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13 Picturesque Hot Springs in Costa Rica

By | Last Updated: 26th June 2023

The mineral-enriched water, boosted mainly by the Arenal volcano, gives you an earthy smell and invigorates your stressed soul and body. Costa Rica, being a place of rainforest and volcano, has a plethora of hot springs. Many resorts have equipped themselves with more facilities, other than the hot springs.

Hot Springs in Costa Rica

1. Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa, La Fortuna

Tabacon Costa Rica Hot Springs Resort

Tabacon Best Hot Springs In Costa Rica Tabacon Hot Springs Costa Rica

With a scenic location in a rainforest reserve, covering around 900 acres, at the foothills of Arenal volcano, this is a resort with five-star facilities. The luxurious destination is studded with a natural hot spring. For a lavish stay, there is a spa service available. Not only this, tourists can stay here and explore the surrounding like the Arenal Volcano National Park. The jungle life with its own species like scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, coatis, and toucans will be just a few miles away. However, the thermal resort has its own rule like not staying more than 15 minutes in the pool, supervising of children, using specific containers and bottles.

If this place seems pricey to you, just a few miles away, there is another hot spring resort, Rio Chollin. The area is extremely rocky, so precaution regarding the shoes is absolutely necessary.

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2. Baldi Hot Springs Resort Hotel & Spa, La Fortuna

Baldi Hot Springs Costa Rica Arenal

Baldi Hot Springs Resort Hotel & Spa Costa Rica Baldi Best Hot Springs In Costa Rica

The thermal pool is also natural and to club that with modern-day lifestyle, this resort has come up with multiple facilities. Rooms are steeped in luxury, ideal for families, groups of friends, or couples on their honeymoon. After experiencing the hot spring, there is another option to rejuvenate your soul and mind, and that this spa. There are fun and theme parks around the resort, where kids and adults can spend a gala time.

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3. Paradise Hot Springs, La Fortuna

Paradise Hot Springs Costa Rica

Paradise Hot Springs La Fortuna Costa Rica Paradise Hot Springs Thermal Resort Costa Rica

Another destination of La Fortuna, San Carlos, this thermal resort focuses on providing a hydro massage and water therapies. The green ambiance makes the place true to its name, paradise. There are provisions of purchasing a day pass, through which you can enjoy the hot springs throughout the day. Also, don’t forget to engross into the full range of meals that it provides. The source of the heated water is the Arenal Volcano, the origin of many natural springs in the vicinity.

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4. Arenal Manoa & Hot Springs, La Fortuna

Arenal Manoa & Hot Springs La Fortuna Costa Rica

Arenal Manoa & Hot Springs Hotel Costa Rica Arenal Manoa & Hot Springs Resorts Costa Rica

Overlooking the Arenal Volcano, the resort is what vacation dreams are made of. From deluxe rooms to suits, hot springs with relaxing powers, spa facilities, everything is there to help you unwind. For a compact tour of the surrounding and the best deals on the hotel offers, there are several packages. Due to its beautiful surrounding, this is a preferred choice of cocktail parties, intimate ceremonies as well as corporate events.

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5. Blue River Hot Springs Resort, Rincon de la Vieja

Blue River Hot Springs Resort Costa Rica Hotel

Blue River Hot Springs Resort Costa Rica Best Blue River Hot Springs in Costa Rica

For spending a day amidst the breathtaking nature and in a close proximity with the Arenal Volcano, the resort is the ideal option. There are two freshwater pools and three hot springs pools within the boundary of the resort. Lots of turtles, hummingbirds, caimans are reserved here within their sanctuary. Just a stroll around the resort will enrich you, making you fall in love with nature, even more. The resort authority-operated tours are good options to know the surrounding more. Butterfly garden and Dino Park are for kids while adults can enjoy a mud bath or hit the gym.

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6. Vandara Hot Springs & Adventures, Rincon de la Vieja

Vandara Hot Springs & Adventures Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Vandara Hot Springs & Adventures Vandara Hot Springs & Adventures Hotel Costa Rica

This is as much enjoyable for nature lovers as it is for adventure lovers. The hot springs are the main point of interest, but along with that, zip-lining, horseback riding, water sliding, mud bathing, and taking a tour of the local, all have their share of popularity. Coming to this resort, you won’t be able to recover from the natural resplendence of the place. This place in Guanacaste is close to Tamarindo.

