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36 Spooky and Haunted Places in Maine to Freak You Out

By | Last Updated: 17th August 2020

Eerie and haunted places, intertwined with ominous history, are attractive destinations for people interested in paranormal activities. Similarly, haunted houses, whether abandoned or not, with their gloomy façade and cryptic features boast various supernatural stories involving spirits and demons. Countless such places in Maine are believed to be haunted by several unsatisfied and unfortunate souls.

Haunted Places in Maine

Androscoggin County

1.  Royalsborough Inn at Bagley House, Durham

Royalsborough Inn Haunted Maine

Around 10.6 miles from Yarmouth, this inn is home to the ghost of a former maid. Frequent whispers are heard by guests. Especially male guests have reported being touched by unseen hands. So, won’t you give this place a try?

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2. Riverside Cemetery, Lewiston

Riverside Cemetery Haunted Maine

Just like any other cemetery, this one is a quiet place where people have encountered mysterious incidents beyond any explanation. Once, on their way to the Libby Mausoleum, three friends faced a forceful wind restricting their way to go to the cemetery. They were reluctant to leave the spot but had to, as a birch tree suddenly fell exactly where they were standing. Even after leaving the cemetery, they kept on feeling an unusual presence around them for several days.

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3.  Auburn Public Library, Auburn

Auburn Public Library Haunted Maine

Even this prestigious library has some horror stories in store for you! Not in books, but for real! Some staff revealed that a smiling man inside the building had followed them. They tried to trace him, but all in vain. Sounds spooky, doesn’t it?

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Aroostook County

4. Haynesville Road, Route 2A

Haynesville Road Haunted Maine

One of the most infamous roads of northern Maine, this particular route, witnessed numerous accidents. People often see a crying woman asking for help to rescue her trapped husband from a car. When they go to help her, she disappears. Similarly, a little girl, who died in a car accident, is often seen on the side of the road. Singer Dick Curless even wrote a song called “A Tombstone Every Mile,” describing the horrible history of this road.

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Camden County

5. Maiden Cliff Trail, Camden Hills State Park

Camden Hills State Park Haunted Maine

The maiden cliff is haunted by a little girl who died after accidentally falling on the rocky surface. She was trying to chase her windblown hat when the mishap took place. Presently there is a white cross right at the spot. Hikers often hear the mourning of a young child while hiking.

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Cumberland County

6.  McLellan-Sweat Mansion, Portland

McLellan-Sweat Mansion Haunted House Portland Maine

Presently maintained by the Portland Art Museum, this house is an outstanding example of the Federal-style architecture. Initially constructed by Mr. Hugh McLellan in 1801, there have been many residents as a result of the selling and purchasing of the building. Now, as the story goes, this house is haunted by one of its former residents, and frequent apparitions are felt. It is believed that the spirit is disturbed due to the renovation of this building. As this is just six miles away from Scarborough, and 5.3 miles away from Falmouth, so, don’t forget to pay a visit.

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7.  Beckett’s Castle, Cape Elizabeth

Beckett's Castle Haunted Maine

A strikingly beautiful three-story castle, originally owned by poet-publisher Mr. Sylvester Beckett, is another haunted spot that will entice you. The spirit of Mr. Beckett still haunts the place as a blue orb, spreading a cold spot and often pulling bed sheets and blankets. The spirit does not let the entrance door of the tower stay closed, even after it was nailed shut. Presently, this is a private property, restricted for outsiders.

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8. Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum, Brunswick

Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum Haunted Maine

The former house of Joshua. L. Chamberlain, the ex-governor of Maine, and a professor who participated in the American Civil War is a museum exhibiting his belongings like the ceremonial governor’s desk and chair, and the boots that he wore during the battle of Gettysburg. It is believed that Mr. Chamberlain and his wife couldn’t leave the place even after their death. They still roam around the place, as seen by some tourists. Visitors sometimes feel a strange pain in their hips right where Mr. Chamberlain was shot once.

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9.  Jameson Tavern Restaurant, Freeport

Jameson Tavern Restaurant Haunted Maine

A ghost of a little girl named Emily is frequently seen by guests here. She used to live in part, which is an attic now. She doesn’t only show herself to elders but also plays with children visiting the place. People associated with this restaurant think the poor soul might not realize that she has died.

