Utah Hiking

12 of the Best Utah Hiking Trails

Utah is one of the most happening places in the United States and is studded with natural resources to explore. This list brings you a few of the most beautiful and adventurous trails worth hiking – be with your friends, your special someone, or with your family, kids, and pets. (more…)

German Desserts

13 German Desserts to Fill your Mouth and Heart

German desserts have gained global recognition due to its mouth-watering taste and innovative culinary skill. Mostly cakes like items make their dessert, but pudding and cookies are also common. Enlisting all of them is not possible, so only a handful of delicious and popular desserts are mentioned in the following. (more…)

Houston Beaches

8 of the Best Houston Beaches You Would Love to Splash Around

Houston is one of the most populated places in Texas, which in turn is an amazing location by the ocean, famous for its sea and lake beaches. This list is sure to ignite your passion for sea beaches, no matter you love a tranquil atmosphere away from the crowd, or a rocking beach with the […]

Waterfalls in Michigan

8 of the Best Waterfalls in Michigan, USA

Michigan boasts of having almost 200 named waterfalls scattered throughout the state. They are not just beautiful, but also an escape for you from the honks and hustles of city life. If you’re looking for great sceneries devoid of crowds, here is a list of a variety of waterfalls in Michigan you may find handy. […]

Haunted Places Ohio

Top 10 Abandoned Houses & Most Haunted Places in Ohio

The US state of Ohio is not just populated and beautiful but is also full of mysteries silently standing in every corner. Here is a list of haunted places in Ohio you should know about, and maybe even pay a visit to on a weekend. (more…)

Sri Lankan Food

11 Sri Lankan Food That Would Compel You to Lick Your Fingers in Awe

Sri Lankan cuisine is diverse and versatile with rice, coconut and a variety of spices dominating most of the dishes. Being a neighbor of India, located at its southernmost tip, both the countries have many dishes in common like hoppers, string hoppers, kottu and puttu. Dutch, Portuguese and Indonesian influence is also observed. Let us […]

Free Camping in Florida

5 Free Camping Sites in Florida

The state of Florida has ample campgrounds for people, but a few come without any charge levied. Regardless of the nature of the landscape, all sites are beautiful and have a raw flavor of nature. But, since they are free, you might find some of the places crowded at times. Both primitive and RV camping […]

Madagascar Food

12 Finger-Licking Foods of Madagascar You Would Always Crave For

Madagascar is famous for the diversity it offers when it comes to presenting a whole lot of lip-smacking dishes. Rice, their staple food dominates most of their dishes, while a lot of impetus is also laid upon a variety of vegetables as well as seafood and meat. Most of their foods are often flavored with […]

Uruguay Food

Top 5 Uruguayan Foods to Relish Always

Uruguayan foods are traditionally prepared mostly by either roasting or boiling, but with time, locals have incorporated frying technique to try more delicious recipes. For a long time, they didn’t bother about heavy breakfast and made do with coffee and sweet pastries, or maximum a sandwich, but that is not the case anymore as people […]

Austin Hiking Trails

8 of the Best Austin Hiking Trails, TX, SA

There are a number of adorable hiking trails in Texas’ Austin, some of which are popular, some are not much explored, yet, while some are almost hidden. Austin, by itself, is known for its pleasant natural sceneries, stunning countryside, and natural urban hangouts. This list has tried the best to jot down a few of […]

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