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French Drinks

15 of the Best Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic French Drinks and Cocktails

When it comes to wine and a host of refreshing alcoholic beverages, French surpasses everyone else. Being at the zenith in wine production, France is indeed versatile and has a whole lot of unique cocktails to offer, with lemon, grapes, as well as several herbal plants serving as the primary ingredients for most of the […]

Bahamanian Food

6 Bahamian Foods to Unleash the Inner Foodie in You

The archipelago of Bahama naturally depends on the fish from the sea, tropical fruits, and vegetables that are available in plenty. As a famous tourist spot, the place is studded with many hotels where other continental dishes are also prepared. But, to taste the authentic dish of the region, you must try the preparations made […]

Bangladeshi Food

8 Bangladeshi Foods as a Treat to Your Taste Buds

Bangladeshi cuisine has a lot of fish oriented dishes as the country is a land of rivers. For meat, they majorly rely on beef, chicken, or lamb and for fish, there are countless names to start with. Ruhi, Hilsa, are two prime interests. Also, for desserts, locals profusely use curd cheese, milk, and jaggery. Vegetables […]

Georgian Food

Top 10 Georgian Foods for all Foodies

Georgian gastronomy is largely dominated by signature dishes of the prominent regions like Guria, Adjara, and Abkhazia. Each region has some specialties to rely on, regarding the usage of the ingredients and cooking styles. Further adding to it, there are some obvious influences of other countries. (more…)

Dutch Foods

10 Savory Dutch Foods That Are Sure To Haunt Your Taste Buds

The Netherlands is famous for its culture and cuisine, and there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t like to indulge his/her taste buds with these amazing dishes. This list of the top Dutch foods gives you a thorough idea about a few of the most famous foods of the European country. (more…)

Mexican Desserts

10 of the Best Modern & Traditional Mexican Desserts That Will Sweeten Your Dreams

The traditions, culture, and cuisine of Mexico need no introduction. It is not just a land of diversity, but also a beautiful place worth remembering. This list guides all food lovers, especially those who have an extra sweet tooth, with the choicest Mexican desserts, along with their local names, meanings, relevant links, and pictures. (more…)

Serbian Foods

10 Serbian Foods That Will Make Your Tongue Curl

Siberia is famous for its cuisine and culture, and you must have heard people visiting the country just for the sake of getting a taste of the famous authentic Serbian dishes. So, here we go, with a fresh new list of a few of the best dishes straight from the kitchens of Siberia. (more…)

Saudi Arabia Foods

10 Foods from Saudi Arabia to Entice Your Tongue

Saudi Arabian foods are mostly based on rice, meats, and spices. Vegetables are also there but not as much as meats, but when it comes to the option of meats, there is a restriction regarding it as well. According to the Islamic law, consumption of pork is prohibited, so is the alcohol. The meats that […]

Algerian Food

12 of the Classic Foods in Algeria Bound to Tickle Your Tastebuds

Algerian food noted for its diversity and uniqueness have influences of several cultures like French, Arabic, Ottoman, Berber, and Andalusian. Beef, lamb, fresh herbs, spices, vegetables, and bread form the basis of most of the dishes. Since Islam is one of the main religions practiced, most of the dishes found here have a tinge of […]

Jordanian Food

10 Jordanian Foods as a Treat to Your Appetite

As a Middle Eastern country, Jordan is home to some spicy meaty preparations as well as healthy vegetable ones. Their cooking technique includes deep-frying, sautéing, grilling, and slow cooking. Since it is majorly the place of Muslim and Christian communities, their respective occasions and festivals offer a lot of foods, distinct in style and taste. […]

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