Norwegian Food Dishes

7 of the Best Traditional Norwegian Foods

The Norwegian cuisine is one of the most bizarre in the world. Some find it interesting, some find it tantalizing, while others might find it weird or even preposterous. History says, this all came through the hands of the Vikings, thousands of years ago, and is now directly connected to Norway’s habits and customs. Whichever […]

Weekend Trips from Atlanta

6 Best Weekend Trips from Atlanta for Enlivening Mundane Life

A weekend trip to a destination close by invariably adds a plus point to any journey – more quickly the place is reached, greater is the fun. Atlanta, the capital of Georgia features a host of attractive destinations near and around it such as Florida, North, and South Carolina, and Tennessee. Get hold of a […]

Colombian Desserts

Top 5 Colombian Desserts To Fill Your Heart With Sweetness

Authentic Colombian foods and their traditions are well-known all around the world, with the cuisine boasting of some of the most mouth-watering desserts ever. Here is a list of a few of the top desserts from Colombia, along with their traditional names, and a hint about what’s in them. (more…)

Free Things to do in Nashville

9 Free Things to do in Nashville

To have fun even when you are restrained by a stingy purse is rather difficult. However, in Nashville, there’s certainly no need to worry. Be it summer or winter, the Music City has loads to offer and it’s completely free! So, pick out the varied things you may indulge in for free and grab a […]

Brazilian Foods

7 Brazilian Foods To Leave A Tasty Trail On Your Tongue

The cuisine of a famous destination like Brasilia needs no further introduction. In fact, the history of Brazilian food is already famous around the world. These Latino dishes from the country are sure to mesmerize you, especially if you are one genuine foodie – here is a snapshot of what not to miss. (more…)

Thai Desserts

7 Thai Desserts That Will Give You An Extra Sweet Tooth

Thai desserts have a style of their own. Fruits like coconut, pumpkin, banana, mango, jackfruit, and pineapple play an important part in making different dishes including sorbet, pudding, jelly, and ice cream. Here is a list of the most popular desserts from the exquisite quisine. (more…)

Free Things to do in Minneapolis

7 Best Free Things to do in Minneapolis

Minneapolis in Minnesota is where you’d want to be if you are on a tight budget. From enjoying free music at the 331 Club every night to attending a harvest festival in the fall months of September or October, the list of free things you may do here is extensive. Take a glimpse of the […]

Haunted Places in Indiana

10 of the Most Haunted Places in Indiana

The Midwestern state of Indiana in the US seems to brim with haunted locales, be it the lonesome Hay Cemetry in Anderson or the Willard Library in Evansville. Generating a plethora of creepy stories, these places can make you never yearn to stay overnight alone anywhere. Nonetheless, they are alluring and for those adventurous enough […]

Empire Beach Michigan

15 Best Beaches in Michigan to Cool off

With 11,000 inland lakes and 3,300 miles of shoreline on the Great Lakes, there seems to be no end of beaches in Michigan. Skim through the article to select one that allows you to spend your summer vacation sunbathing, swimming, camping or fishing. (more…)

Rasmalai Traditional Indian Desserts

23 Amazingly Delicious Indian Desserts to Savor

Besides its rich cultural tradition and heritage, what makes India immensely famous worldwide are the diverse cuisines it offers. When it comes to desserts, no one can beat the many varieties of sweets India boasts of made from a whole lot of ingredients. Most of the desserts are prepared using milk/ condensed milk, alongside cardamom, […]

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