Malaysian Foods

15 of the Best Malaysian Foods That Will Captivate Your Senses

Malaysian Cuisine is probably one of the most experimented cuisines in the world (and is still experimenting), with a fusion of so many other cuisines, along with its own kitchen resources. This is why it probably gave birth to a few the most sought-after dishes food lovers crave for. This choicest list of a few […]

Colorado Hot Springs

10 of the Best Natural Hot Springs in Colorado, USA

The US state of Colorado is known for its natural hot springs, with at least six of them being favorite tourist spots where thousands of visitors and nature-lovers throng every year. This is a list that tries to share with you a few of the best wild and natural hot springs for you to explore. […]

Barbados Food

10 Enticing Barbados Foods Which You Cannot Help but Try

The country of Barbados not just excel in its scenic beauty but is also regarded as the culinary capital of the Caribbean islands because of the versatile platter it has to offer, influenced by a host of other cultures.  A wholesome meal comprises of meat or fish, a spicy side dish as well as salads. […]

Lakes in Utah

30 of the Ecstatically Beautiful Lakes and Reservoirs in Utah

Utah, a state in the Western part of the United States is renowned for its geographical diversities because of the mountains, dunes, deserts, forests and of course a large number of deep blue lakes present here. If you are planning a vacation to this place in summer and have a knack for a whole lot […]

Camping in Cornwall

15 Camping Sites in Cornwall as Your Upcoming Destinations

The county of Cornwall is blessed with picturesque scenarios all around and nature enthusiasts utilize the opportunity for personal rendezvous with nature by camping. There are plenty of places where camping is allowed. Some of the sites are privately owned by families and you need to acquire permissions beforehand. Since it is not possible to […]

Greek Desserts

12 of the Best Greek Desserts to Make Your Mouth Water After Dinner

Greek dessert has a class of its own. With its many influences of different cuisines from around the world, the modern-day desserts from Greece not only retain its classical style and flavors, but also some good instances of world-class fusion dishes. This list of a few of the most popular desserts from the country will […]

Traditional Cantonese Food

7 Cantonese Foods to Cherish for a Long Time

Cantonese or Guangdong food is an important feature of Chinese cuisine, having an overall global impact. The usage of noodles and seafood, as well as all sorts of edible meat, is common in their cooking. As far as their condiments and sauces are concerned, garlic is a frequent ingredient. (more…)

Filipino Desserts

11 Unique Filipino Desserts to Savor On

The desserts of the Philippines occupy a special place in Filipino cuisines with rice being the prime ingredient in most of these sweet delights. Read on to know the list of top desserts that Philippines has to offer. (more…)

Ethiopian Desserts

8 of the Best Ethiopian Desserts To Strike You With Wonderment

Desserts are rarer in the Ethiopian cuisine when compared to loads of spicy main courses and side dishes the country has given birth to. From that perspective, this list of a few of the choicest sweet dishes from the African nation, along with their local names, and other relevant details, is sure to be enlightening. (more…)

New Zealand Food

10 Scrumptious New Zealand Food that to Trigger Your Taste buds

New Zealand’s cuisine is all about versatility and variety because of the several dishes it has to offer. Being an agricultural country its edibles has a whole lot of fruits and vegetables as well as an adequate amount of seafood. A typical Kiwi breakfast would comprise of cereals, toast, and beverages, much like the Continental […]

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