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10 Best Beaches in and Near Boston

By | Last Updated: 19th May 2021

Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts, is geographically blessed with Massachusetts Bay of the Atlantic Ocean. So a long stretch of beach facing the bay or ocean envelops the city, most being accessible to the public all year round.

Almost all of the beaches in Boston are natural, save one, the Constitution Beach, which is human-made.

You could have a whale of a time relaxing or walking along the sandy shores, basking in the sun, or even taking a plunge in the calm waters. You may even bring your pooches along to some beaches like Carson or Castle Island during the season they are permitted. However, make sure to leash them.

Boston Beach

1. Revere Beach, Revere, near North End

Revere Beaches Boston

Best Revere Beaches Boston Revere Beaches in Boston MA

The beach is a 3-mile long stretch that earned the title of the first ever public beach of the country in 1896. For an easy commute a rail line was constructed.

Studded with a boulevard and sideways, the beach has other public attractions. From the roller-skating ring to three roller coasters, there are bowling alleys, ballrooms, and restaurants for excellent food experiences..

The scenic beach was listed as a National Historic Landmark in 2003. There is an annual sand sculpting carnival known as the New England Sand Sculpting Festival, witnessing a lot of visitors. 

Dog/Pet Friendly: Partially; allows pets in the off-season from October to March

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2. Carson Beach, South Boston

Carson Beach Boston MA

Carson Beach South Boston Carson Beach Boston

One of South Boston’s public beaches, it is alternately called the L Street Beach. It shut during the middle part of the 1990s due to poor water quality.

However, it reopened again. As per the present updates, the water has been deemed safe for swimming, with the bathhouse also being renovated, equipped with several amenities like bathrooms for men and women and three pavilions. 

A beach hut located nearby is known for offering a sumptuous lunch along with delicious ice creams. In addition, you can play volleyball, take a long walk along the shore, or even go biking.

Carson has witnessed several unpleasant happenings in the past, including the racial conflict of 1977, the devastating fight of 2011 involving teens between 14 and 19  years of age, and the tragic drowning of a 7-year old in 2016. 

Dog / Pet Friendly: Partially; only during the Labor Day – Memorial Day Span. 

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3. Crane Beach, Ipswich

Best Crane Beaches in North of Boston

Best Crane Beaches in Boston Crane Beach Boston

The Crane Beach lies on the Crane estate in the Ipswich town of Massachusetts. The chief attractions of this place include its sandy beach, pitch front forest, and the abundant dunes scattered around. 

Ipswich residents have a free entry here except for the annual beach parking sticker they need to purchase. Non-residents require an entry fee, approximately $30 on weekends.

The picturesque beach has clean waters, tranquil sandy shores, and amenities like showers, changing stations, and restrooms. The surrounding area also serves as a conservation home to the wildlife refuge, alongside being the piping plover’s nesting ground.

For transportation, there is a weekend bus service by Cape Ann Transportation Authority. A celebration is held every year on 16th June where students from all nearby famous schools participate. The beach featured in the movie ‘The Thomas Crown Affair.’

Dog / Pet Friendly: Partially; from 1st October – 31st March 

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4. M Street Beach, South Boston

M Street Beach Boston

M Street Beach Boston South M Street Best Beaches in Boston

This is one of the beaches that constitute the long stretch on the oceanfront, along with Carson Beach and L Street Beach. Colloquially this is often known as ‘Southie beach’ inspired by Miami’s South Beach. The nearby Pleasure Bay is another attraction of the beach. This particular beach is favorite of young people. Earlier it was just a rocky stretch, but now, after an elaborate clean-up, it has transformed into a vacation spot.

Dog / Pet Friendly: Not known 

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5. Constitution Beach, East Boston

Constitution Beach Best in Boston

Constitution Beach East Boston Constitution Beach East Boston Best in MA

Locally known as ‘Shays Beach,’ this is Boston’s only man-made beach with a typical crescent shape. The construction started in 1949 and ended in 1951. One of its highlights is that the beach looks onto the Logan International Airport’s runway, the landing and taking off, of the flights clearly audible and visible from here.

