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5 Scary Places in Chicago Including 2 Famously Haunted Hotels

By | Last Updated: 18th August 2020

One of the largest cities of the country, Chicago, located in Illinois, is famous for its haunted hotels. The list is not a long one as there are only two hotels considered the most haunted in the United States, but let not the number deceive you, as these two are worth 100 haunted hotels at a time. Although there are a few places mentioned, go through to know more about them.

Haunted Hotels in Chicago

1. The Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, Michigan Ave

The Congress Hotel Chicago Haunted

Congress Plaza Hotel Chicago Haunted The Congress Plaza Haunted Hotel in Chicago

Commonly known as “The Congress” this hotel was built in the year 1893 for housing people who came to visit The Chicago World’s Fair. This hotel in downtown Chicago was turned into the Congress Plaza in 1908. The gangster Al Capone used to live in the north tower, on the 8th floor, (not under his real name although), for a long time and is believed to haunt the hotel till date. According to some people, he owned the hotel for a certain period and used to run his notorious business in there. His business partners even lived in that hotel during 20’s and 30’s.

But, Capone’s ghost is not the only one, some other spirits have their contribution as well for making the hotel ‘haunted’. Peg-leg Johnny was a hobo who was murdered behind the hotel and now he roams around the lobby and various floors along with the dining area. His spirit switches on the lights and scatters things.

Another ghost of a man, who was buried in the wall of this hotel, is known as “Hand of Mystery”, often sticks his gloved hands out of a wall of the room, precisely from the coat closet located near the banquet hall Golden Room’s balcony. It is believed that he somehow got stuck within the wall and died out of suffocation. Another banquet hall, Florentine room, has a woman ghost who keeps on shifting the chairs and make suspicious noises.

On the 12th floor, there is a room that is shut due to some ghostly activities. Also, there is a ghost of a man who haunts the 8th floor and the elevator mysteriously stops there without any manual operation.

The room number 441 is a hotbed for paranormal activities as a woman ghost kicks off the guests staying in the room. In the ballroom, unexplained voices are heard frequently.

On the 6th floor, there is a haunting reported which is believed to be done by a little boy. The story goes like this, a mother of two sons took refuge in the hotel during one of the world wars. She was supposed to wait for her husband but her husband never showed up and out of depression and a nervous breakdown, she committed suicide by jumping from the 12th floor after throwing her sons. There are differences of opinion regarding the floor she jumped from as some sources say that she committed suicide from the 6th floor. One of her sons still haunts the hotel and plays tricks on guests.

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2. The Drake Hotel, Walton Pl

The Drake Hotel Chicago Haunted

Drake Hotel Chicago Haunted The Drake A Hilton Hotel in Chicago

At a New Year’s Eve party, organized by this Hilton hotel, a woman caught his fiancé off guard while he was with another woman. Feeling betrayed the former woman jumped from the 10th floor and died. Her ghost, known as the “Lady in Red” visits the Palm Court, the Gold Coast Room, and the roof along with other top floors. Although her relationship with the man is not certain, as some people say she was the wife of the man who cheated on her.

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3. The Red Lion, Lincoln Park

The Red Lion Haunted Place in Chicago

 The Red Lion Most Haunted Place in Chicago

The haunted site of Lincoln Park is famous for many ghostly appearances. The former cemetery of Chicago is studded with many haunted places and the restaurant is one of them. Many guests have seen a woman ghost in the bathroom of the upstairs. Other sightings include the ghost of John Dillinger, a gangster, who got killed near the restaurant. A man wearing a cowboy hat is also seen as a shadowy figure. The father of the owner who died years ago still visits the place.

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4. Old Town Tatu, North Chicago

Old Town Tatu Haunted Tattoo Parlor in Chicago 

The tattoo parlor was once used as a funeral home known as Klemundt Funeral Parlor. The ghosts that haunt the building are unpleased with the building being a tattoo parlor. Objects are moved from one place to another without any human intervention. The owner of the tattoo parlor, Rich Herrera once told his friend that if he died, he would fight the ghosts of the building. He died exactly three weeks later and has made his spiritual presence felt by his friends. His friends believe he is there with them, as they have received a phone call from Rich’s number, long after his death and shortly after his number got disconnected due to his demise.

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5. Graceland Cemetery, N Clark St & W Irving Park Rd

Graceland Cemetery Haunted Graveyard in Chicago

Haunted Graceland Cemetery in Chicago Graceland Cemetery Haunted Place in Chicago

There is a statue of Inez Clarke, a six-year-old girl who died due to lightning while picnicking in 1880. Grief-stricken, her parents then installed a statue of her in the cemetery. Now, stories regarding the disappearance of the statue during thunderstorms have been surfacing ever since. Many nightguards have witnessed the incident. Many children have claimed to see a little girl, clad in Victorian attire. There is also another statue, which is quite creepy, known as the ‘eternal silence’. People say that if anyone looks straight to the eyes of the statue, he can see his own death in them. Such stories realated to both statues have been debunked although.

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These two haunted hotels are famous for their ghostly apparitions but guests don’t cease to appreciate the wonderful service and luxury that the hotels provide. So, if you are up for a ghostly encounter you can visit any of these places. Even if a few places disappoint you, there are a few more to rely on.

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