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19 Most Haunted Places in Texas

By | Last Updated: 19th August 2020

Exploring haunted places in the second largest state of the USA is quite fascinating, as the number is endless. Almost all towns and cities have some spooky stories regarding their cemeteries, old asylums, universities, or theatres. The creepy past of the listed destinations is good enough to send a chill down your spine. So be it fulfilling your Halloween day out or just quenching the inquisitiveness of your mind read the article first and then decide where to start from.

Haunted Places in Texas

1. Hotel Galvez, Galveston

Hotel Galvez Haunted Place in Texas Galveston

The scornful story of a soon-to-be bride named Audra regarding her suicide upon hearing the death news of her prospective groom haunts the hotel. She was staying in the room 501 waiting for her groom to return from the sea but the news that a ship had been destroyed in the middle of the sea broke her and unable to bear the sadness she hanged herself. But, the groom somehow survived and returned only to find that she had gone forever. Employees and guests have admitted seeing some orb-like figures, getting a strange smell and some otherworldly noises, strengthening their belief that the two souls are still inside the hotel.


2. Spaghetti Warehouse, Houston

Spaghetti Warehouse Haunted Places in Houston Texas

Once a functional Italian restaurant, this building witnessed the death of a young pharmacist who died after falling on the elevator shaft. This pathetic ending of the man led his wife to death and now the souls of the two move within the building. The pharmacist even has a favorite spot and is believed to be around the restroom only. Presently, employees heard their own name called with no one around and also they see strange figures, object floating in the air.


3. The Driskill Hotel, Austin

The Driskill Hotel Haunted Places in Austin Texas

The old and beautiful hotel of the Texas Hill Country is home to multiple souls who accompany the guest from time to time. In 1886, Col. Jesse Driskill opened the hotel and it could be for his love for the place that current employees and guests have seen him countless times with cigars in his mouth. Also, the ghost of a girl who died tragically after falling from the stairs and two prospective brides, who committed suicide in the same room (precisely in the bathtub)20 years apart, cohabit even now.


4. Lake Highlands High School, Dallas

Lake Highlands High School Haunted Places in Dallas Texas

After a residential student named Elizabeth died unfortunately in the auditorium area, other students started to feel strange occurrences in and around the room. Although nobody has experienced anything weird or spooky near the auditorium, but Elizabeth is still alive through her legend.


5. The Jefferson Hotel, Jefferson

The Jefferson Hotel Haunted Places in Jefferson

The hotel was initially a cotton warehouse, since its time in 1851. Now it is a full-fledged hotel where a ghost named Elizabeth roams. If stories are to be believed, she was a bride, aging 19 who hanged herself to death on her wedding night. Since then sudden sounds of mysterious footsteps and ghostly apparitions have been occurring. Also, guests have seen their televisions getting automatically turned on and off, dishes moving on their own.


6. Stagecoach Road, Marshall

Stagecoach Road Haunted Places in East Texas

Located in eastern Texas, the road has hosted some strange incidents to scare off most of the travelers or passers-by. According to individuals, they have felt a burden on the back of the truck, when next morning they checked the back, they found it was covered with red dust. Spotting some figures at the middle of the road is also backed by several enthusiasts who carried out some experiments. Some had snapped pictures where they found shadowy figures of a mother and her children.


7. The Galvan House of Heritage Park Museum, Corpus Christi

The Galvan House Haunted Places in Corpus Christi Texas

Situated in south Texas, the Heritage Park has more than 100-year old Galvan House and presently works as the cultural center of the city. An unnamed ghost who touches the shoulders of the guests and some footsteps in the staircase are the common phenomena of the place.


8. Witch’s Castle of Cameron Park, Waco

Witch's Castle Most Haunted Places in Waco

Basically ruins, the place is said to be haunted by a witch who had lost his only son in a war and her cries is still heard around the place. Also, another version of the story claims that the woman was originally a Satan worshipper who killed her children as a sacrifice to the devil and then killed herself. Presently she roams here to snatch some souls as a part of her ritual.


9. Forest Lawn Cemetery, Beaumont

Forest Lawn Cemetery Haunted Places in Beaumont

It is not the cemetery that is haunted, rather it is two sculptures known as the ‘Kissing Statue’ that is said to come alive at midnight. Actually, there are two statues, (one male and one female) both standing closely, looking towards the sky. It is believed, that if someone comes near them then the individual can see the two statues turning to each other and kissing gradually.