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10.  University of Southern Maine, Gorham

University of Southern Maine Haunted Maine

Female ghosts haunt the Robie-Andrews Dorm, situated on the university campus. Students have heard footsteps, seen objects moving on their own, and felt a sudden drop in temperature. It is believed that once, a girl committed suicide after being betrayed by her lover, and now she haunts the hallways of the dorm. Another story suggests that a homesick student met with an accident in the belfry tower of the dorm and died. Her ghost also roams around the old dorm.

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11. Southern Maine Community College, Southern Portland

Southern Maine Community College Haunted Maine

The picturesque campus of this college is spooky as the place used to have a nursing home, a funeral home, and a brothel previously. People often report hearing animal sounds with no animals found nearby. Some even see a mysterious elderly woman and a young boy playing pranks on students living here.

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12. Smith-Anderson Cemetery, Windham

Anderson Cemetery Haunted Maine

Cemeteries and ghosts go hand-in-hand, don’t they? Retaining the tradition, this place is also haunted by spirits. People who park their cars outside the cemetery often find their vehicles changing spots on their own with the doors open.

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13. Old Red Church, Oak Hill Road, Standish

First Parish Meetinghouse Haunted Maine

Also known as the “First Parish Meetinghouse”, this church is seldom used for religious rituals. People have stated that they heard some voices in empty rooms. Also, the sound of dragging some heavy objects comes from the roof. Some paranormal researchers have examined the place and admitted that there are some spirits present.

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Franklin County

14. University of Maine, Farmington

University of Maine Haunted Maine

In the mallet hall dorm, there is a playful ghost of a little girl, who keeps on opening and closing the locked doors, moving furniture and stuff of students every now and then. There is a haunted room where a dorm mother hung herself to death, and nobody can still live there. The auditorium of this university is another place to witness a soul of the deceased opera singer Lillian Nordica, who still sings in that very place. If this is not spooky, then what is?

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Hancock County

15. Cursed Tomb of Colonel Buck, Buck Cemetery, Bucksport

Buck Cemetery Haunted Maine

The tomb of Colonel Buck, who founded Bucksport, displays a strange stain on it resembling a woman’s foot. According to locals, Buck burned a woman considering her as a witch and received a curse that his tomb would bear the sign of this atrocity. This tomb is actually a monument dedicated to Buck and is regarded as the bad luck even today by locals.

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16. Coach Stop Inn Bed and Breakfast, Bar Harbor

Coach Stop Inn Haunted Hotels in Maine

Located in the down east of Maine, this inn was initially a coach stop (hence the name) and is believed to have a spirit named Abbe. Guests have experienced inexplicable incidents like automatic locking of unlocked doors, flickering lights with children’s voices. There is a room called the Abbe room, and that is where most of the strange things happen.

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Knox County

17. LimeRock Inn, Rockland

Limerock Inn Haunted Maine

The original owner and resident of what is now known as LimeRock inn was Dr. Lawry. The inn is frequently visited by the spirits of his patients, who have been seen waiting in the parlor. Amidst all, the staircase seems to be the center of activities of these spirits.

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Kennebec County

18. Kennebec Arsenal, Augusta

Kennebec Arsenal Haunted Maine

Originally built as an arsenal, it was transformed into a mental asylum where patients underwent brutal treatments. Those who had died in the process were buried in the adjacent field in unmarked graves. As the locals say, the building is still occupied by those unfortunate souls, reverberating their moaning at night.

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19. Oak Grove-Coburn School, Vassalboro

Oak Grove Coburn School Haunted Maine

Some ghostly figures are observed especially on the rooftop of the building, sometimes lights keep on flickering mysteriously. Although no major ghost sighting is reported, still this place never fails to amuse people with its interesting stories.

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20. Mt. St Joseph Nursing Home, Waterville

Mt St Joseph Nursing Home Haunted Maine

A former children’s hospital, this is presently a rehabilitation center and a nursing home. People have reported seeing a little girl in a purple dress, particularly in one room. Also, the laughter and voices of children are heard across the hall.

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Lincoln County

21. The Opera House, Boothbay

The Opera House Maine Haunted Places

Originally the building was a residence of Knights of Pythias, then it became a government office and a theater, respectively. It is said that the ghost of this Opera House is the former musician Earl Cliff. There is a mysterious piano that can play on its own. Also, the haunted happenings take place in a particular room on the second floor.

