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Colombian Food

11 of the Best Colombian Foods to Make You Feel Famished

Colombia a Latin American country is unique and versatile when it comes to a list of mouthwatering cuisines, both veg, and non-veg. The dishes vary from one region to the other and is influenced by cuisines from all over the world particularly Africa, Spain as well as by the indigenous Colombians. Cereals like maize and […]

Maltese Food

12 Popular Maltese Food

Malta has been profoundly influenced by Italy, England, France, and Spain because of its trade relations as well as colonization, and its food bears testimony of the same. Maltese cuisine is versatile as it has a host of meat dishes one of the most prominent ones being the stuffat tal-fenek (rabbit stew), also considered as […]

Irish Drinks

31 Irish Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Drinks You Dare not Give a Miss

Ireland is famous and versatile when it comes to its choice of drinks, with whiskey and Irish cream being the primary component in most of them. The country is all set to celebrate every occasion with a delightful toast with particular emphasis laid upon St. Patrick’s Day when one would not fail to spot a […]

Cuban Food

14 of the Sumptuous Cuban Foods to Gorge On

Cuba was an important center of trade, thronged by people from different parts of the world. Hence its cuisine is influenced by Spain, Africa, the Carribean Islands, and many other countries.  Chinese influence is also profound in Cuban food, with black beans, yucca, and plantains featuring in most of their dishes. Moreover, fish and other seafood […]

Italian Drinks

10 Italian Drinks and Cocktails that will Blow Your Mind

Italy has a reputation regarding the wine, but when it comes to cocktails the country shows what is versatility. From vodka to whiskey, incorporating fruits to soda, all are found in the cuisine of the country. (more…)

Japanese Drinks

10 Refreshing Japanese Drinks

Japanese drinks are popular in the country because locals prefer to consume alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages every now and then. Most of the social gatherings include multiple drink preparations for guests. Below is the list of frequently favored drinks from the Asian Land. (more…)

French Drinks

15 of the Best Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic French Drinks and Cocktails

When it comes to wine and a host of refreshing alcoholic beverages, French surpasses everyone else. Being at the zenith in wine production, France is indeed versatile and has a whole lot of unique cocktails to offer, with lemon, grapes, as well as several herbal plants serving as the primary ingredients for most of the […]

Bahamanian Food

6 Bahamian Foods to Unleash the Inner Foodie in You

The archipelago of Bahama naturally depends on the fish from the sea, tropical fruits, and vegetables that are available in plenty. As a famous tourist spot, the place is studded with many hotels where other continental dishes are also prepared. But, to taste the authentic dish of the region, you must try the preparations made […]

Bangladeshi Food

8 Bangladeshi Foods as a Treat to Your Taste Buds

Bangladeshi cuisine has a lot of fish oriented dishes as the country is a land of rivers. For meat, they majorly rely on beef, chicken, or lamb and for fish, there are countless names to start with. Ruhi, Hilsa, are two prime interests. Also, for desserts, locals profusely use curd cheese, milk, and jaggery. Vegetables […]

Georgian Food

Top 10 Georgian Foods for all Foodies

Georgian gastronomy is largely dominated by signature dishes of the prominent regions like Guria, Adjara, and Abkhazia. Each region has some specialties to rely on, regarding the usage of the ingredients and cooking styles. Further adding to it, there are some obvious influences of other countries. (more…)

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