10. La Lomita Chapel, Mission

La Lomita Chapel Haunted Places in Mission Texas

The stories revolving around the chapel are many in numbers, but the most common tale was like this- three evil priests raped the nuns working there and enslaved them with chains. Knowing their bad intentions, locals eventually chased and killed the priests. Now all people can see some figures around the chapel with some robes on them. Also, when went inside, individuals have felt gentle strokes on their back.


11. Riverside Cemetery, Wichita Falls

Riverside Cemetery Haunted Places in Wichita Falls

Almost 45-mile away from the city of Bowie, this cemetery has a sad story revolving around it. When Joseph Kemp and his brother-in-law Frank Kell built the city together, little did they know that a great tragedy awaited them. Flora Kemp, the daughter of Joseph Kemp, fell from the stairs and died subsequently on her wedding day. The bereaved father then made a female statue on the grave of Flora. The statue is now believed to shed tears at times.


12. Turner Fine Arts Auditorium of Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches

Turner Fine Arts Auditorium Most Haunted Place in Texas

Multiple students claim that they have felt some presence, cold touch on their shoulders, some sounds on the scaffoldings and strange rustlings of curtains of the stage. The most horrifying tale is during the enactment of Macbeth, students have seen nine ghostly faces appearing on the stage. Although the main ghost is one, and he is named Chester by the students.


13. The Holland Hotel, Alpine

The Holland Hotel Haunted Places in Texas

The creepy photograph that a guest found in her hotel room after she had returned attending a friend’s wedding tells everything. The photo was about a masked woman, carrying a baby doll and a teddy bear in hands. Later on, the guest also heard some scratching sound coming from the bathroom. When she checked she saw the same mask that she had seen in the photo. The hotel is still haunted as such incidents keep on happening.


14. F.W. Schuerenberg House, Brenham

F.W. Schuerenberg House Most Haunted Places in Texas

It is a ghost of a small girl who resides here and often shows herself, sneakily. Also, there are stories that explain that at the nursery of the house, someone committed suicide and no wonder some haunting like the sudden appearance of figures and noises from an empty room are common in here.


15. Older Park Hotel and Antiques, Ballinger

Older Park Hotel and Antiques Most Haunted Places in Texas

An antique shop along with a bed and breakfast has been a hotbed for spooky otherworldly entities. While some claim that there is a ghost of cowboy comes to the building every now and then, other say that they have seen a ghost of a gentleman who sits on a particular armchair for a certain period of time and then disappears. There is a porcelain doll in the main storeroom, which once levitated on its own. If all sources are gathered then the place is a home to at least 30 ghosts.


16. Old Town Buda Antique Mall, Buda

Old Town Buda Antique Mall Most Haunted Places in Texas

Amidst all the yesteryears things, lie some inexplicable stories. Some unrequited souls from the past have been regular visitors of the mall. Nearly four spirits are believed to live in that building including one female who revolves around an armoire. There is also a spirit of a cat who often shows up out of nowhere.


17. Downes-Aldrich Haunted House, Crockett

Downes Aldrich Haunted House Haunted Place in Texas

Built in the last leg of the 19th century, the Victorian style home is known for being haunted. Lots of antique stuff have been kept there amongst which people are scared of a particular doll that stands near the window of the attic. People believe that it moves on its own at times. Also, driving by the place, many individuals have strongly felt as if they were being watched. Many paranormal investigators have tried to debunk the ghostly stories, but the mystery still remains.


18. San Juan Hotel, San Juan

San Juan Hotel Haunted Hotels in Texas

Currently, the hotel is not operational making it an abandoned place to some extent. Amidst all horrific stories, the most prominent one is of a prostitute, who got murdered inside the hotel. Afterward it is her soul that is trapped in the place. Her screaming and crying are heard from the places nearby from the hotel.


19. Roger Hotel, Waxahachie

Roger Hotel Haunted Places in Texas

When a girl drowned in the swimming pool of the hotel and an employee got locked inside a room by a ghostly figure, some paranormal activists came to bust the myth that the hotel is haunted. But they all ended up clicking pictures of orbs and ghostly figures.


Haunted places never seem to lose its interest, regardless of their locations. So, when Texas has some incredibly famous and infamous (rightly so) places claiming to be haunted, traveling to them is an exciting adventure. Whether there are ghosts or not, the setting and the stories will not leave you disappointed.

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