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22. Governor Smith House, Wiscasset

Governor Smith House Most Haunted Places in Maine

The house of the 10th governor of Maine Samuel E. Smith has been haunted by spirits of a Penobscot Indian, an old woman, and a dog. Many people have seen the old woman rocking in a chair or waving from a window. This is not new, although, as during the last leg of 1800, people used to avoid the side of the road the house was built in.

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Oxford County

23. The Chapman Inn, Bethel

The Chapman Inn Haunted Maine

Once a home of Mr. William Chapman, a connoisseur of music, “The Chapman Inn” is a famous three-star hotel providing hospitality to guests. But there is more than what meets the eyes as guests often feel a strange presence around them. It is believed that this hotel is haunted by Mr. Chapman’s illegitimate daughter Abigail, who died at the age of 16, and her nanny.

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24. The Admiral Peary Inn, Fryeburg

The Admiral Peary Inn Haunted Hotels in Maine

The peaceful inn has a ghost of a little girl named Annabelle. She has rarely been seen, and why she resides here is still unknown. According to a paranormal research team, they have captured some strange photos indicating a possibility of an otherworldly entity there.

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Penobscot County

25. Brownville Road, Millinocket

Brownville Road Haunted Maine

An apparition of a young woman, dressed in a wedding gown and crying out for help, is a common thing that people notice while driving through the route. According to locals, this woman and her husband met with an accident on this road. The husband died instantly, but the woman came out of the car, waiting to be rescued. But while waiting, she froze to death, and that is why her soul still remains on the same spot.

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26. University of Maine, Orono

University of Maine Haunted

The Beta Theta Pi House has an advisor suit which is inhabited by a spirit. Those who saw or instead felt it describe it as a frightening one. Another female ghost named Evelyn is also there in the dorm mother’s room. She walks in the attic and disturbs people by making the bathroom lights flicker.

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27. Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor

Mount Hope Cemetery Haunted Maine

Once featured in the famous horror movie “Pet Sematary” by Stephen King, this cemetery still draws the attention of people for being haunted. The vast area has more than 30,000 graves along with assorted memorials and mausoleums. Visitors have seen shadowy figures several times in this cemetery.

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Somerset County

28. Strand Cinema, Skowhegan, Central Main

Strand Cinema Haunted Houses in Maine

Built in 1929, this movie theater is home to a woman ghost who used to live here. Amidst various strange occurrences, automatic unplugging of power tools, smudging paints on the walls, mysterious handprints on the screen, weird sounds from the basements, and balconies are commonly seen and heard.

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Waldo County

29. Carriage House Inn, Searsport

Carriage House Inn Huanted Maine

One of the most favorite destinations of paranormal investigators, the inn has been a part of various TV shows dealing with ghosts and spirits. Amongst all strange occurrences, a strong smell of cigar and a melodious tone are common ones felt by the staff and guests of the inn. People have also had a feeling of being followed by something or someone.

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30. Fort Knox, Prospect

Fort Knox Haunted Maine

Situated on the bank of Penobscot River, this fort is a home to ghosts of soldiers who were stationed here for several years. Visitors have revealed that they felt the presence of spirits, especially in the hallways and tunnels. The ghost of Sergeant Leopold Hegvi was once seen walking across the corridor by a tour guide. Intrigued by these incidents, the crew of the famous TV show Ghost Hunters investigated the place and confirmed that the fort is haunted.

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York County

31. The Kennebunk Inn, Kennebunk

The Kennebunk Inn Haunted Hotels in Maine

The beautiful inn has its share of spookiness, too, as two spirits of former clerks of this inn are believed to be roaming within the walls. They had a secure attachment with this inn and were dedicated to their job that even after their death, they are seen performing their duties. Although they haven’t caused any harm to anyone, guests have reported hearing unexplainable sounds at night.

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32. The Old Notre Dame Hospital, Biddeford

The Old Notre Dame Hospital Haunted Maine

This hospital was functional until 2005 and has been abandoned since. Various paranormal investigators explored the place and gave people insights about what the interior look like. Although not haunted in that sense, still the creepy exterior never fails to attract people. So, if you have an imaginative mind, feel free to visit the site from the outside and have a quick tour to the past. The entrance is restricted by the Biddeford Police Department.

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33. Captain Lord Mansion, Kennebunkport

Captain Lord Mansion Haunted Maine

Presently a popular bread and breakfast, this mansion was built in 1814 by Mr. Nathaniel Lord, who died soon after the completion of the building. It is believed that the ghost of his wife roams around the spiral staircase and bedrooms in a white gown.

