Traditional Japanese Desserts

7 Traditional Japanese Desserts That Will Tickle Your Sweet Tooth

To speak of Japanese food, the Dezāto (デザート), the Japanese word for desserts, alone are enough to steal your soul. Here you can learn about some of the best dessert dishes from Japan’s cuisine, in case you are making plans to fly to this beautiful island country for a treat to your eyes and taste […]

Argentine Argentinian Foods from Argentina

8 Popular Argentinian Foods That Will Tantalize your Tastebuds

Argentina is not merely famous for its national football team, but also for the diverse Latino customs and traditions. Everyone loves this South American country, and fly to Argentina on and often to experience the scenic beauty, its heritage sites, and taste the exquisite delicacies. Here are a few of the most famous foods in […]

Tallest Roller Coasters in US

10 of the Tallest Roller Coasters in US

Imagine hurling down along rickety metal rails to enter deep into meandering tunnels at a mind-boggling speed and from vertigo-inducing heights. Sounds scary? Well, it ought to make even the lion-hearted ones let out guttural screams. The assembly of tallest roller coaster rides in the US promise even more than this. So, for luxuriating a […]

Clearest Lake in the World

10 Pristine Clearest Lakes in the World to Mesmerize Your Eyes

A boat drifting slowly on a lake with crystal clear water offers a picturesque view to drool over. When the transparent water of the lake gives you a peep into the underwater scenario, a true nature lover’s heart always finds content in it. The serenity and tranquility of clearest water bodies have a calming effect […]

Puerto Rican Desserts

8 Puerto Rican Desserts that will Make You Finish Your Meals with Big Burps

The small island of Puerto Rico has been famous for its rich culture and cross cuisine that evolved through decades with many influences including European (mostly Spanish), African, and those of the indigenous Taíno people. However, the Puerto Rican desserts have become relatively more famous than the starters or the main course items. With their […]

Fiambre Dish for Día De Los Muertos Day of the Dead

8 Guatemalan Foods That Will Leave Their Smell On Your Fingers…..

Guatemala is not merely famous for its natural beauty, but also for its ancient customs, traditions, culture, and foods. This Central American country, next to Mexico, is home to dense rainforests, active volcanoes, and primitive Mayan sites. It was under Spanish colonial rule for a long time. With all these associations, Guatemala’s cuisine and culture […]

Egyptian Food

25 Tempting Egyptian Foods for All Gourmets to Cherish

Egyptian cuisine is unique in its way with the majority of it comprising of vegetarian dishes, alongside fruits and legumes. In fact, since ancient times Egyptians were inclined towards a variety of vegetables like leeks, garlic, onions, cabbages, radish and lettuce, as well as fruits like plums, melons, and figs that they ate as desserts. […]

Deepest Lake in the World

10 of the Deepest Lakes in the World

Deep lakes, brimming with crystal clear water, have been fascinating humans since time immemorial. While on one hand, their creation finely testifies several of our earth’s factors such as volcanic eruptions, landslides, etc., on the other hand, they are known to harbor age-old myths of veiling lost cities, monsters, etc. Take a look at this […]

Day Trips from Seattle Mount Rainier

12 Fun Day Trips from Seattle to Get More Out of life

When alluring getaways are just hours away, it becomes next to impossible to evade the desperate wanderlust thriving in every enthusiastic heart. Being favorably located in Washington, Seattle positively goads such vigorous urges; you may embark upon easy day trips to a mountain, beach or even a foreign country without any inconvenience both to your […]

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