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Free Camping in Florida

5 Free Camping Sites in Florida

The state of Florida has ample campgrounds for people, but a few come without any charge levied. Regardless of the nature of the landscape, all sites are beautiful and have a raw flavor of nature. But, since they are free, you might find some of the places crowded at times. Both primitive and RV camping […]

Austin Hiking Trails

8 of the Best Austin Hiking Trails, TX, SA

There are a number of adorable hiking trails in Texas’ Austin, some of which are popular, some are not much explored, yet, while some are almost hidden. Austin, by itself, is known for its pleasant natural sceneries, stunning countryside, and natural urban hangouts. This list has tried the best to jot down a few of […]

Free Things to do in Cincinnati

8 Free Fun Things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio

Who doesn’t know how beautiful and happening Cincinnati is, quite like its jingling name. It is such a place that probably all the other Americans, other than the residents of the city, try to visit at least once in their lifetime. Try to keep this guide list handy, and you would undoubtedly realize as to […]

Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

8 Haunted Hotels in San Antonio that Would Terrorize You to the Core

San Antonio or the City of San Antonio is acclaimed to be one of the most haunted cities of the United States. You would be awestruck to know the array of haunted hotels the city houses alongside the scary stories attached to them. Read on to check out the list of some of the top […]

Things to do in Marco Island

8 Fun Things to do in Marco Island, Florida

Marco Island is situated in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida. This beautiful island is known for its exotic views of nature, sky, and sea, and is connected to the mainland through bridges to the southern part of the city of Naples, FL. Since decades now, the island is the home […]

Waterfalls in Tennessee

9 of the Best Waterfalls in Tennessee

Housing innumerable waterfalls with its east, west, north, and southern sides, the state of Tennessee is a hotspot for nature lovers. These waterfalls are laden with hiking trails where enthusiastic people come for a different experience. (more…)

Places to Visit in Orlando

5 Must See Places to Visit and in and around Orlando

Orlando is best known for housing some of the world famous theme parks, boosting the tourism of the city. But it has more things to offer and it would be highly wrong to categorize the city only on the basis of those parks. Although those are enjoyed by all age groups, there are some free […]

Free Camping Oregon

9 of the Best Sites for Free Camping in Oregon, USA

Oregon is a wonderful place by the Pacific. In fact, it is one of the only three states of the contiguous United States that has a coastline on the Pacific Ocean. The beauty of the state is depicted clearly by its natural treasures – the forests, rivers, coastline, beaches, wildlife, and so on. Check out […]

Haunted Places in Tennessee

8 of the Most Haunted Houses & Places in Tennessee, USA

America’s Tennesse is one of the places on the map of the country, where there are many ghost sightings and spooky locations around. This list of the scariest haunted places gets you acquainted to a few of the real haunted houses of TN, no matter you are a paranormal researcher or just a lover of […]

Haunted Hotels in Chicago

2 Haunted Hotels and Other Scary Places in Chicago

One of the largest cities of the country, Chicago, located in Illinois, is famous for its haunted hotels. The list is not a long one as there are only two hotels considered the most haunted in the United States, but let not the number deceive you, as these two are worth 100 haunted hotels at […]

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