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34. Ogunquit Playhouse, Ogunquit, Southern Maine

Ogunquit Playhouse Haunted Maine

A famous playhouse, presenting successful shows back to back is said to be haunted by some war soldiers as they keep on showing up from time to time. But, neither the authority nor the audience is bothered by them.

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35. Parsonsfield Seminary, Parsonsfield

Parsonsfield Seminary Haunted Maine

Commonly known as the North Parsonsfield Seminary, this was originally a Baptist school. Presently it is maintained by a non-profit organization and used as a wedding or other ceremonial venue. But the horror essence is also here as frequent voices are heard. People feel a push while using stairs, and the third floor is said to be the most haunted zone.

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The Gulf of Maine

36. Wood Island Lighthouse, Saco Bay

Wood Island Lighthouse Haunted Lighthouses in Maine

Ever since a local fisherman Howard Hobbs committed suicide after he had shot his landlord Mr. Fred Milliken on this island in 1896, the place has become famous for being preoccupied with ghosts. Former keepers of the lighthouse claim that they used to hear a piercing sound of a gunshot followed by moaning. Some even saw mysterious shadows in that place. Later on, in 1972, an automated light was installed for the safety of keepers.

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All the above- mentioned places give a perfect testimony to the fact that Maine is indeed a spooky place to visit. Did you have goosebumps while reading about these places? Then set out on a journey to quench the thirst of your soul.

5 thoughts on “36 Spooky and Haunted Places in Maine to Freak You Out

  1. Jason says:

    I lived in Robie-Andrews in Gorham Maine, listed in #10. Many dorm mates had seen “Sarah” our ghost. They described her as a figure dressed in a black dress, and that usually she just was looking around. One friend, the last person who would make up a lie, said that he went to sleep with the window open and at some point in the night, it started to snow a lot and he woke up to a closed window and the snow had stacked up outside. The window wasn’t loose, it didn’t fall. I lived alone on the 4th floor one summer when I was a summer RA. I heard noises that were unexplained, but the really bizarre thing was when my new boyfriend spent the night in my dorm room for the first time, not a student there, didn’t know anyone at my school…..and I woke up at some point and felt arms slide around me and give me a tight hug, but when I turned to kiss him, he was asleep facing the wall. A couple days later, I finally told him about it, and he said he saw a shadowy female figure walking around my room and that she was just looking at my stuff…my CDs, books, and looking around. He described the same figure that others had seen but he’d never met any of them or even been to my dorm or school. The LAST weird thing was when a co-worker and I were cleaning dorm rooms to prep them for a summer camp coming in and we heard one of the doors in a corner room in Robie slam hard….we went in the room and there was nobody there but there was an “S” in the glass in the window. It was rainbowy like the glass was melted or something, and when you pushed on it, you could sorta move it with your finger then it would fall back into S shape when you took finger off. We were very freaked. But our ghost never hurt anyone or caused harm so basically she was welcome at our school.

  2. Rebekah says:

    So this is about haunted places in Maine yet the Auburn Public Library you mentioned is in Alabama. Maybe you should update it with some real facts thanks.

    1. Daniel G. True says:

      There is a town called Auburn here in Maine and it does have a library. It seems he used the wrong photo though. Everything else is correct.

    2. HopeAnne Robinson says:

      Dumbb, there is an Auburn, Maine. I was born there lmfao why dont YOU check your facts

  3. Iyaara Turei says:

    Yeaaaaaaaa… I live in Maine, always have. The Carriage Inn in Searsport? Fake. Tombstone in Bucksport? Fake. I’d go as far as saying these are all bs. Funny thing, there’s a house located in Stockton Springs (won’t give location, ex step father still lives there) that is quite possibly one of the most “active” locations I’ve ever come across (loud foot steps in an attic that’s more of a crawl space, foot steps coming up the stairs then stop at the landing and no one is there or in the house at all, voices having conversations with each other and acknowledging MY presence “I know you can hear me”.. clocks constantly needing to be reset back to the correct time, my entire room lighting up for a brief moment almost like a blinding flash of lightning, etc) but where is that story? I’ve visited most of these locations more than once (being a bit of a “haunted house” buff and NOTHING. You want some real action, check out Stockton Springs.

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