisting of beaches to private beaches accessible for public, all are within the northeastern state of the United States of America.

Maine Beaches

1. Long Sands Beach, York

Best Long Sands Beach of Maine

Long Sands Beach of Maine Long Sands Beach of Maine York

The beach is studded with a lighthouse nearby and multiple restaurants and food joints. You can sit at the beach and enjoy the waves. During the high waves it is impossible to see beyond, but when the tide is low, the shore becomes a good platform for beach lovers. From usual coastal activities you can come here with your family. Short sands beach is located nearby.

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2. Laudholm Beach, Wells

Laudholm Beach Best Beaches in Maine

Laudholm Wells Beach Maine Laudholm Wells Beaches of Maine

As a part of Laudholm’s National Estuarine Research Reserve, the entrance to the beach requires an admission fare. The beach doesn’t allow any pets but you can have a gala time all by yourself. Hike through the marshlands and swamps before reaching here. There are lots of bird nearby for which keeping a binocular is essential.

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3. Old Orchard Beach, Old Orchard

Old Orchard Beaches Maine

Old Orchard Beach Maine Best Old Orchard Beach Maine

The 7-mile long sandy stretch is one of the clean beaches of the state. The iconic pier of the beach was constructed in the year 1898. It stands still, although with time the exterior has changed. The 150-meter long pier offers night clubs and souvenir shops. You can also try several festive foods while overlooking the sea.

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4. Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit

Ogunquit Beach Maine

Ogunquit Beaches of Maine Best Ogunquit Beach Maine

The 3-mile long beach has soft sands and the wide space is ideal for a family vacation. The parking facilities, public washrooms all are available near the shoreline. To ensure the safety of tourists, there are proficient lifeguards and the weather forecast is always updated. Learning swimming here is also safe as the beach gradually slides down to the sea. The most exciting thing is there is a kite festival and a sand castle contest that is organized annually. While the former is scheduled in September, the latter happens in July. The nearby famous town includes Kittery, so driving through the beach is not a matter of problem if you happen to live there.

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5. Popham Beach State Park, Phippsburg

Popham Beach Maine

Popham Beach State Park in Maine Best Popham Beach State Park in Maine

The busiest state parks of Maine, the Popham Beach State Park is near Freeport. The beach is a peninsula runs between Kennebec and Morse River. The landscape is good for hiking, picnicking, fishing and kayaking. The state park doesn’t allow dogs or any other pets during the summer months.

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6. Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth

Crescent Beach State Park in Maine

Best Crescent Beach State Park in Maine Crescent Beach Maine

The beach has a crescent shape, justifying its name, looking towards the Atlantic Sea. People often come up here to have some quiet time all by themselves. It could be for cross-country skiing, hiking other than fishing and kayaking, the surrounding is just apt.

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7. Moody Beach, Wells

Moody Beaches in Maine

Best Moody Beach in Maine Moody Beach in Maine

The private beach is connected to Ogunquit Beach and witnesses travelers throughout the year. You can take your four-legged friend out there. There is a paid parking space, but after 4 pm it becomes free for all. There are also some washrooms where you can get freshened up if required. The long walk towards the Ogunquit could be a stunning experience for you. The beach has some marvelous privately-owned cottages lined-up throughout.

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8. Jasper Beach, Machiasport

Best Jasper Beach Maine

Jasper Beaches of Maine Jasper Beach Maine

The picturesque beach is known for its pebbles and the view that it offers. The pet-friendly beach doesn’t have any modern amenities like garbage disposal systems or public washrooms. So, to maintain the pristine beach, carry your own stuff and avoid littering the place.

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9. Willard Beach, South Portland

Best Willard Beach Maine

Willard Beach Maine Willard Beaches Maine

Stretching over 4 acres of space, the beach has a nice view of the famous lighthouse known as Spring Point Ledge Light. Dogs are allowed to the beach from May to September. You can count on the ambiance of the beach if you are looking for an ambiance perfect for relaxing.

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10. Kennebunk Beach, Kennebunk

Best Kennebunk Beach Maine

Kennebunk Beach Maine Kennebunk Beaches Maine

This beach is located to other nearby beaches like Parson’s beach which is private yet accessible for all. The basement of the beach is ideal for sitting on and have a quaint time. You can see the Goose Rocks, near mother’s beach.

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11. Ferry Beach, Scarborough

Best Ferry Beach Maine

Ferry Beach Maine Ferry Beaches of Maine

The less disturbed beach is near to Pine point beach. If you are in search of such tranquil places to have some romantic time, then this scenic beauty is for you. The ambiance is also nice to start with where a day out with friends is a good idea.

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Besides the beach vacation, there are a few more destinations like Lincolnville Beach, Jenkins Beach in Dedham. Don’t forget to visit the famous Acadia national park and sand beach. The list is not going to end, from Saco to Kennebuk, every place has a beach to bank on for holidays.

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