The beach has several facilities like bathhouses, snack corners, sports courts for tennis, volleyball, handball, and baseballs, as well as an ice rink indoors. There is an overpass that connects Bennington street with the beach crossing the subway track.

Dog / Pet Friendly: Partially, entry prohibited in summer 

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6. Castle Island, Boston Harbor

Castle Island Beach Near Boston MA

Best Castle Island Beach in Boston Castle Island Beach Near Boston

Located close to M Street Beach, this is another dog-friendly beach, allowing leashed pets during the off season. The horizon of the Boston Harbor, merges with the sea, creating a beautiful skyline visible from the shoreline. The water is clean enough for swimming, and there is a snack corner at the vicinity renowned for lobster rolls.

In summer, the beach gets crowded, and parking is a bit difficult. However, during off-season, you can enjoy a serene holiday.

Dog / Pet Friendly: Partially; during off season 

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7. Singing Beach, Manchester-by-the-Sea

Best Singing Beach Boston

Singing Beach Near Boston Singing Beach Near Boston MA

The beach is as unique as its name, called so because of its sound, which seemed like a song. Of the several legends associated with it, one is about the sound emitted from the nanny’s shoes while walking across the sand with kids.

However, Henry David Thoreau, a famous naturalist, philosopher, and writer visiting this place in 1859, negated the fact that sound was not loud or musical.

The beauteous beach is small and clean thronged with seagulls. The parking lot is behind the nearby street, from where it is a short walking distance, having about 120 parking spaces. However, parking could require a resident permit. The bathhouse built in the first half of the 1920s has a small privately-run canteen open from 9 am – 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Dog / Pet Friendly: Partially; from October 15th – April 14th

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8. Nantasket Beach, Hull

Nantasket Beach Boston

Best Nantasket Beach in Boston Nantasket Beaches in Boston MA

Studded with light gray sands, this is another favorite beach of people who often go there and spend the afternoon, basking in the sun. Hull, the town the beach is located in is a peninsula, so the beach literally means a place where the tide meets or a low tide place in the Massachusetts language. The destination is under the Department of Conservation and Recreation as a part of Nantasket Beach Reservation.

One of Boston’s busiest beaches, it is equipped with bathhouses, restrooms, and a playground. During summer it hosts dance lessons as well as concerts. 

Dog / Pet Friendly: Partially; from October to March

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9. Winthrop Beach, Winthrop

Winthrop Beach in Boston MA

Best Winthrop Beach in Boston Winthrop Beaches Near Boston MA

The beach starts at the Crest Avenue, and the green railing of the seawall has fetched the area its name, “Green Bars.” The beach welcomes a lot of tourists every day, throughout the year. There are five wave breakers in the ocean the beach is facing towards and they are known as “Five Sisters.”

Although you can go there any time of the year, for safety measures, June to September is a good phase as there are lifeguards during this time. This is the best and the busiest beach in the city.

Dog/Pet Friendly: Partially; from 1st October to 30th April 

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10. Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor

Spectacle Island Beaches Near Boston MA

Spectacle Island Best Beach in Boston Spectacle Island Beaches Near Boston

Stretching across an area of 105 acres, Spectacle Island  has grown into a spectacular recreational hub over the years, having a visitor center, cafe, marina, swimming beach and walking trails. 

To commercialize the beauty of the beach, this destination has become a part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. The park offers various outdoor activities for kids and adults. including hiking, picnicking, short educative tours, and kite-flying. 

You could even choose to relax and cherish he panoramic view of the Boston Harbor located nearby or even  be a part of the jazz concerts conducted here in summer. 

Dog/Pet Friendly: No

How to Get Here

Some beaches lie within the city, while a few might require a short drive that you can figure out from the map given. Each beach has its own rule that people should abide. The common thing to keep in mind is not to litter the place, instead pick up the waste and dispose of them at specific sites.

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