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7. The Hot Springs Lodge Costa Rica, Quepos, Puntarenas Province

The Hot Springs Lodge Costa Rica Near Quepos

Best The Hot Springs Lodge in Costa Rica The Hot Springs Lodge Costa Rica Hotel

Situated on a vast area of 2000 acres, the lodge owes its beauty to the rainforest it is in. Because of its beautiful location near the Manuel Antonio National Park, there are lots of scenic treats for the eye. For example, three waterfalls are there. You can partake in strolling at the garden, hiking through the forest, swimming in the pool, bird watching, horseback riding, white water rafting, and canopy zip-lining. To get to know nature better, avail the official sunset cruises or the mangrove tours. People from Jaco frequently come to this place due to the closeness of the area.

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8. Ecotermales Fortuna, La Fortuna

Eco Termales Arenal Hot Springs Costa Rica

Eco Termales Natural Hot Springs in Costa Rica Eco Termales Hot Springs In La Fortuna Costa Rica

The resort might have commercialized the forested area, but only to conserve it, upholding to the tourists in a better way. The hyper-thermal water of the resort relieves your stress and heals various dermatological problems as well, like rosacea, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and many more. The pool has a direct effect on your metabolism, muscle movements, and immune systems as well. There are other facilities like bar, restaurant, and many more.

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9. Termales Hacienda Orosi, Cartago Province

Best Termales Hacienda Orosi Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Termales Hacienda Orosi Hot Springs Costa Rica Termales Hacienda Orosi Hot Springs Cartago Costa Rica

The mineral hot spring of Orosi Valley will rejuvenate the soul, as well as the Cerro Barba de Viejo mountain. The volcano duo Turrialba Volcano and Irazu Volcano also entice your eyes. Besides being in the proximity of such breathtaking nature, you can come across as many as 225 bird species. The standard temperature of such hot springs ranges from 89°F-100°F. There are many restaurants nearby, where after a soulful bath, you can treat yourself with some authentic Costa Rican cuisines.

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10. Los Perdidos Hot Springs, Arenal Volcano National Park

Best Los Perdidos Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Los Perdidos Hot Springs in Costa Rica Los Perdidos Hot Springs Hotel in Costa Rica

A part of the Springs Resort and Spa, this has seven hot springs, closely associated with the Arenal Volcano. Entrance required specific fees, and for a la carte lunch or dinner, you have to pay separately. The lush greenery around the mountainous zone makes the place a paradise. The water of the resort has a low sulfur content, but the quantities of chloride and bicarbonate are high. The usual range of temperatures is 76°F-98°F.

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11. Titokú Hot Springs, Provincia de Alajuela

Titokú Hot Springs Hotel in Costa Rica

Best Titokú Hot Springs in Costa Rica Titokú Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Belonging to the Arenal Kioro Hotel and Resort, there are 8 pools where anyone can dive in, even without checking into the Resort. The pools are well maintained, with all necessary features to help the users. During the evening, the pools are all lighted up. There are cascading effects of the water bodies, accentuated by boulders. After an engaging time at the pool, you can quench your hunger at the bar with drinks and foods. The location of this place is close to Arenal Volcano National Park.

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12. Borinquen Mountain Resort & Spa, Guanacaste Province

Borinquen Mountain Resort & Spa Hot Springs Hotels in Costa Rica

Borinquen Mountain Resort & Spa Hot Springs in Costa Rica Best Borinquen Mountain Resort & Spa Hot Springs in Costa Rica

This four-star hotel featured with all the facilities that you can expect from the enchanted land of hot springs. There is a spa, offering refreshing therapies. The hot springs along with mud pots are there for you. Apart from restaurants and spa treatments, the scenic beauty of the place will mesmerize you for sure. The luxurious villas or rooms are the ultimate place to have a holiday at.

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13. Bio Thermales Hot Springs, La Palmera

Best Bio Thermales Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Bio Thermales Hot Springs in Costa Rica Bio Thermales Hot Springs Natural in Costa Rica

The eco-friendly resort, nurturing hot springs, is an excellent destination for people who love to spend time at the vicinity of nature. It is around 2-hour drive from the airport of San Jose, and approximately 40- minute drive from Arenal Volcano. Situated in the rainforest, this is a hub for colorful birds and butterflies, along with iguanas and monkeys. The water of the springs contains magnesium, calcium, and chlorides.

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There are many more hot spring resorts, boosted by the thermal water of the region. Hidalgo Family Hot Springs of Gaia, Yoko Hot Springs of Bagaces, Aguas Termales Gevi of Rivas, Las Hornillas Volcano Hot Springs of Las Hornillas, Termales Laureles at La Fortuna and hot springs in Herradura, are some of the examples.

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